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Roof Insulation

Energy Saving Tips

With the cost of electricity spiralling in South Africa and, word-wide energy-saving solutions in the home are being investigated by many homeowners. Find out more about effective Energy Saving Tips.

For this reason, energy-saving is applied in most homes to reduce energy costs.

Types Of Energy Saving Tips

  • Alternative energy sources
  • Roof Insulation improves indoor temperature 4-8 degrees in summer and winter.
  • Double Glazed windows reduce heat loss and gain in the home as much as 35%.
  • Heavy curtains reduce the heat entering the home via the windows with standard windows.
  • Cooking with gas saves a substantial amount of energy.

Benefits Of Energy Saving

By reducing the need for heating and cooling we not only save money. Most importantly we also reduce our carbon footprint.

With this in mind, many homeowners purchasing new homes will look at the most important factors in making their decision. Homeowners now look for Solar heating as well as insulated roofs and double glazed windows.

Wind turbines on the left and solar panels on the right, as one of the best home renewable energy options

Home Renewable Energy Options you Need to Hear About

A general tendency toward economical and eco-friendly energy solutions is not news. For years, people have been considering using different “green” energy-producing options for their homes. They want sustainable homes based on some of the renewable and clean energy sources. Something that, in most cases, produces low to zero carbon emission, if possible. If you, …

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