Sisalation Foils

Ideally, Sisalation should be used as waterproofing. Therefore, selecting the correct Sisalation Foil is very important as these foils, or even plastic underlays, need to last for many years.


What Is Sisalation

Sisalation is a shiny silver foil. In essence, the idea of installing these types of foils in the home is beneficial to home comfort.

As a result, the Sisalation foils are manufactured from thin aluminium reflective foils. The foil is laminated to various other flexible membranes, including fibreglass reinforcement and flame retardant, additives in some products to prevent fire damage. Unfortunately, the lifespan as we see in many homes, is not as long as one would need in a home.

So the theory behind foils and underlays in the roof space is two-fold. Firstly to reduce heat flow into the roof space by reflecting the heat. Secondly, the Sisalation reduces the dust that can and will settle on the home’s ceiling space.

How Sisalation Works

Ideally, the Sisalation foil must be fixed at least 38mm below the roof. The theory is that the cavity space will restrict the home’s heat on a hot summers day. This is possible while the foils are still new; however, this will reduce more as the dust settles on the foil.

Sisalation will reduce airborne dust and exhaust fumes from reaching the inner roof space by landing on the foil.

In the event of a roof leak for whatever reason, the Sisalation foil will, in most cases, prevent ceiling damage as the water will flow out to the guttering.Winter Sisalation Benefits

In winter, the Sisalation will have no direct bearing on the home’s internal temperature whatsoever. As heat in the home will rise through the ceiling space in homes that are not insulated. As a result, all warm air will still be lost to the roof space. However, in homes insulated with roof insulation, the warm air will be retained indoors.

However, foils or underlays will reduce the prospect of roof leaks during these cold winters. Reducing condensation in the roof is also an added benefit. Sisalation Summer Benefits

As the sun beats down on the roof space on hot summer days, the Sisalation reflects some of this heat away. As a result, the home can be one or two degrees cooler.

However, having said that, there will be little to no benefit in homes with air-cons if there is no ceiling insulation. Considering that the home’s cool air would still be lost to the roof space even though the foils have made this space slightly cooler.

Overall it has been established that there will be a minimal summer benefit in terms of temperature. However, the benefit of protecting the roof space from rain damage is well worth the expense.

Add Insulation In The Ceiling for Maximum Benefits

Installing Foils as a form of insulation will leave you disappointing. Because foils can reflect heat does not mean they can restrict heat. As many homeowners that have their homes insulated will tell you.

Remember, foils are on the top layer of the roof space. Heat loss and gain are from the lower section of the roof space. As a result, home insulation installed will improve temperatures substantially.

This Is Why

Insulation Products installed directly on the ceiling will restrict heat flow up or down. Accordingly, there is a summer and a winter benefit. In fact, insulated homes are known to have an improved indoor temperature of 4-8 degrees. There are many ceiling insulation types that you can read up on to make an informed decision.[

Is it Really Necessary to Install Sisalation Foils?

Absolutely Roof Foils help keep the roof space cleaner by reducing the dust flow into the roof via the tiles or sheeting. Additionally, there is a summer heat reduction in the roof space. And finally, should your roof leak, you will have little to no damage.

Firstly Sisalation foils will reduce the roof space temperature by reflecting the heat away. Additionally, homes fitted with roof ventilators will also improve heat loss and substantially gain the roof foils. Roof foils will also reduce condensation in the roof space in conjunction with a roof ventilation unit. Most importantly

Secondly, Radenshield or Sisaltion foil will also act as waterproofing for the home and roof space. For the best prices on the roof, foil products, check out our Foil price list.