Don’t let water leaks ruin your home and wallet – get the Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Roofs option! Our product is the perfect solution to a common problem. It’s affordable, easy to apply, and will protect your home from water damage for years. Your roof will be sealed and protected from the elements. Plus, it comes in most standard roof colours to blend perfectly with your home. Once you’ve applied Liquid Rubber Waterproofing, you’ll never have to worry about water leaks again.

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Roof Painting liquid rubber before and after
Roof Painting liquid rubber before and after

Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Roofs For A Lifetime

  • Roof Waterproofing with liquid Rubber will outlast many roofs.
  • Liquid Rubber is an eco-friendly water-based liquid rubber.
  • The liquid Rubber is available in several standard roof colours.
  • The colours include:: Black, Brown, Charcoal, Grey, White, Green, and Terracotta.
  • For instance, liquid rubber products have a 10-year warranty. However, these products will last for many more years without fading.
  •  We must spray Roof Waterproofing products onto the roof or concrete with an industrial Airless sprayer. They result in a seamless well-sealed application.
  • A 3 mm layer of liquid Rubber can stretch up to 10 times its thickness. It is thereby ensuring many years of roof waterproofing benefits.
  • The White Thermal liquid rubber is also formulated with ceramic and glass particles to protect against roof heat penetration. The result is a warmer roof space by as much as 4 – 8 degrees. We can improve the indoor temperature in the home by 4 degrees. We can increase our insulation benefits with added roof insulation.
Roof Painting before and after with liquid rubber coating
Roof Painting before and after with liquid rubber coating

Benefits Of Waterproofing Roofs

  • More than ten years of benefits.
  • It does not fade like standard roof paints.
  • It withstands cold weather damage as one would have with paints cracking and splitting in homes built in icy areas.
  • Also, our white thermal liquid Rubber will allow for many years of summer heat benefits. We are improving the reduction of heat flow into the roof space, reducing the need for cooling in summer, and reducing heat gain into the roof space by as much as 5 – 8 degrees.
  • No more mould on the roof, especially with tiled or asbestos and slate roofs
  • The liquid rubber roof coatings will ensure a cleaner, healthier roof space. As airborne dust that enters most homes will be stopped with immediate effect via the roof space.
  • Liquid Rubber has a very high tensile strength. It will stretch more than ten times its actual thickness.
  • Colours are available for most roofs.
  • Liquid Rubber is water-soluble as well as eco-friendly
  • Rubber products have many other applications, from roofs to concrete slabs.
  • The Waterproofing Liquid Rubber can be spayed on tiled roofs, sheeting roofs, and concrete.
  • We have seen ski boaters coat their trailers with liquid Rubber to give them years of rust-free benefits.
  • The guarantee for liquid Rubber is ten years plus. In many homes, they have passed this by several years with no problems.
Roof waterproofing leaking concrete slab
Roof waterproofing leaking concrete slab

Beat The Winter Rains?

As we know, homes in snow areas and lots of snowfalls must continuously maintain their roofs. Heavy snowfalls are hard on roof coatings. Roof paint and many sealing products are degraded over time as many of these products are not ideal for freezing temperatures. Cold temperatures can lead to cracking in the waterproofing and paint. Waterproofing Roofs with the new Eco-friendly Liquid runner will give many years of benefits. The liquid rubber products are perfect for icy cold winters and sweltering summers.

However, waterproofing roofs will create a strong protective barrier that will last many years. The inherent strength of liquid Rubber will protect against the degradation of the roof coatings.

Painting roof with airless sprayer method
Painting roof with airless sprayer method

Can Liquid Rubber Be Applied To Rusty Sheet Roofs?

Absolutely these applications will work well on rusted roof surfaces. Firstly we would apply a rust inhibitor followed by the required thickness of liquid Rubber. We are creating a sealed roof that will not be affected by the elements. The roof’s lifespan is then increased for many years, reducing the need for an expensive shelter overall.

Spaying white liquid rubber onto existing roof space
Spaying white liquid rubber onto existing roof space

We Spray Liquid Rubber On Roofs For Water Leaks

The reality is that Liquid Rubber will last for many years in direct sunlight. Additionally, liquid rubber products have a 10-year guarantee, and the liquid rubber products we spray onto roofs are eco-friendly. Liquid Rubber products will, by their very nature, allow for many years of hassle-free benefits.

Liquid Rubber Waterproofing for roofs
Liquid Rubber Waterproofing for roofs

Roof Waterproofing With Liquid Rubber

Our application is simple and 100% effective for roofs leaking water into the home or roof space, especially in Cape Town and the Western Province, where our winters are long. Furthermore, we have rains continuously over long extended periods. In addition to the rain, we have strong winds with the rain in the winter.

As a result, many homes in the cape have roof leaks. In addition to the roof leaks, the wind is also blowing the rainwater into any crevice or area where average rain would not cause a problem. For this reason, we recommend the entire roof be sprayed with our Eco-friendly liquid rubber. Above all, our Roof WaterProofing products are water-soluble and recommended for hospitals and schools.

roof sealing with liquid rubber
roof sealing with liquid Rubber

Other Uses For Liquid Rubber

As mentioned earlier, liquid Rubber is liquid Rubber. The eco-friendly water soluble product has many benefits for home and industrial applications. Above all, Liquid Rubber is applied as a seamless layer with our advanced airless sprayers. Let us have a quick look at the help of this wonder product.

When the rubber cures, it cures as a strong, durable, fully waterproof layer and is regarded as a flexible membrane. As a result, it prevents water damage and suffering from salt, thermal cycling, and harmful chemicals. Also, the sun’s harmful rays prevent the roof from being affected.

These types of coatings are applied to many surfaces. These include Repairing Roof leaks and concrete slabs above roofs to reduce water leaks. Likewise, the concrete slab on the top floor of some buildings is sprayed with a few layers of Rubber to prevent water from penetrating the concrete and weakening the structure. Also, We can seal small concrete dams, wells, and swimming pools with spray-on guided rubber.

Many underground water tanks for water storage are sprayed with several layers of Rubber to reduce the potential for roof leaks.