Isoboard Ceilings

The Isoboard Ceilings are the new fashion in homes in South Africa. These ceilings are available in thicknesses from 25- 80mm thick. Ideal for all homes as well as homes with restricted ceiling volume space to achieve the correct R-value.

What Makes Isoboard Ceilings Different

Isoboard is a rigid Thermal board for ceiling applications as well as wall cavity insulation.

  • Firstly the Isoboard Ceiling Application is a clean application.
  • Secondly, the Isoboard has a great R-value.
  • Isoboard has great Thermal Insulation properties.
  • This is particularly good when roof cavity space is restricted.
  • The Isoboard Ceilings are a Tongue and Groove finish that has a typical high-class finish.
  • The application is clean and dust free in comparison to conventional Ceilings.
  • In fact, this is perfect for retrofit applications as well as new builds.
  • For retrofit applications, Isoboard is a quick clean application.
  • In fact, an average 30m2 room can be completed in 5 hours or less.
  • With no skimming and sanding and dust in the home.
Isoboard Ceilings

Isoboard R-value

The Isoboard products have great R-value properties and come with the installed R-value as well as the aged R-value. Installing Isoboard Ceiling means that homeowners can reduce the Roof Insulation layer that is installed to be SANS compliant in all new homes.

Isoboard ThicknessR-value 90 Day AgedR-value 5 Year AgedR-value 90% RH
Isoboard exposed beams R-value
Isoboard Ceiling Exposed Beams
Isoboard Ceilings Exposed Beams
Isoboard Ceilings Exposed Beams

Isoboard Applications

  • Isoboard Ceilings: Standard Ceilings as well as well as Exposed beams. In all new homes as well as a retrofit in existing homes.
  • Wall Cavity Insulation Isoboard: Ideal for all new builds to reduce Thermal Heat transfer through the brick walls.
  • Under Floor Insulation: This is great to reduce the cold air from below. Especially in homes built near rivers or dams.
Isoboard Ceiling Applications
Isoboard Ceiling Applications