Roof Insulation

With 3o years of experience in the Roof Insulation Industry, we have a wealth of experience. Regarded as the most experienced company in this field. We are fortunate to be partnering with the two major insulation products on the market. We are fortunate to offer effective Insulation solutions for all homes and offices. Give us a call if you believe parts of your home can't be insulated. We Insulate all types of roofs. Including roofs that need to be removed to install insulation at the best rates in SA.

Hot in summer cold in winter we can help with roof insulation

Hot in Summer Cold in Winter we Can Help

If you feel the effect of the cold winters and hot summers we can help improve the temperature in your home.

As a result of the summer heat, the roof space heats up increasing indoor temperature.

Therefore installing thermal insulation will improve indoor temperature by 4-8 degrees. 

Similarly, in winter the roof space is freezing cold. Consequently, the home is freezing cold as all warm air is lost to the ceiling space.

Therefore an insulated Attic space will allow an improvement of 4-8 degrees as well. 

Roof Insulation Summer Benefit

Firstly a quick look at the summer heat problem. Naturally, on really hot days the suns heat builds up in the roof space. The end result is the roof space is literally like an oven. Therefore this radiant heat on the underside of the ceiling is like having underfloor heating switched on in summer.

In fact, the radiant heat from the ceiling alone on hot days can increase internal temperatures by as much as 4-8 degrees. As a result, the home is very hot in summer. Installing our quality Roof Insulation brands will reduce the heat lost substantially. Therefore improving comfort levels in the home. In fact, tests have proved that homes insulated with the correct roofing insulation will reduce heat gain via the ceiling as much as 90%. Insulation will, therefore, Improve the internal temperature 4-8 degrees in the home.

Roof Insulation Winter Benefit 

Secondly, we have a look at the winter. With cold air being heavier than hot air cold air sinks. This, in fact, is the biggest problem. So as the roof space in any home is known to be the coldest part of the home. This, in turn, means the freezing cold air in the ceiling is filling up the home space. Similar to the summer situation this cold air sinks into the home via the ceiling space. As a result, the home will be colder by as much as 4-8 degrees. Therefore installing one of our quality Roof Insulation products will reduce this heat flow as much as 90% via the roof space. Achieving an improved temperature of 4 - 8 degrees in most homes. 

Finally, homes insulated with good quality insulation material will have lifelong comfort benefits. Thereby reducing the need for heating and cooling in the home. In fact, any home with a more stable temperature will also be a healthier home. In the process insulating the home will reduce the impact of Global Warming and Climate Change.

This is one of the most important reasons why there has been an international drive to have homes insulated. In fact, some countries like the USA, UK, as well as Australia and New Zealand, offered free insulation to thousands of homes to reduce energy loss.

So be smart and insulate let's save our planet for future generations. For more information on Global Warming and Climate Change read this article to see how we can all help.

Roof insulation what we do

As Installers of Roof Insulation Products. We install all SANS compliant insulation products except for Cellulose paper. All our installers are permanent staff. We do not employ the services of casual staff to work in roofs. Our insulation installers are all well trained in every aspect of the installation process. We are also aware of all dangers in the roof including water pipes and alarm wires. Our workers are all fully supervised. For your peace of mind, we have comprehensive insurance. All our work is Guaranteed work for five years.

Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, we have a wealth of experience in all forms of insulation. As a result, we are known to be the most experienced insulation company in SA. Most of our staff have been with us for years, and they are also very experienced installing insulation in roofs. Our staff compliment has roofing teams as well as ceiling installers. Therefore we cover all parts of the roof as well as insulation and ceilings. Those mentioned above, in turn, is a bonus for all our clients as our pricing is the best on the market.

In fact, if you have been told by installers that tour home can't be insulated give us a call. We install Roof Insulation into flat roofs as well as pitched roofs. Therefore houses with no trap door access, we bring our roofing teams and lift every alternative sheet as our installers install the specific roof insulation.

