Roof Ventilators Price

240mm Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators
240mm (325mm)
240mm wind turbine Roof Ventilators
R 805 Including VAT
  • Throat Dimensions: 240mm
  • Roof Ventilator Dimensions: 325mm
  • Plastic PVC: UV Stabilized PVC
  • Colours: 4
  • Delivery Door To Door (T&C apply): Yes
  • Only available Western Cape while stocks lasts
500mm Wind Turbine Roof Ventilator
500mm (555mm)
500mm Wind turbine Roof Ventilators Price
R 1750.00 Door to Door Delivery
  • Throat Dimensions:: 500mm
  • Extractor Dimensions:: 550mm
  • Air Flow:: 4400m3h to 550m3h
  • Composition:: UV Stabilized PVC
  • Bearings:: 2 Sealed Bearings
  • Delivery:: Door To Door (T&C apply)
  • Only available Western Cape while stocks lasts

Homes fitted with roof ventilators have an improved indoor temperature in summer. Roof Ventilation removes stale air in the roof as well as the heat build up in summer. In winter the ventilation units reduce moisture and condensation in the roof by removing damp air. For the best WhirlyBird roof ventilators Price give us a call or contact us.


Roof Ventilation Improves Indoor Temperature In Summer and Removes Stale Air and Airborne Dust

Types of WhirlyBird Roof Ventilators

PVC UV Stabalized Roof Ventilation Units

Currently, there are a number of WhirlyBird roof ventilation products on the market. Our product of choice is the UV stabalised Pvc plastic units. In short these units will give many years of benefits as they will not rust with time. Additionally the bearings are sealed and are expected to last for many years. Also the design of these Roof Ventilation units is more verticle than the traditional onion shape that has a far lower ventilation rate.

Aluminium Roof Ventilation Units

The old stype whirlyBird roof ventilation units were made from aluminium. The units work well howver the one downfall is corrosion as coastal air and alluminium do no go well together.

Stainless Steel Ventilation Units

The stainless ventilation units are a little on the heavy side so they dont spin as effectively as the lighter units. However they do still remove heat and stale air from the roof space.