Think Pink Aerolite one of the Worlds Most Popular Roof Insulation products. Aerolite Insulation has been the most installed Ceiling Insulation product worldwide for nearly a century. The modern day Aerolite is undoubtedly one of the best Roof Insulation products on the market.

The Insulation is available in various thicknesses from 50mm through to 135mm. In fact, the 135mm Aerolite is the flagship product and is SANS compliant for the Western Cape and Johannesburg regions.

10 Reasons To Install AEROLITEaerolite roof insulation benefits

  1. Improve the temperature in your home by 4 to 8 deg C. Cooler in Summer.
  2. Cozy and warm in winter by 4 to 8 deg-C. Warmer in winter.
  3. Save energy on heating and cooling as the Insulation reduces heat loss and gain.
  4. This Insulation is SANS compliant for all regions.
  5. Great acoustic and soundproofing benefits with an NRC 1.1 on the 135mm Insulation.
  6. SABS approved
  7. Fire Rating A/A 1/1 This Insulation will not burn.
  8. Lifespan 25 to 50 years
  9. Does not sustain vermin.
  10. Aerolite is the Best thermal Insulation for roofs.
  11. One of the best Fire ratings A/1 this insulation will not burn.
  12. Reduce the potential for mold in your home with a more consistent temperature.
  13. This Insulation will not encourage rats or birds nesting in the roof space.
  14. The Insulation will outlast the lifespan of most homes.


Aerolite Best Roof Insulation

In fact, Aerolite is regarded as one of the best Roof Insulation Products. The Think ink Aerolite has one of the best R-values on the market. Added to this is the great Aerolite Fire rating. This Roof Insulation has a Class A/A 1/1 fire rating. This is the reason why most hospitals can only be insulated with products like fiberglass.  

This is the reason why most hospitals can only be insulated with products like fiberglass. From a safety point of view, the fire rating, as well as the R-value, are game changers.  

Added to this are the sound proofing and acoustic benefits of the Think Pink. 

Years of experience in the domestic manufacturing as well as industrial insulation products is what separates ISOVER from all other insulation products. In fact, Isover has been manufacturing building components for nearly 200 years and are one of the biggest manufacturers of insulation products on the planet.

 Why Is Installing Aerolite The Right Thing To Do?

In fact, by saving energy in our homes we are helping to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.

Installing SANS compliant Roof Insulation is compulsory as of January 2013. All new homes must have Ceiling Insulation achieving a specific R-value for the region. This does not affect existing homes at this point.

As our environment is pushed to the limit in all directions energy and water are becoming very scarce and very expensive. Installing Insulation in your Roof will reduce the need for costly heating and cooling.

In most first world countries installing Ceiling Insulation has been compulsory for years. In fact, all industrial food plants and oil refineries are well insulated. For boilers and furnaces, high-density Rock Wool insulation is used. Without this insulation, the product prices would be more than triple.

Install 135mm Aerolite For Cape Town

The 135mm Aerolite is the SANS compliant Roofing Insulation for the Cape Town. This Insulation will achieve the R-value 3.70 as per the new SANS legislation. Installing Insulation that is SANS complaint will ensure years of energy saving benefits in your home.

In fact, it is estimated that homes installing the correct thickness Roof Insulation will recover the cost in three years. This energy saving cost will be as a direct result of reduced need for heating and cooling in the home.

The insulation will reduce heat flow in or out of the home by 90%. Improving the comfort level in the home by 4 to 8 deg-C. In fact, this means your home will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Can You Get By Without Installing Roof Insulation In Your Home?

Surely you can get by without installing Insulation in your Roof. However, this will be at a great cost. Having the correct thickness Insulation installed will mean many years of energy saving for homeowners.

In fact, all the Ceiling Insulation products that we install will have a lifespan of at least 30 years. If the cost of the insulation is recovered in three years this means many years of energy saving.

Aerolite Insulation Installers Cape Townaerolite insulation installers cape town

The benefits of having your Ceiling Insulation Installed by Roof Insulation Cape means you benefit from years of experience. All our Insulation Installers are well trained and undergo continues training. Installing Roofing Insulation seems simple. Get in the roof space and roll the insulation out.

This is totally wrong. In fact, Insulation or Ceiling Insulation installed incorrectly is an absolute waste of money. The Thermal Insulation must be fitted directly on the ceiling between the main beams. Making sure that there are no gaps seal of the entire ceiling space.

In most cases, we will have four Insulation Installers in the roof space. In fact, each Insulation Installer is accountable for the installation they do. We have a system where each installer will check each other at the end of the installation. Then the supervisor with the team will have a final inspection.

Installing Roof Insulation Products is our business and we take it very seriously. For the best quality, Aerolite Installation calls Aerolite Roof Insulation Cape Town.

Aerolite Insulation Winter Benefits

In winter our homes are freezing cold and it seems that nothing we do can stop the biting cold. Fear no more Think Pink Aerolite Insulation installed in your ceiling will reduce the warm air in the home from rising and getting pulled through the now cold ceiling into the roof space. In fact, this Thermal Insulation will reduce the heat loss through the roof by up to 90%.