As a result of our volume stock holdings, we will beat any price on thermal insulation. With branches in Cape Town, Gauteng, KZN and Mossel Bay. Therefore we supply most builders as well as developers and homeowners directly. Importantly an even temperature must be achieved with Home Insulation.  

Roof Insulation What We Do


Roof Insulation productsInsulation Products Installed by Roof Insulation SA

Aerolite: A glass wool insulation material. The SANS compliant 135mm Aerolite achieves an installed R-value 3.78. In fact, this insulation material has the highest fire rating of all ceiling insulation products. Cooler in summer warmer in winter. Years of energy saving. Improving temperature in the home 4-8 degrees.

Isotherm: A polyester type insulation material. The SANS compliant 145mm Isotherm achieves an installed R-value 3.76. This insulation is dust free and allergy free insulation. It is, therefore, expected that the home would be more energy efficient. Expect to improve the internal temperature in the home 4-8 degrees on hot days or cold days.

Ecose Thermal Insulation: First of all this Roof Insulation is regarded as one of the best insulation products available. In fact, imported from Germany, the Ecose Insulation is considered eco-friendly. Ecose Insulation produced to the highest international and European standards. Most noteworthy is the fire rating. As a matter of fact, Ecose has the highest fire rating in South Africa. Classification A 11. Therefore this insulation will not burn. The Ecose is SANS compliant for all regions.

Roof Insulation for flat roofsFlat Roof Insulation

Many homes have sections of the roof space that are regarded as flat roofs. In fact, some pitched roofs are regarded as flat roofs purely because ceiling and roof follow the same pitch. Therefore the only application in these situations is to remove alternate sheets to install the insulation. As a result, we employ qualified roofing installers. Therefore homes with no crawl space can be insulated with no problem.

In fact, installing any good quality SANS compliant insulation in the roof space. Will, therefore, result in impressive temperature improvement in the home. Once completed we refit the roof sheets and seal accordingly. Certainly, the energy-saving benefits and home comfort is substantial. In fact, these installations have better results than standard installations. Finally resulting in An improvement of 5 - 10 degrees in these applications.

As a result of the massive demand to insulate older homes that have not been insulated with Roof Insulation because they were built prior to the new SANS legislation. Therefore these homes are excessively hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. In fact, they are far colder than homes with a standard roof with volume space above. Our roofing teams will lift sheets as our insulation installers are fitting the insulation. Most average size homes are insulated on the same day even with the lifting of sheets.

loft room insulation by roof insulation

Loft Room Insulation

Insulating Loft Rooms is one of Roof Insulation Sa specialities. Loft Rooms that are not insulated are unbearable in winter and summer. Insulated Loft Rooms are very similar to rooms in other parts of the house. These applications make a big difference in temperature in the home. Insulated Loft Rooms must include side walls as well as the ceiling space. These applications typically will have an improved temperature up to as much as 5-10 degrees.

Loft Room Insulation is a very specialized type of installation as well. As the best result, we travel to many parts of the country to insulate loft rooms. The procedure is to install insulation on the side walls. This insulation must extend from the highest portion of the wall all the way to the floor. As a matter of fact, this is very important. Many homeowners feel this is a waste of insulation. However, the reason for this is that if the insulation does not reach the floor level the underside of the floor area will be heated like underfloor heating in summer. This insulation must then be held in place with wire strainers.

