ways to improve home energy efficiency

Ways To Improve Home Energy Efficiency

We look at several ways to improve home energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

With global warming and climate change affecting our planet, we are all trying to do our bit to reduce our impact on the earth.

Having said that, there are many factors to take into account. For this reason, many homeowners are finding ways to improve home energy efficiency.

Ways To Improve Home Energy Efficiency

There are many ways to improve home energy efficiency, so we will look at a few of the best options to reduce heat loss and heat gain in the home and improve overall comfort.

The goal will be to find ways to improve the house’s efficiency to have savings that will cover the costs of the changes over a short period of energy saving alone.

Read this article about 10 easy ways to save electricity in the home. There are many home energy saving tips we have narrowed down the essential energy saving tips in this article.

Double Glazed Windows

As much as 25% of all heat lost and gained in the home is via the windows. Therefore it is essential to make the most efficient choice when deciding on the supplier of the windows that you would like to install.

Having Double Glazed windows fitted is a big step in the right direction. In some countries, homeowners now fit triple glazed windows because of the added indoor benefits. Double Glazed windows reduce summer heat flow into the home by as much as 80%. There are a number of double glazed window types on the market. Select one that best suits your application and budget.

The winter benefits are substantial. Additionally, the double glazed window reduces the impact of noise pollution substantially. For these reasons fitting double glazed windows will result in an overall temperature improvement in summer and winter with many more advantages. Double glazed windows with roof insulation are one of the best ways To Improve Home Energy Efficiency.

Select Your Doors For Your Home

As we know, with windows and the heat loss or gain being substantial, doors are also an essential factor. Ideally, having solid wooden doors or double glazed glass doors will allow for an improved indoor temperature.

Roof Insulation

Roof Insulation is one of the most cost-effective improvements in improving home energy efficiency.

Homes insulated with roof insulation achieving more than R-value 3.70 will have substantial energy saving as insulated homes have improved indoor temperature by four to eight degrees in summer and winter.

Roof Insulation must be fitted directly against the upper ceiling to stop the heat flow up or down by as much as 90%. For this reason, fitting Aerolite Insulation will result in substantial energy-saving and home comfort.

In particular Flat roofs or homes with no crawl space are affected substantially in summer and winter. A flat roof home with a small cavity between the ceiling and the Roof is sweltering in summer and cold in winter.

We lift the roof sheets or tiles and fit the insulation. As with double glazed windows roof, insulation is undoubtedly one of the best ways To Improve Home Energy Efficiency.

Home Appliances

Home appliances are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to energy consumption. Many of the more popular devices are EnergyStar rated. The higher the Energy Star rating, the less the energy consumption losses will be.

With the global energy crisis, almost all the major appliance manufacturers produce useful appliances that consume far less energy.

For this reason, it is essential to do all the research necessary to select Energy Star appliances that are the most energy-efficient. Remember, in most cases, and the devices will last for many years. Resulting in a continuous energy-saving payoff.

Lighting In The Home

The type of lighting that is in the home will have a significant impact on energy saving. Most lighting on the market today are energy saver LED lights.

Also, most LED lights have a far longer lifespan than the old lighting types. Also, Led lights are more relaxed than the previous 100 or two hundred watt lights of previous years. Most LED lights are between 4 watts and 10 watts, allowing for substantial energy saving.

Roof Ventilation

Roof Ventilation is an affordable system installed on the roof of homes. Importantly Roof Ventilation removes the heat in the roof space and therefore improves the overall summer heat factor.

Additionally, roof ventilation’s winter benefits are that damp, moist air is removed from the roof space in winter, resulting in a marked reduction in condensation and mould.

Also, the roof space is cleaner as most airborne dust is removed in transit. Finally, the stale air from the roof is removed.

Curtains and Blinds

Having good quality curtains and blinds in the home plays a significant role in energy consumption and home comfort.

Heavy curtains with blackout reduce the suns input substantially. In homes with double glazed windows, the benefit is even more substantial.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are one of the best additions to a home, and the cost won’t blow the budget.

The facts are that gas stoves use far less energy to cook than conventional electric ovens. It is estimated that gas stoves are as much as 50% more efficient.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a low-cost, high effect. Having energy efficient ceiling fans will reduce the need for running an aircon.

Most ceiling fans are only 70 watts, so the energy output is minimal compared to air conditioners.

Solar Heating

In particular, Standard hot water geysers are not known to be energy efficient. However, if one uses a timer with the hot water geyser, there are substantial savings.

On the other hand, fitting, Solar Heating will save a significant amount of energy. Many Solar Heating options have a relatively short payback.

Solar Power

As we all know, Solar Power is one of the best options for improving home energy efficiency. The cost of Solar Power has dropped substantially in the last few years.

Many homeowners, not only in South Africa but also worldwide, are opting for cost-effective alternative energy solutions and energy-efficient.


As we know there are many things to consider when building a new home. Hopefully, this information will help you save some money on heating and cooling in the home.