Energy-efficient homes are now more critical than ever before. For this reason, roof ventilation has become an essential part of the energy efficiency solutions for homeowners.

What Is Roof Ventilation

There are many types of roof ventilation available. Many ventilation products for roofs run with electricity. Therefore, reducing the ultimate goal of reducing the need for energy.  Roof Ventilators that are air driven and heat-driven are the best and most effective system to install. The whirlyBird roof ventilators extract heat build-up in the roof space in summer and reduce moist, damp air entering the home in winter.

Roof Ventilation Benefits

  • Improve indoor temperature in the home in summer by extracting the hot air in the roof.
  • Reduce condensation and mould in the roof space in winter.
  • Remove trapped stale unhealthy air that in the roof.
  • It is finally removing airborne dust that is blowing in the wind from entering the roof.

Types Of Roof Ventilation Units

  • UV Stabilised plastic ventilators are the most popular as they are colour coded for roofs and have a better ventilation rate.
  • WhirlyBird Roof ventilators are available in aluminium.
  • Tornado roof ventilator units are available in galvanised steel as well as aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Commercial roof ventilators are 500mm diameter. Therefore they larger home versions and are for factories as well as shopping malls.
Reduce Condensation and ceiling mould

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