Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceilings are prevalent in most office blocks, shopping malls and hospitals, instead of fitting the traditional RhinoBoard type ceiling that requires skimming and sanding — consequently causing loads of dust and disruptions in the workplace. Our installers can provide a ceiling grid for an office in a few hours with almost no disturbance.

We offer Ceiling grids in 1200x600mm ceiling panels or square 600×600 panels. Ceiling panels are available as standard Board or Acoustic panels for doctors’ rooms and board rooms for privacy.

Suspended Ceiling Panel's Installed

What Is A Suspended Ceiling System?

For the most part, ceilings are square or rectangular ceiling panels between the ceiling grid. The ceiling Tiles are square 600x600mm or rectangular 600x1200mm. We fit the tiles into a grid section. Wall angles and cross tees are installed.

We fix all wall angles to the wall perimeter. Once we have fitted the wall angles, we provide the main and cross tees according to the Ceiling titles selected. Several Suspended Ceiling tile options exist, from standard Gypsum boards to Insulated Ceiling Tiles and acoustic tiles. We Install Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Tiles for soundproofing and acoustics for Doctor’s Rooms and Office Board Rooms.

Many types of ceiling tiles are on the market to suit most applications. Generally, the ceiling tiles fit into two categories. There are the standard rigid ceiling tiles or the acoustic or Soundproofing type of Ceiling Tiles. Accordingly, depending on the office environment, one will select the right ceiling tile.

  • Basic Ceiling tiles for most shopping malls and offices
  • Insulated Ceiling Tiles for a more controlled temperature environment
  • Acoustic suspended ceilings for doctor’s rooms or a more acoustically correct environment

We add Aerolite Insulation above the Ceiling to reduce noise pollution and improve the indoor temperature.

How Much Is A Suspended Ceiling?

In most cases, suspended ceilings can be fitted in one day, depending on the size of the area. Also, the installation is clean, with almost no disruption to an office environment. As a result, the cost of the ceilings is far lower than fitting traditional Ceilings.

How much will a suspended ceiling be affected by the type of ceiling tiles installed? The acoustic ties are more costly. However, suspended ceilings are far more affordable than traditional ceilings.

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wooden ceiling tiles
acoustic tiles
Installed Ceiling Grid

Types Of Suspended Ceiling Panels

There are many Types Of Suspended Ceiling Panels. Most panels are the typical Rhinoboard faced with a white underside. The Ceiling panels are available as a standard panel or acoustic or soundproof option.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Importantly Acoustic panels are designed to absorb sound to create a softer clear sound without sound reverberation that can make a room noisy just with a few people talking. Acoustic ceiling panels are fitted in Cinemas, Doctors’ rooms, and board rooms. Acoustic tiles absorb sound and reduce echo while preventing sound from travelling to adjacent rooms. The acoustic suspended ceiling tiles create a softer, smooth environment without noise reverberation.

Consideration When Selecting an Acoustic ceiling panel

When evaluating performance in acoustic drop ceiling tiles, you’ll want to reference two general ratings: Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC). NRC tells you how much sound a ceiling panel will absorb, thereby lessening the noise within a room. CAC rates the tile’s efficiency as a barrier to airborne sound transmission – meaning how much sound travels to adjacent rooms. The higher the rating, the better the ceiling is at noise control.

High-Density Glasswool Insulated Acoustic and Soundproofing panels

Cineplex Suspended Ceiling Panels
Ecosound Suspended Ceiling Panels

Standard Ceiling Tiles

Celotex Suspended Ceiling Panels
Gyptone Big Quattro Ceiling Panels
Gyptone Point Ceiling Panels

Standard Gyprock and Rhinoboard Suspended Ceiling Panels installed in most applications were Soundproofing, and acoustics are not required. As a result, these ceiling panels are at a much lower cost than acoustic ceiling panels. All ceiling panels are available in 600x600mm as well as 600x1200mm. On a side note, please note we manufacture our colours or patterns on suspended ceiling panels that must be a specific colour etc.

What Is The Suspended Ceiling Cost?

The Suspended Ceiling Cost will vary depending on the type of application. For example, acoustic Suspended Ceiling tiles are far more expensive than traditional ceiling panels. 

Insulated Drop Ceiling Tiles

We will install traditional drop ceiling tiles in most cases and add Thermal Insulation after completion. We will install Aerolite Insulation or Ecose Insulation 135mm thick in most applications. Importantly this application is not ideal for acoustics; however, it is great for Soundproofing and thermal insulation benefits. 

Insulation For Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Our go-to insulation for ceiling tiles is the 135mm Aerolite or the Knauf Ecsoe Insulation. We do not recommend Eco-insulation or Thermaguard as they are cellulose blow-in insulation types. These dust-type insulation products will create a dusty environment in the office.

Hiring a Ceiling Installer

When hiring a Ceiling Installer, it is important to ensure they have experience with Suspended Ceilings. If these Ceilings are not fitted correctly, they will collapse.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

There are a variety of suspended ceiling tiles available on the market, each with its unique set of benefits. Rhinoboard tiles, for example, are made from recycled materials and are highly resistant to fire and water damage. Acoustic tiles are designed to reduce noise levels in a room, making them ideal for offices and classrooms. Coloured tiles can help to create a specific atmosphere in a space, while foam tiles offer superior insulation. No matter what your needs, there is a suspended ceiling tile that is right for you.