For almost, 70 years Aerolite has been the insulation of choice for homeowners. As one of the first official Insulation products for homes and industry. With years of experience, Aerolite Insulation has evolved to the state of the art Home Insulation that it is today. As a result, we are impressed with the modern day Aerolite.

One of the oldest forms of Insulation for roofs. Still regarded as one of the safest insulation materials on the market. With world class glass wool now outlasting the lifespan of most HOMES. Coupled with this is one of the best R-values in its class as well as the awesome fire rating Class A/1. As a result, the Aerolite will not burn. As a result, Aerolite is one of the Roofing Insulation materials allowed for installation in hospitals in Sa.

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top 10 reasons to install aerolite

Top 10 Benefits of Aerolite Thermal Insulation

  1. Aerolite improves Summer and Winter temperature 4 – n8 degrees.
  2. Save energy on heating and cooling.
  3. Reduce Noise pollution.
  4. Aerolite will not burn.
  5. SANS compliant Roof Insulation.
  6. Lifelong energy-saving benefits.
  7. Reduce condensation.
  8. Eco-friendly insulation.
  9. Insulated homes are healthy homes.
  10. SABS approved.

Having installed Insulation in Roofs for more than 30 years Aerolite is still a firm favourite in many homes. As a result of massive pressure for all Insulation materials to be more effective in reducing the need for heating and cooling.

Sick Of A Hot Home In Summer!! And A cold Home In Winter!!

We Can Improve your Indoor Temperature As Much As 4 - 8 Degrees With SANS Compliant Ceiling Insulation

aerolite winter benefits

Aerolite Insulation Winter Benefits

In winter our homes are cold it seems that nothing we do can stop the biting cold. Fear no more Think Pink Insulation installed in your ceiling will reduce the warm air loss in the home from rising and getting pulled through the now cold ceiling into the roof space.

  • In fact, this Thermal Insulation will reduce the heat loss through the roof by up to 90%.
  • How it works is that as your home gains heat whether the heat is from the sun’s rays or cooking or a fireplace.
  • As we know all heat rises as this heat makes contact with the cold ceiling, the warm air is lost and fills the roof space.
  • Insulating your home with Thermal Insulation will reduce the energy loss.
  • A fire or heating in the home this will most likely warm up the whole house.
  • As a result, reducing the need for heating and cooling for many years.
  • In fact, Ceiling Insulation will minimise condensation in most homes by sustaining a warmer temperature in the house.
  • As a result, Aerolite Insulation will improve your internal temperature by as much as 4 – 8 degrees in winter.
  • Reducing the impact of condensation in winter in conjunction with Whirlybird Roof Ventilation.

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Improve Indoor Temperature 4 – 8 degrees

aerolite summer benefits

Aerolite Insulation Summer Benefits

On hot summer days, your roof space is like an oven. The sun’s rays beat down on the roof, the heat in the roof space increases.

  • In fact, when one opens the trap door of the home in summer there is always a continues gush of hot wind that blows out from the roof space into the house.
  • This heat build-up is pressure in the roof space that is now incredibly hot.
  • The heat is then reflected as radiant heat from the ceiling into the home.
  • In fact, this is like underfloor heating that one would utilise in winter at a very high cost. Now you have this in summer as the ceiling radiates the heat into your home.
  • Installing the correct thickness will reduce this heat flow gain by up to 90% from entering through the ceiling.
  • The correct thickness of Insulation for the Western Cape, as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria, is the 135mm thick Aerolite insulation.
  • This Thermal Insulation 135 mm thick exceeds the recommended R-value 3.70.
  • Thermal Insulation for Roofs will reduce the temperature in your home between 4 and 8 degrees on a hot summer day.
  • In fact, this will reduce the need for running expensive air conditioners to cool the home.
  • A well-insulated home with professional Roof Insulation Installers will give you years of energy saving.
  • In fact, Think Pink Aerolite will give many years of comfort.

How Does Aerolite Work

On a cold day or night just before you step out the door, what is the one thing that assures you of warmth and comfort?

You are right, a coat.

Winter jackets manufactured from wool, gabardine or cashmere. Inside, they are lined with polyester or other materials which help to keep heat close to the body.

