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What can you expect from our Aerolite Insulation Installers when we install Aerolite in your home? Roof Insulation Western Cape has been in the roof insulation industry for 30 years, so we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of roof insulation.

  1. Well, trained Insulation Installers
  2. Full supervision from start to finish, with all our Roof Insulation Installers. No work is left unsupervised.
  3. Comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind.
  4. All wires in the roof space lifted above the insulation wherever possible including alarm wires tv cables and electrical wires.
  5. All our workmanship is guaranteed.
  6. Payments options Credit Card or EFT or Cash
  7. Years of energy saving benefits and home comfort with Aerolite Insulation
  8. Aerolite lifespan 25 to 30 years

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Aerolite: Top 10 Reasons To Install

  1. Cool in Summer reducing the heat flow into the home. Reduce temperature by 4 to 8 degrees.
  2. Warm in Winter reducing the heat loss in the home. Improve temperature by 4 to 8 degrees.
  3. Save Energy with Aerolite. Reducing heat loss and gain means less heating and cooling save you money.
  4. Great acoustic properties with an NRC 1.2. This reduces noise pollution substantially.
  5. No associations and risks to one’s health after installation. In fact, glass wool has been proven to be one of the safest insulation products.
  6. Fire Rating A/1 the highest rating available. In fact, Aerolite will not burn and can't burn.
  7. Does not attract vermin.
  8. Roof insulation reduces the risk of mold in freezing cold homes
  9. The lifespan of Aerolite Insulation is 25 to 30 years.
  10. The Aerolite is not expensive at all when one compares the life long energy saving of the insulation.
aerolite roof insulation

Aerolite Applications

Aerolite is available in a number of thicknesses for all applications. Thicknesses range from 50mm/75mm/100mm and 135mm. This gives freedom for many applications. In fact, because Insulation is a roll form insulation this means that this insulation can be fitted easily for DIY applications as well.

Aerolite Roof Insulation

Aerolite Roof Insulation is a popular product all over the world. This Roof Insulation Product has one of the best fire ratings of all Roof Insulation products. In fact, the 135mm Aerolite is Sans compliant for the Western Cape as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Roof Insulation is easily cut and must be fitted directly on the ceiling between the main beams. The insulation will reduce the heat flow loss or gain by as much as 90%. In fact, insulated homes will recover the cost of the Roof Insulation in two to three years.

Aerolite Loft Room Insulation

Loft Rooms are very unpleasant to live in if they are not insulated. In fact, the Aerolite Loft Room Insulation of choice is the 135mm Aerolite. In this application, we install the Aerolite down the sloped sections with extender arms.

The side wall needs the insulation wired onto the walls to reduce the possibility of the insulation sliding down. In fact, Roof Insulation specialize in these applications.

Aerolite Sound Proofing  

Aerolite 135mm has an NRC 1.1 [Noise Reduction Coefficient]. This makes this Roof Insulation one of the best insulation products for noise reduction in the home. In fact, this Insulation is installed in many night clubs and pubs to reduce the noise pollution leaving these buildings.  The insulation is also very popular in homes to reduce the noise pollution of neighbors or traffic.

Aerolite Dry Wall Insulation

The Aerolite Roof Insulation is ideal for walls. The roll sizes available will suit most wall cavity gaps. In fact, many boardrooms will have the this Insulation Installed between the dry walling to reduce noise pollution in or out of the board room.

Installing the Insulation in external walls of the new American style homes, this Roof Insulation is an absolute winner as the heat gain in the home will be reduced substantially. In fact installing this insulation in the external walls will be far more efficient than a standard brick walled home.

Aerolite Thermal Insulation Summer Benefits

On hot summer days, your roof space is like an oven. As the sun's rays beat down on the roof the heat in the roof space increases. In fact, when one opens the trap door of the home in summer there is always a continues gush of the wind that blows out from the roof space into the home. This heat build up is pressure in the roof space that is now incredibly hot.

This heat is then reflected as radiant heat from the ceiling into the home. In fact, this is like underfloor heating that one would utilize in winter at a very high cost. Now you have this in summer as the ceiling radiates the heat into your home.

