Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators

The importance of Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators often referred to as Whirlybird Roof Ventilators is very underestimated in South Africa. Many homeowners are of the opinion that the benefits of Wind Turbine roof ventilators are only for summer. Unfortunately, this is not the case, in fact, the winter and summer benefits are equally important. The ideal application includes installing roof ventilation units with roof insulation. Homes that have been correctly insulated with Roof Insulation are ideal candidates for extraction units. As a result, they will have even better summer indoor temperatures, and of course, the winter benefit of insulation is a no-brainer. Check out the benefits of Roof Insulation.

Wind Turbine Roof Ventilator Benefits

  • Reduce roof space temperature on hot summer days.
  • Cooler home in summer
  • Remove moisture and condensation in the roof space.
  • Reduce condensation and mold in winter by recycling cold damp air
  • Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators will save plastic underlay or Sisalation foil from breaking up and disintegrating with a cooler roof space
  • Remove stale air from the roof
  • It helps reduce damaging moisture. Excessive moisture can build up in the attic, potentially damaging the structure and degrading the roof system. It can also lead to mold.
  • It can help save energy. Heat build-up in that attic comes at a cost—a home’s air conditioning has to work harder to cool down the house, especially the living space below the attic.
  • It helps prevent damage to the roof shingles. High attic heat can bake the shingle and cause them to prematurely age. In fact, most major shingle manufacturers strongly recommend proper attic ventilation on asphalt shingle installations.

WhirlyBird Roof Ventilators Remove Stale Air and Heat Fromm The Roof Space

Roof Ventilators Remove Heat as Well as Stale Air From The Roof Space. Improving The Indoor Temperature In The Roof Space

Importance of Removing Stale Air In The Roof Space

Removing stale air from the roof is excellent from a health point of view. However, there are many other important factors that we need to also take into account. Additionally cold moist air in winter allows cold damp air into the roof space. As a result, removing the moist air is essential.

A key ingredient to creating mold or condensation in the roof is moist cold air. WhirlyBird Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators remove up to 5000m3h of cold air reducing the potential for moisture in the roof space as a result of the airflow in or out of the roof. Removing stale air is also healthier for the family and also reduces the smell of the stale damp air.

WhirlyBird Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators Reduce Roof and Ceiling Damage

Sumner Benefits: In summer the heat build up in the roof space, and temperatures can exceed 75 degrees C.  As a result, the heat in the roof can damage the plastic underlay or the Sisalation foil fitted under the roof.

Many homes have perished, or damages foil under the roof. As a result, homeowners will be exposed to the potential for roof leaks in the rainy season. WhiryBird Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators will reduce the temperature in the roof by as much as 30 degrees.

As a result, improving the internal temperature in the home.

Winter Benefits: The facts are in the Western Cape we have long cold wet winters. Therefore the cold, moist air that is in the roof space needs to be circulated and removed.

Damage from the moisture can affect the wooden trusses and batons. Additionally, the ceiling will retain some of the moisture creating a damp cold ceiling. Therefore any Roof Insulation in the Roof space is also affected by the moisture.

Fortunately, most Roof Insulation materials will dry out on the first hot day. The potential for mold and condensation in the home increases substantially.

Importance Of Whirlybird Roof Ventilators

Realistically WhirlyBird Roof Ventilators should be fitted on all roofs that do not have proper roof ventilation. In fact, most homes in South Africa do not have the right roof ventilation benefits.

Most homeowners are of the opinion that Whirlybirds are only for summer use. This is not the case as cold winters create harmful moisture build up in the roof. The Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators remove the moist air and circulate with fresh air continuously.

Also, all new homes in South Africa must be insulated with the correct Roof Insulation for the specific province. As a result, cold, wet winters can affect the insulation by leaving moisture in the Ceiling Insulation. Well ventilated homes will not have this problem.

Whirlybird Wind turbine Roof Ventilators UPVC

240mm WhirlyBird Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators For Homes

Most commonly installed Whirlybirds for homes is the 240mm. Applications include roofs all types of roofs and must be fitted as high as possible on the roof. Our 240mm Wind Turbine Roof Extractors will remove 1000m3h with a 15Kmh wind. However, with a 25kmh wind, as much as 20003h will be reached. The 240mm Roof Extractors cover an area of 35 – 50m2. Home sizes vary, and the number of Whirlybirds required in some homes will need to be increased to two or three depending on the size of the house. Check prices here

500mm whirlybird Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators

500mm WhirlyBird Wind Turbine Roof Ventilator For factories and Shopping Malls

With a 500mm throat size, the industrial roof extractors are 555mm wide in the center. Installed in shopping malls and factories of all sizes. Reasons to install the Industrial 500mm Whirlybird Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators in factories and shopping malls include worker and customer satisfaction as a result of a cooler work or shopping environment. These Roof Ventilators will remove as much as 4400m3h at 15kmh and 5800m3h with a 25Kmh wind speed. As a result, the floor space coverage per unit is 120m2. Check prices here

The best way to keep a roof system working well and to help avoid the issues mentioned above is to install proper attic ventilation. Proper attic ventilation creates a balanced system using ridge vents or other exhaust vent in conjunction with intake vents installed at the eave, soffit, or fascia area of the roof. Intake ventilation is critical in ensuring the exhaust vents function properly. Without intake ventilation, most ridge or other exhaust vents can be rendered virtually useless.

