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10 Easy Ways To Save Electricity

10 Easy Ways To Save Electricity

Electricity has become expensive worldwide. With Global Warming and Climate Change affecting our planet, it has become even more critical to reduce the amount of power that we consume in our homes and business. We look at ten easy ways to save electricity in the house.

Above all, there are many ways to save electricity. However, in this post, we look at the most effective ways to save power. Above all the electricity and the supply theretofore is in demand worldwide. With climate change being one of the driving factors.

Current Price Of Electricity In South Africa

Prices of electricity As of July 2018 Courtesy Of Review

  • (0-50 kWh) is set at 90c per kWh Domestic Homes (Block 1)
  • (51-350 kWh) will be 112c per kWh.  (Block 2)
  • (351-600 kWh) is set at 165c per kWh.  (Block 3)
  • ( more than 600 kWh) is set at 194c per kWh.    (Block 4 )

A basic charge of R87 per month is payable per household.

Commercial users, prepaid and conventional, will pay a basic charge of R485 per month.

Converting Watts into Kilowatt Hours

To calculate the Kilowatt Hours of an electrical device one must confirm the wattage of the electrical equipment.

Once we know the duration that the appliance is running and we know the watts produced we can calculate the amount of electricity consumed while switched on.

Formula to calculate electricity consumption = watts converted to Kilowatts x hours run time.

An Example on Standard 50 watt Down-lights

10 Down-lights @ 50 watts for 7 hours run time will be as follows.

500watts ÷ 1000= .5 watts now multiply .5 x 7 hours run time = 3.5kWh.

3.5kWh x 30 days @ R0.90 per kWh= R94.50 on 10 Down-lights.

An Example LED Energy Efficient Down-lights

10 Down-lights @ 3 watts for 7 hours run time will be as follows.

30watts ÷ 1000= .03 watts now multiply .03 x 7 hours run time = .21kWh.

.21kWhx 30 days @ R0.90 per kWh= R5.67 on 10 Down-lights

End Result LED lights run at 16.5 times less electricity. Makes you wonder how much we could have saved over the years.

10 easy ways to save electricityInstall LED Lights

As we all know lighting can pull large amounts of electricity. Most modern homes have many Down-lights. Additionally, most of the Down-lights are 40 watts or even 50 watts. As a result, a house with 30 Down-lights switched on will be consuming 1200 watts to 1500 watts an hour.

One can see that the amount of electricity wasted to supply lighting in the home. The LED lighting is 16.5 times more economical than conventional lights.

Energy Star Appliances Are More Energy Efficient

It is estimated that electrical appliances will draw as much as 20% of our electricity bill. Modern-day appliances will save up to 50% on electricity.

Modern-day appliances are far more energy-efficient. As a result of the worldwide energy crisis as well as Global Warming, all major appliance manufacturers are pushing for the most efficient appliances in line with energy-saving.

With EnergyStar appliances, the highest-rated and most energy-efficient is the A+++. For example, a washing machine with an A+++ rating will use as much as 50% less electricity and 55% less water. When one considers that homes will have fridges, freezers TVs etc in the home. If all these products were EnergyStar rated we would save a substantial amount of electricity in the home.

Turn Down Your Hot Water Geyser

The hot water geyser will consume as much as 3000 watts while heating. Turning the thermostat settings lower will improve energy loss. However, the best option is to also switch off the geyser when not in use. Having the geyser switch off automatically for certain times in the day or night will help substantially in lowering the electricity loss.

Hot water geysers are the most prominent electricity thief in the home followed by Air-conditioners and heating. Hot water geysers will consume between 30% and 50% of the electricity in the house.

As a result, lowering the thermostat reduces the need for the thermostat to kick in as often, therefore, resulting in less loss. Another option that works well is switching off the geyser during the daytime. In most cases, this works well in winter as well.

Electricity is expensive especially in a country like South Africa that has load shedding. Our electricity costs are far higher than in most countries and we have a shortage of electricity. For this reason, we need to look at ways to save electricity so that we can save money on our monthly living.

Insulated geysers are far more energy-efficient. Also covering the hot water pipes with insulation reduces the loss of heat on cold days.

In fact, Solar Geysers will save a substantial amount of electricity in the home. Look at these Solar Geyser prices to see if they fit your long-term budget to save money on reducing electricity costs in the home.

Solar Power

Without a doubt, Solar power is one of the better ways to save electricity. Especially in South Africa where we have long hot days. Solar heating has come a long way in the last few years.

