Beat the summer heat

Therefore Beat the summer heat with Polyester Isotherm Insulation or Fibreglass Think Pink Aerolite this summer. In fact, as temperatures have soared in the Western Cape region. The demand for Aerolite and Isotherm Insulation Products have increased substantially. In

In fact, more consumers in the Cape region have become more aware of the benefits of Isotherm and Aerolite Insulation. Many of the modern day clients are quite horrified to find that the new home that they have just purchased has no Aerolite insulation.

Unfortunately, the Sans legislation, regarding compulsory insulation, achieving an R-value of 3,70, for the Cape region only came into effect as compulsory on all new homes as of January 2013. The interesting fact that many are young couples inquiring about Aerolite insulation for their homes. We have also noticed an increase in schools requesting samples of Isotherm or Aerolite for projects that school kids are doing in order to make modules showing how effective insulation really is and how it works. This has spilled over to the homes as the parents then hear of how effective insulation really is.

To Beat  Summer Heat Insulate

Beat Summer Heat with Isotherm Polyester Insulation manufactured using recycled plastic bottles. This would have been pollution in our environment. Now regarded as one of the most Eco-friendly insulation products available. Unlike many of the so-called Eco-friendly insulation products in the world, wide market Isotherm contains no harmful chemicals.

Beat the summer heat with Aerolite Insulation manufactured using recycled glass and naturally occurring silica sand.

To beat the summer heat and save money on cooling it is recommended to Insulate. Be sure to Install  Sans Compliant 145mm Isotherm or the 135mm Sans compliant Aerolite. These insulation products will achieve the recommended R-value of 3.70 as specified for the Western Cape region. In fact, go green do the right thing reduce our Carbon emissions and save energy something we all need to do. Ceiling Insulation. Most importantly be sure to install insulation products that are Sans compliant. In fact, all new homes must install Sans compliant Ceiling Insulation as of January 2013.

Beat Summer Heat Be Smart and Insulate
beat summer heat