Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are prevalent in most office blocks shopping malls and hospitals, instead of fitting the traditional RhinoBoard type ceiling that requires skimming and sanding — consequently causing loads of dust as well as disruptions in the workplace. A suspended Ceiling grid for an office can be fitted in a few hours with almost no disturbance.

The Suspended Ceiling grids can be fitted as a 1200x600mm ceiling panel or the square 600×600 panels. Ceiling panels are available as standard Board or Accousticpannels for doctors rooms and board rooms for privacy.

What Is A Suspended Ceiling System?

For the most part, Suspended ceilings are square or rectangular ceiling panels that will be laid between the ceiling grid. The ceiling Tiles are square 600x600mm or rectangular 600x1200mm. Wall angles and cross tees are installed. The Ceiling tiles are then fitted into the grid section.

In this case, the wall angles are fixed to the wall perimeter. Once the wall angles are fitted, the main tees and the cross tees are fixed according to the Ceiling titles selected. There are several Suspended Ceiling tile options. From standard Gypsum boards to insulated ceiling tiles as well as acoustic tiles.


For Doctors Rooms and Office Board Rooms We Install Acoustic Tiles

Types Of Suspended Ceiling Tiles

In fact, there are many types of ceiling tiles on the market to suit most applications. Generally, the ceiling tiles fit into two categories. There are the standard rigid ceiling tiles or the acoustic or soundproofing type of ceiling tile. Accordingly, depending on the office environment, one will select the appropriate ceiling tile.

  • Basic Ceiling tiles for most shopping malls and offices.
  • Insulated Ceiling Tiles for a more controlled temperature environment.
  • Acoustic suspended ceilings for doctors rooms or a more acoustically correct environment.

Added insulation products like Aerolite Insulation can be fitted above the ceiling in order to reduce noise pollution and improve indoor temperature.

How Much Is A Suspended Ceiling?

In most cases, suspended ceilings can be fitted in one day depending on the size of the area. Also, the installation is clean, with almost no disruption to an office environment. As a result, the cost of suspended ceilings is far lower than fitting traditional ceilings.

How much is a suspended ceiling is going to be affected by the type of ceiling tiles installed.obviosly the acoustic ties are more costly. However, suspended ceilings are far more affordable than traditional ceilings.

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