Just like you need a coat on a cold day or night, your home also needs to be enveloped with insulating materials to keep the cold away and retain heat within.

Insulation has been around since the pre-historic people built shelters or sought natural refuge in caves to protect themselves from the elements.

Today, you can create a barrier between the harsh weather outside and the delicate environment in your home with aerolite insulation. As the perfect ceiling insulation with acoustic properties, it will protect you and your family from extreme temperatures plus keeping your home warm and cosy.

Want to enjoy tremendous energy savings for the next 50 years? Aerolite thermal insulation is the right solution for you.

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what is aerolite

What is Aerolite?

It is a superb ceiling insulation material that is pink in colour and has acoustic properties. Usually bonded with an inert thermosetting resin, the final product (Aerolite) is made available in compression packed rolls. Making it very easy for installers to cut and install the Acoustic Ceiling Insulation in your home. As this insulation is non-combustible Ceiling Insulation material, it has the highest fire rating classified as A1. Meaning the insulation material will not combust, melt or smoke. Will Not Burn.

Popularly known as Think Pink Aerolite (as a result of its pink colour), the insulation material has been used for the last 75 years to insulate homes from the harsh weather elements and prevent heat from escaping the interior of the house. As a result, Aerolite has helped to promote energy efficiency among homeowners by eliminating the need for running heaters and AC machines all day and night to keep the interior of the house warm (winter) and cooler (summer).

make the right choice install aerolite

Select Aerolite Insulation With a Higher R-value

R-value refers to a measure of how well an insulating material can resist the conductive flow of heat. Popularly known as the Thermal Resistance of an insulating material, it takes into account the following factors: The thickness of the insulating material as well as density. Take note compressing the Aerolite will reduce the R-value to the compressed value.

When it comes to Aerolite thermal insulation – the wonder acoustic Ceiling Insulation material – this value measures the ability of the insulation material to resist the flow of heat. For better performance, it’s highly advisable to select Think Pink Aerolite insulation with a higher R-value. As a result, you and your family will enjoy the following benefits: Improves your indoor experience by absorbing noise from inside and outside your home.

Higher R-value saves more on high energy costs. Therefore, resulting in a cooler home in summer and a warmer home in winter. Insulation enhances the level of comfort in your home. Increases the value of your home which is a plus when it comes a time to sell.

aerolite has great sound proofing benefits

Sound proofs your home

The use of glass wool bonded together with the thermosetting resin has created an acoustic ceiling insulation material with astounding absorption properties. Installing aerolite in your ceiling will lower the level of sound entering or even leaving your home. The Insulation has been woven together allowing aerolite to absorb sound.

Aerolite has an NRC 1.05 (Noise Reduction Coefficient). As an acoustic ceiling insulation material, the insulation can absorb higher tones better than lower pitches.

aerolite insulation does not sustain vermin

Aerolite Does Not Attract Vermin

Traditional insulation materials have been known to be less efficient when it comes to reducing heat or retaining heat in the home.

Also, they act as a source of food for rodents and provide the perfect material for the whiskered intruders to use when making their nests.

The presence of the whiskered intruders in your ceiling poses a health hazard to your family. Not only will your family be prone to infections but the infections will escalate to disease.

Unlike traditional insulating materials, Aerolite stops the whiskered intruders in their tracks. It can achieve this by providing a poor breeding environment for the critters. Besides, the use of glass wool together with the thermosetting resin is not a good source of food for them.

Aerolite insulation also does not promote or allow the breeding of bacteria, fungi or mould.

It’s Non-combustible

Aerolite has a fire rating of A1 thanks to the use of glass wool as the main material. The material is bonded with a thermosetting resin which helps to ensure efficiency when it comes to insulating your home. Its A1 rating follows the Euroclass system as per EN 13501-1. Aerolite has also been certified to be fireproof under Class 1 fire index rating – SANS 10177 Part 3 and SANS 10177 Part 5. As a certified non-combustible insulating product, Aerolite cannot burn, melt or smoke.

Has a 25-50-year lifespan

Aerolite has a 25-50-year lifespan which means your ROI will be recovered in less than 3 years. In addition, the use of Aerolite as your preferred Ceiling Insulation material will recompense the change in temperature in your home.

