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Ceiling Vacuum

Ceiling Vacuum by Roof Insulation Western Cape offers a roof vacuuming service. Or, as some people call it, a Ceiling vacuum. In fact, the biggest problem with Ceiling dust is that conventional vacuum machines can’t handle the fine dust. Therefore our machine is a massive machine that stands outside the home; the pipe is then brought through the roof.

The Importance of Ceiling Vacuum

  • Removal of hazardous dust.
  • Removing old leaves to remove potential fire hazards.
  • Making for a clean, healthy home.
  • It will reduce the impact of dust allergies.
  • We also remove old cellulose fibre insulation (Eco-insulation and Thermguard) as well as fibreglass insulation.
  • Removal of vermin in the roof space.

One of the biggest problems in many Cape roofs is the wind blows all types of dust, including leaves, sticks etc., in the roof space. It is critical to remember that old dry leaves can ignite very easily and destroy your home as it goes up in flames.

Therefore a clean ceiling means a healthy home. So even if you don’t have allergies, it is advisable to have a dusty roof cleaned. Many Cape homes that are over 70 years have substantial amounts of dust collected in the roof space over the years.

In fact, we have removed more than 1,3 tons of dust in a Roof Vacuum of the roof space in some homes. Typically homes built before 1970 will have lead poison in the dust as well as asbestos fibres. Old dried leaves, as well as old bird and rat nests,  are another potential problem.

Why Leaves need to be Vacuumed From The Roof Space

In fact, leaves can be a massive fire hazard in the home as most modern homes have Down Light today. Therefore old dry leaves are highly combustible and if they come in contact with 40 watts or 50-watt Downlights. Because these lights can reach temperatures of up to 270 deg C to 350 deg C. In fact, the downlight cones are a fire hazard.

To find more info on roof vacuum and the benefits of a roof vacuum.  The average home does not need a vacuum as moderate dust is not a problem. Roof Insulation will prevent this dust from moving and being a problem.

Give us a call if you need your Roof Cleaned

Removal of Roof Rats

Our vacuum machine will suck out even rats nests with the occupants. Roof Eats can be very harmful to your health because of the host of these roof rats’ diseases. More importantly, roof rats breed like crazy.

Ceiling Vacuum
Roof Vacuum