Installing the correct thickness of Aerolite will reduce this heat flow gain by up to 90% from entering through the ceiling. The correct thickness of Insulation for the Western Cape, as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria, is the 135mm Aerolite. The Thermal insulation 135 mm thick has the recommended R-value 3.70. Thermal Insulation for Roofs will reduce the temperature in your home between 4 and 8 degrees on a hot summer day.

In fact, this will reduce the need for running expensive air conditioners to cool the home.A well-insulated home by professional Roof Insulation Installers will give you years of energy saving. In fact, the SANS compliant building regulations were put into law in January 2013 because the country needed to save energy.

Aerolite Thermal Insulation Winter Benefits

In winter our homes are freezing cold and it seems that nothing we do can stop the biting cold. Fear no more Aerolite Insulation installed in your ceiling will reduce the warm air in the home from rising and getting pulled through the now cold ceiling into the roof space. In fact, Aerolite will reduce the heat loss through the roof by up to 90%. In fact, the Aerolite Thermal Insulation properties are what make this Roof Insulation so popular.

How it works is that as your home gains heat whether the heat is from the sun's rays or cooking or a fireplace. As we know all heat rises as this heat makes contact with the freezing cold ceiling the heat is lost and fills the roof space.

Insulation your home with Aerolite Thermal Insulation will reduce the energy loss. If a fire or some type of heating is used in the home this will most likely warm up the whole home. In doing so this will save you on energy for many tears to come.

Aerolite thermal insulation
Aerolite Insulation for cold winters

Important Factors When Installing Aerolite

  1. The ceiling insulation must cover the entire roof. The insulation must be laid flat on the ceiling.
  2. Wherever possible be sure that all electrical wire be lifted above the ceiling Insulation even alarm wires tv cables etc.
  3. Be sure to use the services of experienced Aerolite Insulation Installers to get the best result.
  4. Aerolite insulation must never cover any downlights as this can be a fire hazard.
  5. The Insulation must cover all internal walls this is very important.
  6. Always install SANS compliant 135mm Aerolite insulation.

How Aerolite Insulation Saves Energy

It has been proved that in homes using heating in winter and cooling in summer, insulation cost can be recovered in two to three years. This energy saving is as a direct result of the Aerolite insulations ability to reduce heat loss and gain in the home. Thereafter giving homeowner many years of energy saving.

In fact, all industrial plants must have insulation covering boilers and furnaces. If they did not have this the energy loss incurred will not make them competitive in their market. The fact that Aerolite reduces the need for running Air-conditioners in summer as well as heating in winter makes this obvious.

Will Insulation Reduce Condensation?

Aerolite will help reduce condensation. In fact by reducing the amount of cold air entering the home is an important factor when trying to reduce condensation. Aerolite Roof Insulation will give a more stable temperature environment.

Other areas that will also need to be attended to are leaking windows. Seal all windows to reduce the amount of cold air entering the home. Curtains are another big factor. In fact, my suggestion is to find really heavy curtain products to act as an insulator against the cold windows. With these few things in place, you should be able to reduce the condensation in your home considerably.

In fact, your home will be far more comfortable with the Aerolite insulation. Please note when installing insulation install the 135mm Aerolite for maximum benefit in summer and winter. 

Professional Roof Insulation Installers

  • Bulk buying of roof insulation products like Aerolite. Remember professional Roof insulation installers know exactly how to install Roof Insulation.  The professionals have a well-trained staff that are in roof spaces every day.
  • Downlights have to be handled a specific way or they could be a fire hazard. All downlights must have a breathing hole to let the heat escape.
  • Copper water pipes are a real danger in the roof with unqualified Roof Insulation installers. This can cause major water damage in the home if unskilled workers break one of these copper pipes. In fact, copper pipes are very weak.
  • Ceiling damage is another big factor that can cost you a fortune to repair if a worker falls through the ceiling.
  • Professional Roof Insulation Installers are mostly registered companies with comprehensive insurance if ever there is a problem. In fact Roof Insulation SA has been in the industry for more than 30 years and we have never submitted a claim yet.


