Solar Gard window film is a proven energy-saving product that can directly help you achieve LEED and BREEAM Credits. Saint Gobain designed the Solar Gard Solar Film to offer the best experience in terms of comfort. The energy savings and aesthetics. Solar Control films are customized to meet your needs.

A Sustainable Solution to Improving Building Energy Efficiency

Because buildings are such a large source of carbon emissions, many building managers and homeowners are concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. Solar Gard window films are both carbon-effective and cost-effective, reducing a building’s carbon footprint more effectively and for less money than new windows and Low-E coatings. In many cases, Solar Gard solar control window films are carbon neutral within one month of installation.

Solar Gard protective films
Solar Gard protective films offer lifelong energy savings and home comfort in summer and winter

Solar Gard Solar Energy & Environmental Solutions

A Sustainable Solution to Improving Building Energy Efficiency

In 2014, Solar Gard achieved an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification from UL Environment. It encompasses 41 architectural window film products. Like a food label, an EPD provides a user with information on products’ environmental impacts and benefits. The EPD is based on a life cycle analysis of the cradle-to-grave effects of Solar Gard’s products and fulfils an ISO-compliant product category rule requirements. The results are third-party verified per international standards (ISO 14044 and ISO 14025).

In Fact

  • One square meter of a Low-e wood window, the type with the smallest carbon footprint, has a carbon cost of 444 kilograms. The carbon cost of Solar Gard window film is less than one kilogram per square meter.1
  • Solar Gard window film saves 100 times more GHG emissions from entering the atmosphere than is used and created during its manufacture.
  • Solar Gard 46 Architectural solar control window film covered in the EPD sold during 2010-2011 will save 2.2 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere over their lifetime.

That’s Equal To

  • The carbon attributed to combusting 221 million gallons of gasoline with carbon offset by 50 million tree seedlings grown for ten years.
Solar Gard Safety Films
Solar Gard Safety Films protect your home from intruders

Armorcoat® Safety & Security Window Films provide an added layer of protection to the exterior and interior glass, helping to hold dangerous shards together in the case of impact.

Solar Gard Armorcoat Safety Films help keep shattered glass intact and protect building occupants. Anything from a stray golf ball to unexpected blast incidents can send dangerous shards of glass flying, subjecting people and property to serious damage, injury or worse. Armorcoat Safety Films help keep dangerous shards together on impact, whether due to accidents, severe weather, attempted break-ins, vandalism or acts of terrorism.

Strengthen Your Building’s First Line of Defense

In today’s increasingly volatile world, it’s not surprising that tightening security tops the concerns of those charged with overseeing facilities of all kinds if your safety goals are focused on protecting your family at home. For this reason, the Armorcoat line from Solar Gard has been trusted for more than 40 years as an extra barrier against threats ranging from burglary to terrorism. You are also securing high-risk government buildings from bomb blast potential. Or commercial building tenants from potential glass breakage. However, buying critical time for students and teachers in the case of attempted intrusion or sheltering patients in a medical facility during unpredictable weather.

Armorcoat Films work to enhance building security in the following ways:

  • Deter intruders and increase the window of time needed for assistance to arrive
  • Mitigate glass breakage risks to people and property, whether by accidental impact, forced entry, blast or severe weather
  • It can increase privacy and also offer relief from the heat and glare (when safety films with solar control properties are selected)

Protect what matters most

The tragic headlines keep coming, and an August 2016 Gallup poll shows that roughly one in eight students is fearful for their safety while in the classroom. CNN is clocking an alarming average of one school shooting every week. When every second counts, Armorcoat Security Films can buy critical time needed for law enforcement to arrive. An independent simulation conducted by Solar Gard (and validated by independent consulting firm CIS and third-party witnessed by Intertek Testing Services) found that an application of 14 Mil Armorcoat with an attachment system to a standard storefront glazing deterred a possible intruder by more than 90 seconds.

Armorcoat Safety and Security Films are a trusted solution for increased glass breakage protection with extensive testing and decades of successful performance. Commercial office buildings, hospitality properties, and medical facilities can all benefit from the added layer of protection Armorcoat Films offer. Whether the primary concern is a bomb blast surrounding high-risk structures, or preventing guest injuries in lobbies and guestrooms, also keeping patients secure during hospital stays or office visits from accidental or weather-related glass impact.

Environmental and social challenges

  • With 50% of office buildings older than 30 years, increased competitiveness and openness to competition in electricity markets, real estate managers, general services, or facility managers face increasing demands.
  • Reduce 38% of energy consumption by 2020
  • Integrating sustainable development and reducing the carbon footprint (label HQE)
  • Ensure the well-being and increase business productivity Ensure the health and safety of staff by the general principles of prevention
  • Control operating and maintenance costs
  • Valuing the real estate
Solar Gard improves indoor temperature in winter
Solar Gard improves indoor temperature in winter

Solar Gard Energy-saving Solar Window Films

Saving energy for the environment

The cost of electricity-related to air conditioning, often overlooked, is 11% against 14% consumption for heating in the commercial sector. More than40% of the park office buildings are air-conditioned with higher rates in urban areas of high density and large area buildings.

Heat-resistant Energy-saving Properties

  • Stabilize the internal temperature
  • Reduce peak consumption and optimize the air conditioning system
  • Decrease up to 30% of the energy costs related to air conditioning

Environmental Leader

The environmentally responsible company since 2007, 46 of Solar Gard’s solar control films were the first to be awarded an Environmental Product Declaration according to ISO 14040 and 14025 standards, showing:

  • A negative carbon footprint throughout the lifecycle due to the impact on energy savings
  • An extremely low cost of carbon <10 kg / m26
  • Averaged over 15 years which is the life cycle of the solar film 100 times less greenhouse gas entering the atmosphere than is used in the fabrication
Solar Gard Solar Film For All Applications
Solar Gard Solar Film For All Applications

Solar films

Improving the quality of life at work:

We can influence the air temperature at the office with multiple factors. Solar energy transmitted throughout the year through the clear glass leads to increased heat greenhouse gas. The excess temperature and the intensity of the glare impact the productivity and employees’ health (5% reduction in productivity from 26° C and excessive fatigue at 30° C)

The Temperate Atmosphere and Natural Light

  • Up to 79% of solar energy rejected: absorb and reflect infrared rays and thus block the transfer of power into heat
  • 5 to 95% of visible light maintained or attenuated depending on the need, exposure and size of windows
  • 99% of ultraviolet rays to prevent discolouration of the material and premature ageing of the skin

Thermal comfort

Office Buildings Deinze, Belgium:
  •  Comparison of two identical parts facing southeast with double glazing either untreated or treated with either the film Silver 35
  • Temperatures measured over 15 days in September 2011
  • The film lowers the temperature by 2.3° C

Visual comfort

Comparison of a wireless window and Film:

Mitigation avoids glare using internal blinds, opens the view outside limit, and uses artificial lighting while preserving the aesthetic offices.

Security Films

Occupant and building protection

Untreated glass is an area of weakness during a burglary and throwing projectile, explosions related to a natural or technological risk. In addition, office buildings classified ERP (facilities open to the Public) are in the scope of specific standards.

Retain fragments and absorb the shock waves. With a thickness of 50 to 350 microns, security films Armorcoatt® keep up the broken glass and the amortization shock wave in the case of an explosion. These films are enhanced properties:

  • Resistance to traction and peeling
  • Resistance to rupture and tearing
  • Fire resistance (CSTB M1 classification)