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Roof Insulation

The Isoboard Ceilings are the latest fashion in homes in South Africa. These ceilings are available in thicknesses from 25- 80mm thick ideal for all families and households with limited ceiling volume space to achieve the correct R-value.

Having Isoboard installed is a neat and clean operation. Most homes can have ceilings installed in two to three days for an average house. The application is almost dust-free as there is no skimming and dust in these applications.


Isoboard Ceiling Benefits

  • Isoboard thermal ceilings can be fitted in one day for most rooms. By far the fastest ceiling to install.
  • No painting is needed for these ceilings as the ceilings are a fresh, clean white that does not fade.
  • The only Ceiling that is also insulation. Thermal Insulation properties are excellent.
  • Isoboard will outlast the lifespan of many homes.
  • Modern, clean ceilings.
  • Isoboard XPS does not absorb water. So no stress as with traditional ceilings that absorb moisture.
  • Fitting these ceilings is a clean, dust-free application, with no skimming and sanding or painting.
  • Importantly installing Isoboard is quicker than traditional ceiling board applications.
  • Essentially installing Isoboard Ceilings is far quicker than traditional ceilings.

We Install and Supply Isoboard

For the best Isoboard prices in the country, give us a call or fill in our contact form, and we will gladly get back to you. We stock and supply the entire range of the Isoboard range, including the clips and glue required for the application.

Additionally, for DIY installers, we offer online support to help you on your journey. Fitting Isoboard Ceilings is quite simple for someone who is a bit of a handyman. However, in most cases, we suggest professional Isoboard installers install the Isoboard ceilings. What Makes Isoboard Ceilings Different

Isoboard is a rigid Thermal board for ceiling applications as well as wall cavity insulation.

  • Firstly the Isoboard Ceiling Application is clean.
  • Secondly, Isoboard has an excellent R-value.
  • Isoboard has excellent Thermal Insulation properties.
  • Particularly good when roof cavity space is restricted.
  • The Isoboard Ceilings are a Tongue and Groove finish that has a typical high-class finish.
  • The application is clean and dust-free in comparison to conventional Ceilings.
  • In fact, this is perfect for retrofit applications as well as new builds.
  • For retrofit applications, Isoboard is a quick clean application.
  • In fact, an average 30m2 room can be completed in 5 hours or less.
  • With no skimming and sanding and dust in the home.


The Isoboard products have excellent R-value properties and come with the installed R-value and the aged R-value. Installing Isoboard Ceiling means that homeowners can reduce the Roof Insulation layer installed to be SANS compliant in all new homes.

Isoboard ThicknessR-value 90 Day AgedR-value 5 Year AgedR-value 90% RH

Types Of Isoboard Applications

  • Isoboard Ceilings: Standard Ceilings as well as Exposed beams. In all new homes, as well as a retrofit in existing homes.
  • Wall Cavity Insulation Isoboard: Ideal for all new builds to reduce Thermal Heat transfer through the brick walls.
  • Under Floor Insulation: This is great to reduce the cold air from below. Especially in homes built near rivers or dams.

Isoboard Thermal Ceiling insulation is undoubtedly one of the best ceiling options on the market today. Significantly Isoboard Ceilings have excellent thermal insulation properties as well as an aesthetically pleasing good look. Unfortunately, the only downfall is that these ceilings do not reduce noise via the roof into the home.

For this reason, it would be essential to fit insulation with a high NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient). For example, the New Think Pink Aerolite with TEL Fiberizing Technolgy or the Knauf Ecose Insulation will stop noise from metal roofs. Unfortunately, the Isotherm Insulation has a very low NRC. On the other hand, the new Pink Aerolite is installed in nightclubs and pubs as insulation and soundproofing. These thermal insulation ceilings reduce the amount of roof insulation required.

XPS Ceiling boards
Isoboard fitted between exposed beams
installing XPS Between beams retrofit


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