Installing Geyser insulation is one of the best energy-saving projects for your home. You can save money on energy for the low cost of fixing this for many years. Insulation for Geysers will cover the cost of installation in a few months on energy saving alone.

The Cost Of Not Having a Geyser Blanket

As much as 45% of our home’s energy bill is from the Geyser; it is the highest energy user in the house. A correctly insulated Geyser will save energy substantially. For this reason, it is important to reduce heat loss by protecting the unit to minimise heat loss. 

On average, a 200 Ltr Geyser will use an average of 14Kwh of energy per day in a home with four people. Over a month, it equates to 420kWh. With an average cost of R2kWh, we have an R840 cost per month on water heating.

Contact us to reduce this cost substantially.

Geyser Insulation

  • Geyser insulation Cape Town was commonly known as a “geyser blanket”. It will help reduce the loss of water temperature in your Geyser.
  • By reducing heat loss in your Geyser by wrapping your Geyser with at least 100mm or 135mm Thermal Insulation geyser blanket insulation, you will effectively reduce the number of times the thermostat kicks in to saving money from day one.
  • Be aware that fitting commercially available blanket insulation does not always work effectively as the insulation is generally DIY entry-level insulation.
  • Ideally, we install an INSULATION  Blanket of 100mm to 135mm.
  •  It is a known fact that the Geyser will draw more electricity than most other appliances. The heat loss will change when insulated with a 135mm geyser blanket.
  • Another significant area of heat and energy loss is the hot water pipes in your home. Depending on how far the Geyser is from the hot water tap running, you will always find it will take some time for the hot water to reach this area. Wrapping hot water pipes in the roof space with Thermal Insulation will give substantial energy saving results. It will retain the hot water in the pipes for extended periods and help you lose less hot water on startup. Once the pipes are insulated, you will use less hot water from your Geyser to do this. Enquire about this option when installing insulation in your home.
  • We install 135mm Aerolite and 145mm Isotherm insulation for our Geyser wrapping.

What Is A Geyser Blanket

We require a Geyser Blanket in all-new homes in line with the new building legislation. We make up the Geyser Blanket specifically and cut it to size. Most commercially manufactured Geyser Blankets are useless as they are made of low-grade thin insulation. 

Our Custom made Geyser Blanket is 135mm Aerolite Insulation cut to size.

Save Energy with a Hot Water Geyser Blanket

Thermal water blanket insulation is simple to fit and will cost less than R 750 for most geysers and a few hundred rands for wrapping most hot water pipes in the roof, depending on the tub’s length. A small investment will save you money and pay for itself in 2 to 3 years. Also beneficial is the pipe insulation that will retain the warm water for a more extended period. In short wrapping, your Geyser with insulation is a significant part of saving money and saving energy.


Consumers want to save more energy through the wrap and hot water pipe insulation. We offer the service of insulating hot water pipes in the home. Some homeowners even want cold water pipes insulated to prevent our little one from getting hurt with boiling water in the cold taps in winter. Geyser pipe insulation is very affordable with years of energy saving. Contact us for insulation assistance and advice.

Advantages of Pipe Insulation:

  • Fully enclosed-cell foam pipe insulation
  • Reduce heat loss in hot water Geyser as well as the pipe. At the same time, maintain the core temperature of liquids over extended periods for hot and cold water pipes.
  • We are reducing electricity costs and saving you long term.
  • Noticeably slows down heat loss in hot water pipes.
  • Reduces pipe water flow noise with Pipe Insulation
  • Non-toxic and does not attract rodents.
  • Eco-friendly as these hot water pipe sections are fully recyclable.
  • We install the zip-lock system pipe insulation.


We laminate 135mm Aerolite Geyser Insulation with Radenshield Sisalation foil

Geyser Insulation professional fit 135mm Aerolite laminated with double sided Radenshield sisalation foil

Unfortunately we do not install Isotherm Insulation as the insulation is combustible and is no longer SABS approved.


135mm Aerolite Insulation Standard Geyser Wrap excluding the foil.

aerolite geyser blanket
135mm Aerolite Geyser Insulation

Hot Water Pipes reduce heat loss in the pipes. However they can also be fitted to cold water pipes to prevent young kids getting burned by hot water in cold water pipes on hot sunny days.

insulated hot water pipes reduce heat loss and save energy
Hot water pipe lagging