Contractors should explain to homeowners why proper attic ventilation is so important with the benefits below. It serves two key functions:

  •  Allows cool, fresh air to enter the attic at the eave or soffit areas of the roof
  • Exhausts hot, moist air from the attic by way of the ridge or other exhaust vents. This hot, moist air can cause a whole host of issues.

For the home to be comfortable and free from mould, proper ventilation is needed. Roof ventilation is essential for the comfort of the house. There are many benefits to correct roof ventilation to help keep the home in the best shape and help keep everyone in the home comfortable and happy. WhirlyBird Roof Ventilators are one of the best options for exhausting heat and stale air in the house.

Heat Management With WhirlyBird Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators

Having a comfortable indoor temperature is essential for the health and happiness of the family. WhirlyBird Wind Turbine Roof ventilators are a great way to cool down home and keep the house comfortable during the warmer months. There needs to be the correct number of vents so that the high temperatures will not build up in the home. The home will remain at a comfortable temperature. WhirlyBird Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators extract heat from the roof cavity space. Thereby reducing the heat in the roof space in summer.

The Whirlybird ventilation system will keep the air moving in the home and allow for natural evaporation. The movement of the air will help move the heat out of the house. As this hot air levels the home, colder air will be able to replace it. Proper ventilation can also help the home use less energy. The air conditioning units will not have to work as hard to reduce heat. Reducing the need for cooling is better for the environment and will help a homeowner save money on their utility bills.

If the roof area adequately ventilated and there is proper insulation, this will keep the home protection from the hot air that is outside. While insulation can help with this issue, ventilation is also needed. Proper Ventilation will help remove the warm air that is within the home.

Whirlybird Roof Ventilators Reduce Condensation In The Roof Space

When the humidity and moisture levels in the home build up. One may notice that there is condensation on the windows and in some cases, the walls. This condensation can mean that the house has high moisture levels making it human. Keeping the moisture levels down can also improve the structure of the home.

It will also reduce the cost of heating and cooling the home, allowing the house to become energy efficient. Proper ventilation can help keep the humidity levels in the home down and will enable the home to be more comfortable.

The homeowner should check areas around the water spouts. There may be a leak that is allowing the moisture in and assisting in creating mould and stale air. This is usually effective to check if there is a small area of the home that is being affected. If an entire room is being affected by the humidity level there is another issue at play. If this is the case, the homeowner will need to check the roof and the attic. WhirlyBird Roof Ventilators in the roof will keep the air moving and will help control the moisture level in the home.

Control of Asthma and Allergies With WhirlyBird Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators

If the home is hot and humid, the people living in the house will uncomfortable. As we know, humidity contains moisture. When this happens, and the humidity levels get higher, it can trigger allergies or asthma.

However, if the home is adequately ventilated then this will help improve the air quality. Whirlybird Roof Ventilators will help keep the air moving and will remove stale air with the correct ventilation. Roof Ventilators also remove air that have pollen and lead poison from exhaust emissions. As a result the stale air is replaced with fresh, clean air.

Many homeowners spend a large portion of their life indoors. The air that they are breathing needs to be clean and free from pollutants, including lead poison from car exhaust emissions. The air quality in the home can impact everyone’s health, especially those that have allergies or have asthma. If the air quality in the house is reduced it can lead to worsening of these symptoms. Poor air quality can be a result of such things as dust, mites, fumes from cooking, pollen, and other common contaminants that can cause an allergic reaction.

There are some everyday things in the air in the home that can lead to an allergic reaction. Cleaning products and their fumes can lead to poor indoor air quality. Human activities, such as activities relating to cooking, can have a significant impact on the home.

Many outside sources can affect the air quality in the home, including pollen and other contaminants that will lead to poor air quality. As mentioned earlier, exhaust emissions from vehicles that contain lead poison are Airbourne and will settle in many roof spaces.

Homes With People With Allergies Should Also Take These Options Into Account As Well

If homeowners are concerned about the quality of air in their home, they should make sure their roof is correctly ventilated. Allowing fresh air to flow in the house and remove the old stale air.

In addition to the Roof Ventilation, there are some other options that one can utilise to improve the quality of air in their home. In addition to the Roof Ventilation and the flow of fresh air, these tips will help keep the air clean and pure.

Bed linen and sheets should be washed every week and should be dried in the clothing dryer. Pets need to be bathed regularly to reduce hair loss and fur ball throughout the home.

All stuffed toys should be washed to remove dust mites. The basement should also be ventilated to keep out extra moisture if possible carpets should be removed from the home. Carpet can trap in dust and dirt so it should be ripped up and replaced with hardwood or even laminate flooring that should be swept daily. Any indoor plants need to be dusted often.

The area around the home should be dry and free from mould. There are eco fans that can be installed to keep this area open. A person should also make sure their roof is properly ventilated so that all of the moisture, humidity, and stale air can be removed from the home.

Also, Look At The Home For Stale Air and Mould

All of the filters and air purifiers in the home should be changed often. An air purifier filter should be changed at least once a year. If the filers are not working correctly and they get clogged, this can affect air equality and some of the impurities.

Clutter will attract dust and other allergens.

Remove Odours in the Home With Whirlybird Roof Ventilators

WhirlyBird Roof ventilators will help remove odours in the home. No one wants to walk into a smelly home. They want to come home to air that is fresh and clean.

This will help make the home feel inviting and clean. If there are odours in the house, this can be embarrassing when people come over. It may be hard to find the exact spot in the home where the smell originates. There are some measures that can remove the odours.