Polyester insulation is the new trend world wide as this insulation is the most eco friendly safe to use insulation. In fact Polyester insulation is dust free and allergy free.

What is polyester Insulation?

The term polyester Insulation refers broadly to a group of polyesters. ISOTHERM INSULATION  is the most popular of them all. This article will use the word in that sense, and will outline the advantages of this type of insulation. More specifically of roof insulation containing polyester.

The Isotherm Insulation in South Africa is green in color. The Insulation is regarded as Eco-friendly. This type of  Insulation is smooth to touch and dust free. Ideal for people with allergies like asthma etc as the Ceiling Insulation is dust free

Why use polyester insulation?

In fact this Insulation is one the most widely  installed Insulation. Followed by fiberglass Aerolite insulation. Polyester Insulation is possibly the most environmentally friendly Insulation. Polyester contains no chemical additives or fibers.

These will be released into the air and cause itching. Especially ideal if the insulation is to be installed in a homes where people suffer from any sort of allergy.  The polyester Insulation itself can be recycled and used again. If people in the home has asthma or breathing difficulty. Then thermal insulation made of polyester insulation is the best choice. The Insulation in South Africa is called Isotherm and the color is green. This is perfect for what can be classified as a green environmentally friendly  Ceiling insulation.

Reasons to Install Polyester Insulation

  • Indeed, it is during the installation process that the benefits are the greatest. Realistically on all projects these benefits can outweigh the cost differential.
  • In fact the R value the amount of thermal resistance is high.
  • Being Polyester this Ceiling Insulation will not be affected by water or moisture.
  • Furthermore his Insulation is fire resistant.
  • Moreover the durability is great. In fact the insulation has a 30 year guarantee.
  • But also the acoustic properties of Isotherm Roof insulation are optimal.
  • The costs of both the installation material itself and the installation process are going down.

Isotherm Roof Insulation proudly South African and Installed and Distributed through out South Africa by Roof Insulation Western Cape