Think Pink Aerolite

Roof Insulation Cape Insulation Experts you relax we Install. Think Pink Aerolite has been a favourite Roof Insulation for many years now. Think Pink is a name given to Aerolite years ago because of the pink colour of the Ceiling Insulation. Marketing years ago would suggest THINK PINK AEROLITE as the Insulation you need to choose for your home. Many homeowners still remember the Old marketing many years down the line, with Aerolite still used in many quote requests.

Think Pink Ceiling Insulation

Aerolite Insulation is still one of the Ceiling Insulation products of choice for many homeowners worldwide. The same standards in manufacturing are still in place as always manufacturing at the highest international standards.

This Insulation is manufactured in different thicknesses for all zones. The Aerolite 135mm Thick Insulation is used as Roof Insulation in Cape Town and the entire Western Cape as a Sans compliant insulation for Ceilings.

Aerolite 135mm is also the Sans compliant Ceiling insulation for Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Think Pink Insulation

This Insulation is manufactured from recycled glass and Silica Sand and is a Fiberglass Ceiling Insulation product.

The lifespan of 20 – 50 years will outlast most homes.

Excellent fire rating class 1 fire rating. This Roof Insulation will not burn.

The 135mm Insulation will achieve the recommended R-value of 3.70 when installed.

Roof Insulation SA has been installing Think Pink for nearly 29 years in thousands of homes over the years.

Think Pink

We cut the Insulation to fit between the rafters tightly; this prevents the heat flow from the roof from entering the home from the roof into the home on a hot summers day. The heat flow from inside the home will not be lost through the roof, reducing the house’s heat, making the home much more refreshing. 

Roof Insulation Are Installers Of Think Pink

The Think Pink insulation products have been one of our premium products for 30 years. In 1980 the only Aerolite available was 38mm thick and 50mm thick. Slowly but surely, a 75mm Aerolite product was made public. In 2014 it became compulsory to install Roof Insulation Products with specific R-value for different regions.

This is where the Roof Insulation industry in South Africa started to make a massive difference in energy saving. As a result, we will be reducing our need for energy. This, in turn, reduces the impact of global warming and climate change. The 135mm Think Pink Aerolite is the compulsory Roof Insulation for most regions. Certain coastal areas like KZN have been zoned to install the 100mm Aerolite.

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Think Pink Aerolite