Garage Door Insulation

Is your garage sweltering in summer? Are you afraid the heat from your garage is making your home hotter? If this is a problem that you have. No Sweat, Roof Insulation has a solution that will blow the heat away. Garage Door Insulation has never been a field of insulation that most homeowners thought of. However, with Global Warming and climate change, temperatures have been changing.

What is Garage Door Insulation?

Our garages allow the most heat into the garage and home in summer. Therefore, it makes sense that we insulate the garage door. Unfortunately, there is no traditional insulation specifically designed for garage doors. With the endless requests to have garage doors insulated, we tried a few alternatives. We found that traditional insulation would shift with time as the insulation is now laid vertical instead of horizontally.

In the end, we had high-density EPS panels made. Also, these high-density EPS panels can be cut with a Stanley knife to fit the exact size of the blocks on the garage door. Some garage doors will require full-length sheets, and others will require smaller panels.

Improved Indoor Temperature 

The fact is the garage door is manufactured from aluminium sheeting. As we know, aluminium allows heat to travel through at a rapid pace. Resulting in the door absorbing heat into the garage. For this reason, installing the high-density EPS will reduce the heat gain by as much as 85%, with the added benefit of noise reduction via the garage door.

Our Door Insulation Is Manufactured In-house

We laminate high-density XPS with a double-sided Radenshield foil. By adding the Radenshield foil to the inside of the door, we can also reflect hot air away from the garage door. 

Completed Garage door with EPS Insulation
Completed Garage door with EPS Insulation