Thermal Insulation For Roofs

Thermal Insulation for Roofs

In fact, Thermal Insulation for Roofs will help saving Energy. Installing anything other than the recommended Insulation for your region will be a waste of money.

Therefore Thermal insulation must be installed correctly; the insulation must also be the correct thickness and laid between the trusses and not over the trusses.

In fact, Home Insulation is one of the best ways of conserving energy in the home.

 Save Energy with Thermal Insulation for Roofs

  • In fact, you can save 25 – 30% on your cooling and heating costs.
  • Also Installing 145mm Isotherm, Thermal insulation for roofs will reduce heat flow in or out.
  • In fact, home is like a heater with heat rising in the winter letting your heating money go out through the roof.
  • Therefore in summer when you are trying to keep cool, your roof acts as a cooling element and you home AC attempts to cool the roof space as well.
  • All Homeowners need to put a barrier of Ceiling Insulation between your ceiling the roof space.
  • Keeping the heat out of the home and the colder air inside where it belongs.
  • Home Insulation will pay for itself in two to three years.


Sans Legislation for Thermal Insulation For Roofs

  • Another reason South Africa enacted the SANS legislation to let people know how to conserve precious energy resources.
  • Used to heat and cool buildings and stop the waste of cash and energy.
  • South Africa move toward a self-sustaining energy plan.
  • Now Thermal insulation is compulsory in all new homes.
  • New homes built as of January 2013 must comply.
  • Needed to maintain a comfortable temperature effectively inside without an excess waste of energy.
  • Materials such and Aerolite thermal insulation for roofs, or Isotherm polyester thermal insulation for roofs, varying in thickness.
  • From 100 mm and 145 mm are all it takes to regulate the environment in your home.
  • Making your home compliant with the SANS, and save you money.

One can take the DIY option.  Or have a professional Insulation installer do it for you as well. You are sure to have the insulation installed correctly.

After it is in place, you’ll feel the difference. Your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in the summer without overtaxing your AC system. Thermal insulation will reduce your electric bill. Also, your home will be Green, and the government will be happy as well. The most popular Insulation products are Isotherm and The Think Pink Aerolite.

A triple win in anyone’s book. Install Aerolite or Isotherm Insulation

Thermal insulation for roofs