In fact, the ceiling part above the must be insulated as well to achieve the full benefit. Therefore we will install Roof Insulation above. In some cases, the access to most parts of the loft area is very difficult. However, in most cases, this is not a problem for us as we have our own roofing teams to gain access. An Insulated Loft Room is a pleasure to live in. And this is, in fact, one of our favourite types of installations as the clients are ever so thankful to be able to live in comfort in what a recent customer of ours called his "Hell Hole" 

Roof insulation installers

Roofing Insulation Installers

Our Roofing Insulation Installers are all well trained. In fact, some of our installers have been with us for more than 10 years. We Install all types of Roll form insulation; however, we do not install Cellulose Fiber. We believe the wind factor in the Cape is a nightmare for this insulation and water leaks with paper end up in ceiling collapses with great cost implications. All our Insulation installers are aware of all the pitfalls in the roof space including down light hazards as well as water pipes and ceiling damage. Comprehensive insurance covers all work undertaken by us. In fact, all our work is guaranteed.

sound proofing options by roof insulation

Sound Proofing

Roof Insulation specializes in soundproofing between floors. Many older double story homes with wooden floors have noise pollution problems. We have insulation material specifically for this application. However, it is important to know that either the floor must be removed. Alternatively, the ceiling will need to be removed. Once this is done we will install the soundproofing insulation. We insulate between the floors with high-quality insulation products with high NRC. (Noise Reduction Coefficient)

Noisy neighbours keeping you awake at night. Installing a Sound Proof insulation against the wall will help. Because of this, we would have to fit a drywall panel against the wall to support the insulation. In fact, this application reduces the noise factor substantially.  

roof vacuum and cellulose removal

Roof Vacuum and Cellulose Removal

Roof dust pre-1970 contains Asbestos dust as well as lead poison from factory emissions. After 1970 all these harmful emissions have been stopped. Removing this harmful dust is very important. We also remove Cellulose Insulation. There is a demand to remove Cellulose paper insulation because of the roof damage because of water leaks and absorbing water.

Isoboard Ceilings installed by roof insulation

Isoboard Ceilings

Our ceiling installers are professional Isoboard Ceiling Installers. There are many benefits to installing Isoboard Ceilings as these ceilings have great R-values depending on the thickness installed.  Isoboard ceilings installed is a clean application that is mostly dust free. In fact, Isoboard Ceiling for garages is also a great way to cool down your garage. In fact, one of the best benefits is that these Isoboard Ceilings have a great R-value. Homes installed with Isoboard Ceilings reduces the need for higher R-value insulation.

However one must take into account that Isoboard ceiling has a very low NRC. The result of the low NRC is that sound travels through the Isoboard as though there were no ceiling at all. Importantly one must remember to install an insulation product that has a high NRC to reduce the impact of noise pollution. Importantly one must remember to install an insulation product that has a high NRC to reduce the impact of noise pollution. What is NRC? The simple answer in (Noise Reduction Coefficient). Installing insulation with excellent noise reduction properties is very important.

Isoboard Ceilings are fantastic ceilings however they have a Class BB/1/2 fire rating. Not a big deal until you have an electrical fault in the roof space. Fortunately, the Isoboard will only sustain a flame while there is a flame. As a result of this, however, it can be disastrous if your roof insulation also has a low fire rating. For this reason, we recommend insulation products with Class A/1. These insulation products do not burn, and they will help to reduce the spread of flames.

Insulation products that should installed are the Ecose Insulation or the Aerolite insulation. These products do not burn, and they have very high NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient)


Rood Ventilators and extractors

Roof Ventilators and Roof Extractors

Roof Insulation SA installs Roof Ventilators as well as Roof Extractors. Ideal for all roofs. These units will reduce the heat in the roof space. In the process reducing the amount of airborne roof dust entering the roof space. Removing stale air from the roof space in the process. Roof ventilators or Whirly Birds as they are known also help to improve the lifespan of the plastic underlay in the roof. This, in fact, makes for a more healthy home environment.

For the best roof insulation prices

Best Insulation Prices in SA

With branches in most major centres, you can be sure to get the best Roofing Insulation Prices in the country. We install SANS compliant insulation with the highest R-value for best results. A stable temperature is a more healthy situation. Insulation installed correctly will pay for itself in 2/3 years on energy saving alone. Fill in our Contact Form and ask about our specials. Our Insulation Price List page has all the insulation costings.