This happens without your power bill increasing and the cooling systems not being used to enhance your indoor environment. In addition, Think Pink Aerolite does not have any ozone exhausting potential which means it will not harm the ozone layer. As a result, you will play your part in reducing damage to the environment. In fact, this insulation will give a lifetime of comfort and energy saving.

aerolite is non combustible

Don’t Let Your Home Go Up In Flames

Our homes regarded as the single most expensive investments we make for most average families. It is essential to make the right choice when insulating your roof space. Any Roof Insulation installed incorrectly is not only a waste of money it can also be a risk to your investment. (The Home)

As a result, installing Think Pink Aerolite with a Fire Rating A /1 MAKES SENSE. (AEROLITE WILL NOT BURN).

Consequently when installing insulation in the roof space ensure that your Roof Insulation is fitted above the insulation wherever possible.

Make Sure Your Installer Is Aware of These Dangers

It is, therefore, essential to install products like Aerolite with its class-leading Fire rating. Class A/1 means Aerolite will not BURN. In fact, this insulation has one of the best Fire ratings of all.

Installing low fire rated insulation products in the roof space is a risk. The Roof Space will reach temperatures more than 70 Degrees C. On hot summer days, electrical wiring, as well as downlight and fireplace flues, are also considerable risk.

Importantly knowing how to handle these factors is very important in any home. In fact, downlight reaches temperatures more than 250 DegC with most insulation types this would be a problem.

Some installers of low-quality insulation products with poor fire rating will often fit metal or plastic cones around the Insulation for some protection. The cones on its own is another fire hazard. As the heat build-up in the cone can start melting the wires of the downlight, and this can be a massive fire hazard in any home.

Think Pink has an A/1 fire rating so we will cut a small breathing hole as per the new SANS legislation in SA even though this insulation is non-combustible.

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Whats so Awesome About Aerolite?

Keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

The roof is exposed to the rays of the sun pretty much all day. As a result of the exposure, the roof space will absorb the heat and radiate it into the interior of the house.

As a result, the build-up of heat in the home is significant. The rise in temperature will create a very uncomfortable environment which will force you to switch on the AC. Therefore increasing your energy costs.

As a result of installing Aerolite insulation in your home, it will prevent the transfer of heat from the outside into your home.

Insulation is installed on the ceiling, and will, therefore, act as a barrier between the roof and the interior of your home. As a result, you will enjoy the following additional benefits: Ensures consistent temperature all through the year. Eliminates the need for buying expensive AC. Reduces greenhouse gas emission and global warming effects

Recommended Aerolite thickness for your home is 135 mm thick.

Aerolite Insulation Installers Cape Town

The benefits of having your Ceiling Insulation Installed by Roof Insulation Cape means you benefit from years of experience.

All our Aerolite Insulation Installers are well trained and undergo continues training. Installing Roofing Insulation seems simple.

Get in the roof space and roll the insulation out. In fact, Insulation or Ceiling Insulation installed incorrectly is an absolute waste of money.

The Thermal Insulation must be fitted directly on the ceiling between the main beams. Making sure that there are no gaps, seal of the entire ceiling space.

In most cases, we will have four Insulation Installers in the roof space. In fact, each Insulation Installer is accountable for the installation they do.

We have a system where each installer will check each other at the end of the installation. Then the supervisor with the team will have a final inspection.

Installing Roof Insulation Products is our business, and we take it very seriously. For the best quality, Aerolite Installation calls Roof Insulation Cape Town.

Install 135mm Aerolite For Cape Town

The 135mm Aerolite is the SANS compliant Roofing Insulation for the Cape Town. This Insulation will achieve the R-value 3.70 as per the new SANS legislation. Installing Insulation that is SANS complaint will ensure years of energy saving benefits in your home.

135mm Aerolite has excellent soundproofing qualities. With an NRC 1.1 (Noise Reduction Coefficient) Class A/1 Fire rating this insulation will not burn.

A recent survey states that homes correctly insulated will recover the cost of insulation in under three years on heating and cooling savings alone.

This energy saving cost will be as a direct result of reduced need for heating and cooling in the home.