How it works is that as your home gains heat whether the heat is from the sun's rays or cooking or a fireplace. As we know all heat rises as this heat makes contact with the Aerolite thermal insulationfreezing cold ceiling the heat is lost and fills the roof space.

Insulation your home with  Thermal Insulation will reduce the energy loss. If a fire or some type of heating is used in the home this will most likely warm up the whole home. In doing so this will save you on energy for many years to come.

In fact, this Ceiling Insulation will reduce condensation in most homes by sustaining a warmer temperature in the home.

Aerolite Insulation Summer Benefits

On hot summer days, your roof space is like an oven. As the sun's rays beat down on the roof the heat in the roof space increases. In fact, when one opens the trap door of the home in summer there is always a continues gush of hot wind that blows out from the roof space into the home. This heat build up is pressure in the roof space that is now incredibly hot.

This heat is then reflected as radiant heat from the ceiling into the home. In fact, this is like underfloor heating that one would utilize in winter at a very high cost. Now you have this in summer as the ceiling radiates the heat into your home.

Installing the correct thickness will reduce this heat flow gain by up to 90% from entering through the ceiling. The correct thickness of Insulation for the Western Cape, as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria, is the 135mm thick insulation. This Thermal Insulation 135 mm thick has the recommended R-value 3.70. Thermal Insulation for Roofs will reduce the temperature in your home between 4 and 8 degrees on a hot summer day.

In fact, this will reduce the need for running expensive air conditioners to cool the home. A well-insulated home by professional Roof Insulation Installers will give you years of energy saving. In fact, the SANS compliant building regulations were put into law in January 2013 because the country needed to save energy

 How Does Aerolite Roof Insulation Work?

In fact Roof Insulation is about three main criteria. Let's have a look at what this means and how this will affect your home. Make sure that these basic principles are covered and you will have years of energy saving benefits.

Aerolite Roof Insulation R-value

In fact, R-value today is very important. Having a low R-value means having low energy saving. The higher the R-value the more effective the insulation properties. R-value is the ability of a given insulation to reduce the ability of heat loss or gain. The higher the R-value the better the insulation properties will be.

Install Roof Insulation Correctly Or Throw Money Away

As mentioned earlier on this page Roof Insulation Installed incorrectly is wasted money. Insulation must never be laid over the main beams. In fact, all Roof Insulation must be installed directly on the ceiling between main beams. The entire roof space must be covered.

Do not install the Insulation following the roof pitch unless the ceiling is sloped following the roof pitch. In fact installing insulation following the roof pitch will give a nice cool roof space but almost no benefit in the home.

Install Roll Form Aerolite Roof Insulation

Installing roll form insulation in your ceiling space makes sense as the insulation covers the entire roof. As a matter of fact, the main reason why we recommend roll form insulation is that this will not get affected by the wind. Roll form insulation is packed tightly between the beams to seal off correctly.

Blown-in loose fiber or cellulose will be affected by winds. In many homes where we remove these insulation types, we find the insulation has moved significantly. In fact, this leaves your home compromised with regards the insulation value. Loose paper or cellulose insulation is difficult to install the correct thickness in the roof space. The reason for this is we have to rely on the eye of the installer blowing the insulation. This, as we know, can't be an exact science.

Roll form Insulation is a specific thickness and density so you know what you get for your money.

Aerolite Thermal Insulation Makes Sense

The Aerolite Thermal insulation products are designed for optimum Thermal Insulation benefit. Installing Thermal Insulation without great thermal Insulation properties is a waste of money. All Thermal Insulation products are rated on R-value. In fact the higher the R-value the better the insulation properties.

All Thermal Insulation products are rated on R-value. In fact the higher the R-value the better the Thermal Insulation properties. Think Pink Thermal Insulation is available in a number of thicknesses from 50mm to 135mm Think Pink Aerolite. Each thickness has an R-value specific to that thickness.

Down Light Hazards

Down lights can reach temperatures of 270 to 350 degrees. LED lights are far better as they use less energy and are low temperature.

Why is there a danger you may ask does this insulation burn? The answer to this is a flat out no the Aerolite is noncombustible and will not burn.

Then What is the danger?  Your roof is in danger of down lights burning the wooden beams or even loose dust and plastic underlay that has become old and is falling down. If any of these land on your down lights that are so hot they will ignite.

Another big factor is when these lights are fitted in some instances they are drilled into a wooden baton or directly under a beam.

Now when insulation is fitted and the insulation is laid without breathing holes. This has now become a fire hazard as the heat has no way of dissipating.

This does not mean that you can cover LED down lights as the new owners of your home might one day decide to buy the cheaper 40-watt lights. This then has potential danger to the new owner.


Aerolite Price List Per Roll

Aerolite insulation is a premium product that has stood the test of time. In fact, this roof insulation is one of the oldest roof insulation products on the market worldwide. As Aerolite is regarded as an eco-friendly roof insulation it is one of the most popular choices by many homeowners. The Aerolite price list is only valid while existing stock lasts.