• Roof Vacuum is very important when one sees the dust in some roofs particularly in the Cape region because of the strong winds.
  • One of the biggest problems in many of the Cape roofs is the wind blows all types of dust, leaves sticks etc into the roof space.
  • Down lights in a roof can reach temperatures of 270deg up to 350deg and one must bear in mind that down lights are open and exposed in the ceiling area.
  • On many occasions we do a roof vacuum that some of the roofs that have down lights will often find that this debris is lying across the down lights. It is critical to remember that old dry leaves can ignite very easily and destroy your home as it goes up in flames.
  • A clean ceiling means a healthy home so even if you don’t have allergies it is advisable to have a dusty roof vacuum and stay healthy.

Cellulose Paper Insulation Removal or Pumped in Insulation Removal

  • What is the point of removing old pumped in insulation like cellulose fibre? The answer is paper absorbs water.
  • If your roof has a leak and you have blown in cellulose insulation the fine paper dust will absorb water.
  • This in turn will end up in a ceiling collapse with massive financial damage at times.
  • Remember finely shredded paper is like a dust in the roof space.
  • All roll form insulation products will not absorb water as the water will generally flow through the insulation.In this way you will know that you have a roof leak as you will see water leaking from the ceiling.
  • Our indusrialvacuum machine will remove this unwanted paper insulation and dump this at the HAZCHEM DUMP SITE in Fissershok.

Why Ceiling Vacuum is Important

  • Ceiling dust contains lead, polycyclic hydrocarbons, pesticide residues, fungal spores, and often asbestos.
  • If your home is pre 1970 you need to assume that you have lead dust in the roof.
  • Lead in the dust is as a result of coal burning, factory pollution, the burning of old crop fields.
  • The Lead poison is especially dangerous for young children and pregnant woman.
  • Lead poisoning can cause learning and attention problems as well as growth problems.
  • In adults low levels of lead poison can cause blood pressure, higher levels of lead poisoning can cause memory loss, nerve problems, and very high levels can cause fits.

Roof Rats

In some homes roof rats have become a huge problem especially with old paper insulation. The roof rats burrow into the paper insulation and make cosy nests for their family. The rats breed so fast it is a nightmare in some homes. Our Ceiling vacuum machine will suck them out with the nests. This is a huge vacuum machine it stands outside the home and the pipe goes through the roof.

Roof Vacuum and Cellulose Removal

Insulation Removal
roof vacuum
roof vacuum

How Does Lead Poison Get Into Our Bodies?

  • When we breathe it in dust and fumes with lead in the air.
  • When we eat food or drink water that contains lead.
  • Small amounts gradually build up and cause health problems.

Can Roof Vacuum Be Done As a DIY Job?

  • A Roof vacuum is not the kind of operation you do as a DIY project.
  • The roof dust while doing the roof vacuum is generally very agitated and if you are not wearing the correct protective gear while doing a roof vacuum it could be very harmful to your health.
  • Standard vacuum machines are not able to do a roof vacuum. In fact Industrial machines with big nozzles need to be used for roof vacuum.
  • The correct dust masks are essential when a roof vacuum is taking place.