The 135mm INSULATION will reduce heat flow in or out of the home by 90%. Improving the comfort level in the house by 4 to 8 deg-C. In fact, this means your home will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Aerolite Best Roof Insulation

Regarded by many as one of the best insulation products for roofs. The Think Pink has one of the best R-values on the market. Added to this is the excellent Fire rating. Aerolite Roof Insulation has a Class A/1 fire rating.

From a safety point of view, the fire rating, as well as the R-value, are game changers.

Added to this are the soundproofing and acoustic benefits of the Think Pink.  Aerolite Insulation Cape Town has many years of experience in the domestic manufacturing as well as industrial insulation products is what separates ISOVER from all other insulation products. In fact, Isover has been manufacturing building components for nearly 200 years and are one of the biggest manufacturers of insulation products on the planet.

 Why Is Installing Insulation The Right Thing To Do?

In fact, by saving energy in our homes, we are helping to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Installing SANS compliant Roof Insulation is compulsory as of January 2013. All new homes must have Ceiling Insulation achieving a specific R-value for the region. Existing homes are not affected by this legislation at this point.

As we push our environment to the limit energy and water are becoming very scarce and very expensive. Installing Insulation in your Roof will reduce the need for costly heating and cooling.

In most first world countries installing Ceiling Insulation has been compulsory for years.

In fact, all industrial food plants and oil refineries are well insulated. Insulating Boilers and Furnaces in industrial plants with high-density Rock Wool insulation.

Without this insulation, the product prices would be more than triple.

Can You Get By Without Installing Roof Insulation In Your Home?

Surely you can get by without installing Insulation in your Roof. However, this will be at a high cost.

Having the correct thickness Insulation installed will mean many years of energy saving for homeowners. In fact, all the Ceiling Insulation products that we stock will have a lifespan of at least 30 years. Therefore, resulting in a lifetime of energy saving and home comfort with insulation.

How Does Roof Insulation Work?

In fact, Roofing Insulation is about three main criteria. Let’s have a look at what this means and how this will affect your home. Sticking to these fundamental principles will give homeowners years of energy saving and home comfort.

Roof Insulation R-value

In fact, R-value today is essential. Having a low R-value means having low energy saving.

The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation properties. R-value is the ability of given insulation to reduce the ability of heat loss or gain.

The higher the R-value, the better the insulation properties will be. In fact, R-value is the ability of given insulation to reduce heat flow in or out.

Install Roof Insulation Correctly Or Throw Money Away

As mentioned earlier on this page Roof Insulation Installed incorrectly is wasted money. Installing the insulation directly on the ceiling space between the main beams is essential. In fact, all Roof Insulation must be fitted directly on the ceiling between main beams. The entire roof space must be covered.

Do not install the Insulation following the roof pitch. In fact, installing insulation following the roof pitch will give a nice cool roof space but almost no benefit in the home.

However, this does not apply to what is referred to as a flat roof.

Install Roll Form Roof Insulation

Installing roll form insulation in your ceiling space makes sense as the insulation covers the entire roof. The main reason why we recommend roll form insulation is that this will not get affected by the wind. Roll form insulation is packed tightly between the beams to seal off correctly.

Blown-in loose fibre or cellulose will be affected by winds. In many homes where we remove these insulation types, we find the insulation has moved significantly. In fact, this leaves your home compromised with regards the insulation value. Loose paper or cellulose insulation is difficult to install the correct thickness in the roof space. The reason for this is we have to rely on the eye of the installer blowing the insulation. This, as we know, can’t be an exact science.

Roll form Insulation is a specific thickness and density, so you know what you get for your money. Aerolite Thermal Insulation Makes Sense. The Aerolite Thermal insulation products designed for optimum Thermal Insulation benefit. Installing Thermal Insulation without great thermal Insulation properties is a waste of money. All Thermal Insulation products are rated on R-value. In fact the higher the R-value, the better the insulation properties.

In fact the higher the R-value, the better the Think Pink Aerolite. Think Pink Thermal Insulation is available in thicknesses from 50mm to 135mm.

Aerolite Price List Per Roll

Aerolite insulation is a premium product that has stood the test of time. In fact, this roof insulation is one of the oldest roof insulation products on the market worldwide. Regarded as eco-friendly roof insulation, it is one of the most popular choices by many homeowners. The Aerolite price list is only valid while existing stock lasts.