Roof Insulation

Did you know Roof Insulation is compulsory in all new homes?

As of January 2012, all new homes must be insulated with SANS compliant insulation. The objective is to build homes that are more energy-efficient, resulting in less need for heating and cooling. As we all know the cost of energy is not only a financial burden to homeowners. The cost of heating and cooling has a significant impact on Global Warming and climate change.

Most new home buyers will inquire about roof insulation when purchasing a new home;

Our Guaranteed Workmanship Sets Us Apart From All Other Installers

Roof Insulation Products

We only install the highest grade insulation products on the market. Installing insulation in the roof space means nothing if the insulation is not installed correctly.

Roof Insulation has a proud history of more than 30 years in the domestic insulation market. Tap into our years of experience as we will find a solution for any thermal insulation situation.


Aerolite Insulation

New Aerolite manufactured with TEL Fiberizing Technology is the most advanced insulation for roofs. Find Out How Aerolite Improves Indoor Temperature.


Knauf Insulation

The Knauf Ecose Earthwool insulation Produced with Patented Ecose Technology. Check how Kauf Improves Indoor Temperature.


Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm is polyester insulation. Moreover, Isotherm Insulation manufactured from PET. Isotherm is rated combustible. 

Alternative Insulation Products


Cavity Roll

Cavity Roll Insulation

Cavity Roll insulation for drywall partitioning and soundproofing offices boardrooms etc. The Roll insulation is a two-part roll. Cavity Roll Insulation is a 14Kg3 density insulation. Find all CavityRoll insulation prices on our price list.

CavityBatt insulation

CavityBatt Insulation

CavityBatt wall insulation reduces noise and improves temperature. Reduce noise pollution between offices with insulation between the walls. Cavity Batt Insulation is a 14Kg3 density insulation.

factorylite insulation

Factorylite Insulation

Factorylite insulation designed for factory roofs. Factorylite is laminated with a silver foil on one side of the insulation. Another critical point is that Factorylite roof insulation is fitted directly under the roof with the foil facing inside the factory.

Industrial Insulation products

SoundProofing & High Temperature

Roof Insulation stock a wide range of all types of insulation. Soundproofing and acoustic insulation for reducing noise pollution in the home or office. Also, the high-density insulation is perfect for high-temperature applications.

Roof Insulation Services

Isoboard Ceilings

Isoboard Ceilings

Roof Insulation installs Isoboard ceilings in homes as well as offices. Isoboard Thermal Insulation ceilings are a clean application with no skimming.

roof vacuum and cellulose removal

Roof Vacuum and Cellulose Removal

We have the only outdoor roof vacuum machines in SA. Read more on our roof vacuum page.

roof ventilators

Roof Ventilators

Roof ventilators have a place in most homes. Roof ventilation removes stale air from the roof space.

Suspended Ceilings

We install all types of suspended ceilings in offices and shopping malls. Suspended ceilings are available as a standard suspended ceiling option or and acoustic suspended Ceiling option.

soundproofing between wall

Soundproofing Between Walls

Noisy neighbours keeping you awake at night. We fit drywall partitioning between walls to reduce noise pollution between adjoining units.

roof waterproofing with liquid rubber

Liquid Rubber Roof Waterproofing

We offer a Liquid Rubber roof waterproofing service for all roof types, including concrete roofs.

roof insulation offers a five year workmanship guarantee

Roof Insulation Western Cape Five Year Workmanship Warranty

Roof Insulation W/C offers a 5-year workmanship warranty on all roof insulation installed. Also, all our workmanship is covered by comprehensive insurance. We don’t take chances with your home.