Double Glazed Window Types

Double Glazed Window Types

This post covers a few Double Glazed Window types as this is key to reducing energy loss in the home. As a result, many homeowners are more aware of the energy crisis worldwide as well as global warming. In our endeavour to reduce the costs of heating and cooling, Double Glazing for windows as well as insulation for roofs is on the list to minimize the need for heating and cooling. 

These windows typical reduce heat loss or gain by as much as 60% via the window, and Roof Insulation reduces heat loss via the ceiling by as much as 90%. As a result, these two alterations in the home can give many years of energy-saving and comfort. They are thereby reducing the impact of climate change. When building a new home select the right windows for years of home comfort.

Double Glazed Window Types
Double Glazed Window Types

Double Glazing Benefits

  • Reduce heat loss through windows in winter
  • A cooler home in summer
  • Great soundproofing benefits in conjunction with the appropriate roof insulation.
  • Better security as Double Glazed Windows is hard to break.
  • Reduce as much as 60% heat loss or gain via the windows.
  • Save energy for many years
  • Increase the resale value of any property
  • Save electricity with a cooler home in summer and a warmer home in winter.
PVC double glazed windows
PVC double glazed windows

Types Of Double Glazed Window Frames

The two main types of Double Glazed Window Types are UPVC and Aluminum.

uPVC Double Glazed Windows

  • Upvc windows have been on the market for many years.
  • These window frames are more energy efficient in most homes.
  • The cost of installing uPVC windows is less than the Aluminum windows.
  • Long Lifespan, however, the ability to degrade after many years is possible.
  • The modern-day uPVC windows are far more energy-efficient than the older uPVC windows.
  • The uPVC now makes use of a complex internal profile that maximizes thermal retention.
  • Also, Upvc beats aluminium when it comes to soundproofing or reducing the impact of noise pollution.

uPVC: If you want a window that provides effective soundproofing that is also low on maintenance, uPVC can more than meet your needs. Even though they don’t offer the best aesthetics, they can still be coloured to fit into your home’s features successfully. For good service with quality uPVC Double, Glazed windows, give the guys at Wedoo-SA a call. They offer a wide variety of great products.

Aluminum Double Glazed Windows

  • Aluminium window frames will achieve the same level of thermal insulation benefits.
  • As a result of the new innovative polyamide thermal break, aluminium windows are equally thermal retentive to keep any home warmer for longer.
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduce heat loss or gain in the home.
  • Long Lifespan and maintenance-free.

Try the guys from Eurostyle. They make great aluminium windows, and their service and backup are excellent.

Fixed Double Glazed Windows

These are ordinarily large windows, and sufficient airflow is available. As a result, these Double Glazed Window Types will reduce heat loss or gain; however, the primary benefit is increasing light to these areas.

Casement Double Glazed Window Types

Casement Double Glazed windows open outwards in a similar fashion to a door. As a result, there are usually two windows facing each other. Ideally, wind from a specific direction can be catered for as these windows can be adjusted and opened according to additional air requirements.

Tilt & Turn uPVC Windows or Rotating Double Glazed Windows

These windows are ideal for slightly elevated homes. As a result of the way these windows open, they can be cleaned comfortably from the inside or outside the house. These windows open upwards and can be rotated left and right. Therefore allowing full access for cleaning.

uPVC Double Glazed Windowscapes

The uPVC windows are the most expensive of the double glazed window types as they generally cover the entire wall. And are therefore accessible in homes with great views as they enhance the via with the full open space.

Aluminium: If you desire an energy-efficient window while making for some sleek enticing look, aluminium windows are the choice for you. Despite their higher cost, they can last longer than their uPVC counterpart and offer many benefits as a result.

Wooden Double Glazed Windows

Wooden Double glazed windows are stunning with a natural wood finish. It is essential to make sure one continuously protects the wood against the harsh sun. Either regular oiling or varnish will give a lifetime of service.

The wooden frames are manufactured from high-grade quality wood, giving a natural wood finish. The added advantage is the windows offer a lifetime of home comfort and energy savings. Contact the good folk from Doors Direct for really good double glazed window deals.

Double Glazed Window Costs

As energy costs have increased substantially over the last ten years, many homeowners are looking at energy-saving options for their homes. Therefore, double glazed windows and insulation in the roof space have become very useful in energy saving.

As a result, double glazed windows installed in homes will save substantial amounts of energy. Although the cost of fitting these windows is expensive upfront, the longtime benefits are well worth the price.

The estimated energy saving cost per year is approximately R2500 per annum. Therefore, the initial outlay is more expensive than traditional windows; however, the benefits of double glazed windows are comfort and energy saving are well worth the cost.

Albany Windows in the UK are well known for quality double glazed windows that will give years of comfort and energy saving.