In fact Ceiling insulation is now compulsory for all new homes built as of January 2013. In accordance with the new SANS legislation in South Africa. As a result of the energy crisis and to help save our environment. FOR A FREE QUOTE CLICK HERE

For this reason Ceiling and Roof Insulation is one of the best investments for your home. Installing Isotherm Insulation or Aerolite Insulation will reduce the heat flow in and out of your home.

In summer Isotherm Insulation or Aerolite insulation will improve the temperature in your home significantly; Ceiling insulation reduces the heat flow from the roof through the ceiling into your home in summer.

In fact is in summer the roof area of your home is like an OVEN. This heat is like a pressure cooker and the easiest way out is through the thin rhino board ceiling and into your home.

Once you have installed Isotherm Insulation or Aerolite insulation. You have therefore created a barrier that reduces the heat flow by up to 80%.  This is significant because 80% of the heat from your roof is now not coming into your home.

Therefore on its own Insulation will drop the temperature in your home. Ensuring a much cooler 4 to 8 degC in some homes. If you are using air conditioners it will cut down your energy bill dramatically. In this case, you can run on a lower setting and your air conditioner will not have to over work. This will save a substantial amount of money on electricity.

Correct Thickness Ceiling Insulation

A home insulated with the correct thickness insulation. Make sure to install the correct R-value for the region that you live in. And therefore also increase the value of your property. As your home can then be sold as insulated and SANS compliant. Many of the new property buyers on the market today are all aware of energy saving as well as the environment?

A well-insulated home will recover the cost of insulation in approximately 2 to 3 years.

Ceiling Insulation products

There are a number of Ceiling Insulation products on the market in South Africa. However, all legitimate Ceiling Insulation products must be tested and must be SANS compliant. It is pointless installing Insulation products that are not SANS compliant in South Africa. In fact, all Insulation Products must be tested by TIASA for the fire rating. Installing Roof Insulation that is not tested according to legislation can be an expensive option if your house burns down as a result of a roof fire and untested Roof Insulation is installed. As it is possible to have the insurance claim rejected. 

Isotherm Ceiling Insulation

The Isotherm Ceiling Insulation is one of our most popular Ceiling Insulation Products. This Insulation is great as Isotherm Insulation is one of the most Eco-friendly Roof Insulation Products on the market. Let us have a look at what makes Isotherm Insulation so popular.

  • Isotherm is Itch-free no fiberglass and no resin binders
  • The Isotherm is also Dust Free
  • As well as Allergy free
  • Safe to handle for two-year-old
  • Cool in Summer and Warm in winter 
  • SANS compliant and will achieve the correct R-value
  • Isotherm will improve the temperature in the home by 5 to 8 Degrees on hot summers days.

Aerolite Ceiling Insulation

The Aerolite Ceiling Insulation is one of the oldest forms of Ceiling Insulation on the market. In fact, the Think Pink Aerolite has been on the market for nearly 100 years. Aerolite Insulation is possibly the most installed Roof Insulation product in the world.

  • Aerolite Insulation is Sans compliant and is ideal for South African weather
  • Cool in Summer as well as Warmer In winter
  • Aerolite is SABS approved
  • Aerolite Thermal Insulation will reduce the temperature in your home by 5 to 8 Degrees on a hot summer day.
  • In fact, Aerolite is also great for Sound Proofing with an NRC 1.1

Ceiling Insulation Installers

Installing Insulation for your home with professional Ceiling Insulation Installers will not only save you money but also give your home years of energy saving benefits. Ceiling Insulation not installed correctly is wasted money. Unless you Install the Insulation 100% correctly it will be a waste of money. In fact having qualified Isotherm Insulation Installers to install your Isotherm will save you money as we buy in bulk. The same applies for Aerolite Insulation Installers.

Isotherm Ceiling insulation
Aerolite Ceiling Insulation
Isotherm Ceiling insulation