In the Western Cape, we braai a lot, and we make fires in winter to keep our homes warm. Unfortunately, in many cases, the chimney seems to smoke out of the house when we have a fire. As a result, the smell of smoke in the home seems to stay forever. The good news, we have a simple, cost-effective solution for this problem. For this reason, fitting a Chimney champ will reduce the problem substantially.

Chimney Champ Benefits

  • Remove irritating smoke and odours from the braai room or fireplace in the home.
  • Prevent down-draughts and rain entering the chimney
  • Chimney Champ wind turbine ventilators extract with or without wind
  • Unwanted smoke is removed effortlessly
  • Ideal for built-in braai areas and fireplaces like Jetmaster

How Chimney Champ Smoke Extractors Work

Most of all chimney Champ ventilation units do not need wind for them to be effective. In fact chimney champ ventilation units work on heat pressure build-up from fire this is classified as convection. Furthermore, the units remove smoke and unwanted smells.

In South Africa, Chimney Champs are manufactured by Windmaster. Above all, these ventilation units are manufactured to the highest standards. For example, the Chimney Champ units are constructed from galvanised sheeting that is 0.6mm thick. In addition to the galvanised finish, the units are coated with Vario self-edging primer that prevents corrosion. Significantly Chimney smoke extraction units can then withstand temperatures of as much as 300 DegC. Check out our roof ventilation price for the best deal in South Africa by far.

300mm Chimney Champ Painted And Stainless Options

Units are available as coated charcoal grey with .6mmChromadeck steel with superior corrosion coatings (Patented) Also available as Stainless steel units only on order.


  • Throat dimensions 300mm
  • Weight 7.4 Grey coated
  • Weight 6.6 Stainless Steel
  • Length 350mm
  • Width 440mm
  • Height 350mm
  • Base plate length 400mm
  • Base plate width 400mm

350mm Chimney Champ Units

These ventilation extractors are available in charcoal grey. Obviously, all units are coated with a patented heat coating that works up to 300 degrees C. Additionally there is a stainless option that is more costly and available only on order.


  • Throat dimensions 350mm
  • Weight 8.2 Grey coated
  • Weight 7.2 Stainless Steel
  • Length 420mm
  • Width 465mm
  • Height 420mm
  • Base plate length 500mm
  • Base plate width 500mm

How To Fit Chimney Champ Turbine Ventilators

Units are simple to install and can most certainly be fitted by any homeowner or handyman. The base plate is bolted to the top of the chimney and sealed thereafter the unit is fitted. More importantly at all times, make sure the Wind turbine ventilator is sitting level after installation. Obviously, if the units are not fitted square and level, there will be a reduction in the ventilation benefits.