Cost of Aerolite Insulation

  • There are a number of Aerolite Insulation products on the market. They vary in thickness and in length of the rolls. The cost of Aerolite is determined by this factor. Consumers can buy directly from Roof Insulation and will most certainly get the best price on the Aerolite Insulation.
  • For a price list of the different Aerolite insulation products please visit our Aerolite Price list page.
  • Roof Insulation stock all type of roof and ceiling insulation products and our prices are unmatched.
  • Don't under insulates your home rather use a thicker insulation so you can achieve years of comfort in a cooler home in summer and a warmer home in summer.

Best Way To Install Ceiling Insulation

Aerolite ceiling insulation must always be fitted directly on the ceiling. In fact, ceiling insulation must always be fitted directly on top of the ceiling between the beams. This is very important if you want to get the full benefit of your Aerolite Ceiling Insulation.

The ceiling insulation must never be laid over the beams as this will give you no benefit at all. And The reason for this is the fact that the air space between the roof will allow the heat that is pressure on the roof to get under the insulation. This, in turn, will make the home hotter.

This is another reason why a professional installer should be used. They are aware of all these issues and are always supervised from start to finish. Install correctly and feel the benefits immediately.

Down Light Hazards

  • Down lights can reach temperatures of 270 to 350 degrees. LED lights are far better as they use less energy and are low temperature.
  • Why is there a danger you may ask does the Aerolite burn? The answer to this is a flat out no the Aerolite is noncombustible and will not burn.
  • Then What is the danger?  Your roof is in danger of downlight burning the wooden beams or even loose dust and plastic underlay that has become old and is falling down. If any of these land on your downlight that is so hot they will ignite.
  • Another big factor is when these lights are fitted in some instances they are drilled into a wooden baton or directly under a beam.
  • Now when insulation is fitted and the insulation is laid without breathing holes. This has now become a fire hazard as the heat has no way of dissipating.
  • This does not mean that you can cover LED downlights as the new owners of your home might one day decide to buy the cheaper 40-watt lights. This then has potential danger to the new owner.


Roof Insulation Is Compulsory

Roof Insulation products have been made compulsory as of January 2013. The need for this legislation is because worldwide energy consumption and the impact on the environment has been devastating.

However, in South Africa, we also had the looming problem of our government of the day potentially not being able to supply electricity. In fact, the legislation came too late as a year later South Africans had load shedding as our Escom was not able to supply the required amounts of electricity to homeowners as well as industry.

The effect of this has had devastating consequences to our economy. As many industrial food manufacturing plants, all types of industry shopping centers restaurants were all affected. Many businesses had to close down because of loss of income and in doing so much more were added to the unemployment list.

Had this legislation come into effect 5 to 10 years before homeowners would have been using less energy. This would have given us the time to play catch up. The correct Roof Insulation products save enormous amounts of energy in summer and winter. In fact, if roof insulation wasn’t compulsory we as South African would have still been sitting with load shedding. The energy saving that came into effect as of January 2013 when the new legislation came into effect has been a great he;p. As all new homes are SANS compliant and must achieve specific R-values for their region.

In fact, if roof insulation wasn’t compulsory we as South African would have still been sitting with load shedding. The energy saving that came into effect as of January 2013 when the new legislation came into effect has been a great he;p. As all new homes are SANS compliant and must achieve specific R-values for their region.

Aerolite Insulation Installers

Aerolite Insulation Installers are well trained. Our roof insulation installers are continuously going through training to be sure that all roof insulation work is done to perfection. Our Aerolite Insulation Installers are all small in stature and have been working for Roof Insulation SA for years. In fact, some of our Aerolite insulation installers have insulated over 3000 homes.

We have a number of insulation installers throughout the country. Having the correct Aerolite Insulation Installers fitting your insulation means you will benefit from the comfort and energy saving for years.

Having your home insulated with our Insulation Installers will mean you have your ceiling insulation installed to perfection. This will, in turn, give you years of comfort and energy saving.

