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Welcome to Our Isotherm insulation page. Hopefully we have covered all the information you need for Roof Insulation. If not please give us a call and we will gladly give you the info you might need. As insulation installers we will be able to advise you correctly on what Isotherm to install and how to install this correctly.

What to expect from our Isotherm Insulation installers

  • All workers are full supervised from start to finish on all our Isotherm Installations
  • Our Isotherm Insulation installers are well trained and are all permanent staff
  • Roof Insulation Cape Town only install the best Insulation products on the market
  • All our workmanship is guaranteed
  • Payment options Credit Card facilities / EFT / or Cash
  • For more information on the Isotherm Read More On The Specifications

Isotherm Ceiling Insulation Benefits

There are so many Isotherm Ceiling insulation benefits. However we will mention just a few that are important. As we know roof insulation in South Africa is now compulsory on all new homes. The benefits of Isotherm Insulation are based on the correct thickness of Isotherm.  Read More on The Right Insulation Thickness To Install

  • Dust Free: Isotherm Ceiling Insulation is Dust free smooth to touch and even cuddle.
  • Allergy Free: Because Isotherm is a polyester insulation it is dust free and allergy free with no harmful additives or chemicals
  • Cool in Summer: Reduce the heat flow from the ceiling entering the home. The ceiling is like underfloor heating but above your head.
  • Warm in Winter: Up to 85% of the warm air in the home that rises will not be lost through the ceiling space.
  • Save Energy: By reducing the amount oh heating and cooling in the home. Will pay for itself in two or three years.
  • Acoustic Properties: Great acoustic reduce the noise pollution in your home.
  • SANS Compliant: Isotherm is SANS compliant as per the new legislation. Use the correct R-value for your region.
  • Cant Burn: Isotherm has no fire retardants as it will not sustain a flame. The insulation has a Great fire rating class BB 1/2.
  • Save Energy: With Isotherm it is expected that the Ceiling Insulation will pay for itself in two to three years on energy saving alone
  • Life Lon Energy Saving: Isotherm will outlast the lifespan of most homes
  • Isotherm Guarantee: The Isotherm Insulation carries a 30 year manufacturer guarantee when installed correctly

Isotherm Summer Benefits

In summer the roof space of all homes is filled with the suns radiant heat. As the day heats up so the heat in the roof space increases. This increase in heat becomes pressure in the roof space. If you can reach your ceiling space and touch this or take a temperature reading on a hot day you would be absolutely shocked at the heat. This heat of the ceiling is like underfloor heating however it is above your head in summer. This is not when you want heating in your home.

So how will the Isotherm remedy this problem? Very simply if the Isotherm Insulation is installer by Expert Isotherm Insulation Installers the insulation will be fitted correctly. In fact all ceiling insulation must be installed directly onto the ceiling surface from above. If Isotherm or any insulation is fitted over the beams or against the roof in a normal cavity space this will be a waste of money. All Isotherm must be fitted directly onto the ceiling for the best benefit.

The Isotherm will reduce the heat flow from the roof space via the ceiling from entering the home. This will reduce the heat flow by as much as 90%. Making the home cooler in summer by as much as 5 to 8 degrees C on very hot days. This on its own will reduce the need for air conditioners. In effect saving money on cooling.

Isotherm Winter Benefits

In winter the roof space is the coldest part of any home. And in the Cape region were we have strong winds and driving rain our roof spaces are even colder. This cold air makes the ceiling space much colder than any other part of the home. So any energy created in the home will naturally rise as all heat will do. This will intern be sucked out of the home into the freezing cold ceiling space.

Insulating your home with 145mm Isotherm Insulation will reduce this heat flow by as much as 90%. In homes were heating is being used almost 80% of this heat will be lost through the ceiling without roof insulation. Once the Isotherm has been laid directly onto the ceiling space the home will be much warmer as the heat will be retained in the home. In homes were heating is being used the heat will warm up  most of the home as the bulk of the heat will rise and shift throughout the home.

This makes the home far more comfortable and energy efficient. In fact insulation will pay for itself in two or three years on energy saving alone. Those then gives you life long comfort and energy saving with Isotherm Insulation.

How to Get The Best Out Of Your Isotherm Insulation

The Isotherm Insulation is the best investment for any homeowner. Lets look at some ways to help you get the absolute best out of your insulation. Not all homes have double glazed windows, this would be first prize. Lets look at homes that have air leaks, now this is a problem in winter. It is one thing having your Isotherm installed but you don't want cold air coming into the home.

Try and seal all windows and doors from air leakage. Wooden windows must be revamped or us rubber seal to stop the cold air entering the home. Also long door sealers can be fitted to the base of the doors to prevent cold air blowing into the home.

On very cold days if you have very heavy curtains that is great as they will act as an insulation against cold windows. Keep all window curtains drawn so that the warm air is not lost to the cold window.

Of course in summer if you are out close curtains in rooms were the sun will shine through to get the best results. When yoga home open windows and allow a draft through the home. All unwanted heat will follow the path of least resistance and flow out of the home.

What is Isotherm Insulation?

The Isotherm insulation is a polyester insulation manufacture from PET plastic bottles. This product is a roof insulation product that can also be used in side walls such as loft rooms.