In fact, as a result of the energy crisis worldwide solar power and many alternative energy sources are emerging. Above all, there are many solar energy advantages.

The Solar Energy pieces have dropped substantially over the last few years. In particular, the Canadian Solar panels are affordable and very effective. The latest Canadian Solar Panels are 380watts per panel. For this reason, the number of solar panels required is far less.

Fridge and Freezer

Reduce the amount of energy lost by opening and closing these appliances immediately. When the refrigerator or freezer is opened warm air rushes in immediately. As a result, the longer the device is open, the longer the cooldown time will be.

Gas Stove Are Far More Energy Efficient

Electric stoves are energy guzzlers. Have a gas stove installed and you will be shocked at the energy saving. Additionally gas is cleaner and less harmful to the environment.

Firing up the gas stove gives instant heat. So cooking starts immediately. Many electric stoves take a few minutes to reach optimum temperature. One of the best ways to save electricity is cooking on a gas stove. And the most significant benefit is load shedding does not affect a beautiful home cooked meal, especially in winter.

Install Solar Film on The Windows

As much as 20% of heat gain in the home is through the windows. Especially on hot days, the suns rays heat the house as the sun shines through. As a result, fitting Solar Film on the windows will reduce this heat flow substantially.

The solar film has up to 90% UV to stop the suns rays. Accordingly, the home will be more relaxed in the summer.

Install Heavy Curtains With Block Out

Heavy Curtains have several benefits in the home. In homes fitted with heavy curtains, one can expect the house to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

As a rule on hot summer days, curtains should be closed to stop heat flow into the home. Closed curtains will result in a cool house in summer.

Furthermore, in winter the cold air is kept away from the interior. Accordingly, the curtains act as an insulation barrier between the cold windows and the curtains. The 75mm gap between windows and curtains is the insulation barrier.

Furthermore heavy curtains have the additional benefit of reducing noise pollution. In my opinion, heavy curtains are one of the more affordable home upgrades.

Fix Air Leakage In The Home

One of the most significant contributing factors to a cold home is air leakage. Above all air, leakage will result in a cold house with the potential for condensation and mould. Any form of heating will have an uphill battle against this monster.

In short most of the older steel window frames will have air leakage problems. Consequently one will have to seal these windows with sealant foam. One of, the best places to find this will be Sondor.

If these windows do not seal correctly in this way, one would suggest masking tape on the inside of the window. Moreover, two or three layers will be better.

In essence, the tape is just to be fitted for the winter months only. As a result, the tape can be removed as soon as necessary.

Likewise, the wooden windows are also prone to air leakage. However wooden windows in most cases can be sealed correctly with window sealer. Once again Sondor would be the best bet.

Importantly remember that soft rubber with low memory and adhesive backing must be fitted. Additionally, doors are a leak factor as well. As a result, door sealing rubbers and along door stop will block cold airflow into the home.

Switch Off The Air-cons Switch On The Fans

First of all, running an Air-con in the home on a hot summer day is throwing money away. As a cheaper option open doors and windows and run the fans. Moving air is cooler than fixed air.

Electric fans will require a fraction of electricity in comparison to running the air-con. In fact, one of the best ways to save electricity is to reduce the need for heating and cooling.

Install Good Quality Roof Insulation

Roof Insulation is one of the benefits that is compulsory in all new homes. Moreover, homes insulated with SANS compliant insulation are far more energy-efficient.

Did you know 35% of all energy in the home will be lost via the ceiling? As a result, an insulated ceiling will have a substantial temperature improvement in summer and winter.

Furthermore, an improved temperature of 4-8 degrees will be achieved. Above all Roof, Insulation will reduce the need for heating and cooling substantially, especially in summer and winter.

Subsequently, homes insulated with roof insulation will recover the cost of heating and cooling in approximately three years, giving years of energy saving.

Furthermore, there are several roof insulation products on the market. To mention a few Aerolite Insulation a locally made insulation, as well as Isotherm Insulation, are the two leading brands in South Africa.

In fact of all the ways to save electricity roof insulation is probably the best.

10 Easy Ways To Save Electricity

Electricity is in demand. Our planet is under pressure. Climate change is real, and we are on a knife-edge. Acquiring clean energy is high on the agenda with most countries under pressure to find clean energy.

With this in mind, we look at 10 Easy Ways To Save Electricity. Additionally, these 10 ways to save electricity will give us years of energy saving.

Go green live green recycle let us save our planet together one day at a timeless one watt at a time. There are many alternative energy sources on the market. Also, more companies are searching for green alternatives.