What is the Correct R-value for the Western Cape

The correct R-value for the Western Cape is 3.70 this includes ceiling and roof. This R-value is important as compressing roof insulation will reduce the R-value to the value of the compressed thickness. So always be sure that your ceiling insulation or roof insulation is never compressed as this will compromise the insulation's effectiveness.

R-value is the ability of insulation to reduce heat gain or heat loss into the home or office block. The higher the R-value the more the benefits are. In fact, consumers who are wanting to install ceiling insulation that is under spec are wasting money as this will not be as effective.

In fact installing the ceiling insulation with the correct R-value will give you years of energy benefits. Also, this means your home is SANS compliant and new home buyers on the market are all aware of the legislation.

So installing the correct ceiling insulation will be a benefit when selling your home one day. This is achieved with the 135mm Aerolite. Always read the Roof Insulation Specifications page to get an idea on the correct thickness for your area.

Correct R-value for Other Areas

In fact, the R-value for Johannesburg and Pretoria including the Midrand is also r value 3.70. This will be achieved in the 135mm roof insulation for this product. 

Aerolite Requires no Maintenance?

Once Installed your Aerolite needs no maintenance. In fact, this ceiling insulation does not rot and will not be affected by high winds as the Ceiling Insulation is a roll form insulation. The only time you need to have your Aerolite inspected is if you have had plumbers electricians or the TV guys in the roof space.

We often find that the contractors do not fit the insulation in place once they have lifted the insulation. We would advise telling the contractors very firmly that all insulation needs to be put back in place if it is going to be lifted. In fact on completion of their work make sure to ask so that you can be sure. Not all homeowners are able to crawl into the roof space. The Aerolite lifespan is 25 to 30 years.

What Happens If My Aerolite Gets Wet?

In the Cape Town area, we have heavy and continues rains in the winter months. This rain is mostly accompanied by strong winds. So the chances of a roof leak in winter if very possible. How will your ceiling insulation be affected by water leaks in the roof? Well lucky for you, we have Aerolite installed. As we know Aerolite Insulation is a fiberglass roof insulation product.

Luckily, the fiberglass insulation is made from recycled glass as well as water and a resin binder. This means that the water will not be absorbed into the fiberglass. However, the water will filter into the tiny air pockets in the insulation. Is this a problem? Well yes and no. The r-value of the Aerolite will be compromised slightly by the water. This will dry up on the next warm day. If you want to speed up the process simply remove the wet section place it outside to dry and then fit in place after the ceiling insulation is dry. And your Aerolite will function as normal again.

This has been one of the Aerolite Roof Insulation benefits is that the insulation will not cause massive ceiling damage by absorbing water. In fact, because the insulation contains no paper like cellulose it will not absorb the water and give you expensive ceiling collapses as with paper.

Aerolite Must be Installed Over All Internal Walls

All Roof Insulation and Ceiling Insulation must be installed over all internal wall. If the roof insulation is cut short on all walls there will be massive energy loss or gain in the home. Many installers don't install insulation over internal walls assuming that the walls will have no effect on the inside of the home. This is correct to a certain degree. However, all roof have wooden batons that the ceiling is attached to. These batons are 38 x 38mm in diameter.

Should the insulation layer end before the wall the problem is there is a 38 mm gap were the hot air in summer that is pressure in the roof space will force its way under the 38mm gap of the baton. This, in fact, will make the home even hotter in summer. Once again the same will apply in winter as the home heats up the warm air will be pulled into the ceiling space and escape through the gap.

When insulating your home with ceiling insulation the idea is to seal the roof space from end to end. This will give the homeowner years of comfort and energy saving.

What is Aerolite Life Span?

In fact, because Aerolite is manufactured from recycled glass this Roof Insulation has a very long lifespan. This roof insulation should outlast most homes. The quoted Life Span is 20 to 25 years, however, we have seen some of this roof insulation way over this lifespan and still working perfectly.

This Roof Insulation will not rot or become moldy when exposed to water. So when installed the insulation will give the homeowner many years of energy saving and comfort.