In fact as ceiling insulation Isotherm is one of the most highly rated insulated products. The insulation is manufacture to the highest standards including SABS.

As we know insulation is not usually user friendly. Most insulation types have a host of chemicals and side effects, This insulation product is perfect for any home. In fact your two year old can play with this insulation. One of the best insulation for ceilings in SA.

Dust Free Allergy Free Insulation

In fact of all insulation products on the market i don’t know of any that are as user friendly. This product is dust free and allergy free for those that allergies. Many people today suffer from all type of allergies. This fact has made this insulation so popular.

Isotherm Roof Insulation is Eco friendly

Manufactured from pollution that will affect the earth and ocean for many years. This insulation is regarded as one of the most Eco-friendly ceiling insulation products on the market. Soft smooth feel. There is no itch and no fuss with Isotherm. Many insulation products claim to be eco friendly but they have a host of chemicals in them. In fact Isotherm itself can be recycled.

Loft Room Insulation

We specialise in Loft room insulation as it is a far more complex installation than regular ceiling insulation. The loft room space must have side walls as well as the roof space insulated. When insulating the side walls the insulation is wired to the main beams. Isotherm insulation is our product of choice in these applications because of the long lifespan of the product.

In fact it is pointless just insulating the roof space of a loft room as the side walls are also very hot. Therefore the roof space as well as side walls must be insulated.

Professional Insulation Installers

As professional installers we take pride in the work we do. With more than 30 years in the roof insulation industry we have one of the best reputations. We have comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind.

Every one of our installer are well trained. In fact all work is supervised from start to finish. Your home will be left as clean as it was when we arrived. We only install the best insulation for roofs.

Isotherm Insulation 30 year Guarantee

Isotherm because of the products used to manufacture the Isotherm Insulation has a 30 year manufacturer guarantee. Unlike most Insulation types and especially the blow in type paper insulation products with a very short Installed life span because of the fire retardant properties dissipating in a few short years.

Most manufactures will give a 5 to 10 year guarantee as they find it difficult to achieve a stable Roof Insulation product that is still in place and has not shifted significantly with the wind as with finely shredded paper.

Where can you Find Us

In fact Roof Insulation Western Cape covers the entire Western Cape region. If you are in the Western Cape give us a call we will surely be working in your area as well. We sore insulation all over the Cape area including the West Coast all the way down to George. Including the Karoo regions.

Our footprint continues to Johannesburg as well as Pretoria and the Midrand, In fact if you live in these areas give us a call or drop us a mail and our team will contact you from your area.

KZN we have been in this area for more than 30 years. So that covers most of the areas that we insulate. Find A Insulation Installer near you.

Will Isotherm Burn

In fact Isotherm will not burn as this roof insulation has a bb/1/2 fire rating. This means that the insulation will not sustain a flame. In fact even if you put a blow torch to Isotherm it will still not be able to sustain a flame. This is what makes Isotherm such a safe insulation product. In fact in most cases even if an electrical wire is burning in the roof space the insulation will help reduce therisk of fire making the home safer.

How Can Isotherm Help With Condensation?

In fact condensation is a big problem in many of the older homes in the Cape Town area. It is a know fact that the Cape area with its strong winds and driving rain is very cold in winter. This is unfortunately were condensation starts to play a big role.

How can we reduce the impact of condensation in our homes. Firstly start with a thick layer of 145mm Isotherm laid flat on the ceiling. This will help reduce the cold air entering the home. Secondly seal all windows from allowing cold air into the home. Thirdly install heavy curtains and make sure they are closed properly at night.

This will reduce the levels of condensation substantially in the home. Making the home warmer in winter and giving the family a much healthier home to live in.

What Will Happen If My Isotherm Gets Wet?

In fact with Isotherm their is no problem as the Isotherm is manufactured from PET plastic bottles. If Isotherm Insulation gets wet it will not get mouldy and need to be replaced in most cases. Isotherm will not gain weight and give you a ceiling collapse as the insulation has no paper in the product. The first warm day the ceiling insulation will dry naturally.

Will Isotherm loose its insulation properties after being wet. Absolutely not. In fact for a short will that the water is in the little air pockets in the insulation their will be a reduced R-value effect. However as soon as the insulation is dry all will be back to normal. If you find that the Isotherm was drenched in the roof leak you may want to remove the wet peace of insulation and lay it down to fry in a warm place. Simply replace the Isotherm in its original place after a it is dry and all will be good as new.

Do Rats Rats Nest In Isotherm

In all my years of installing roof insulation products we have never seen the effects of rats nesting in the insulation. This could be due to the fact that the insulation has a very high tensile strength and also a high density. In fact this insulation is almost impossible to tear along the length.

Most homes that we remove insulation because of rat infestation it is usually found in the finely shredded paper insulation products like cellulose fiber. In fact we vacuum a lot of this insulation out of roofs with our industrial vacuum machine. At times we suck out entire rat nests sometimes with the little ones that were abandoned with the nest. This is never nice to see and when it happens it is out of our control as the nests are not always visible until the machine sucks them out. For more info on our vacuum service visit our roof vacuum page.