Solar Energy Advantages


For thousands of years, people have used Solar Radiation for warmth. As well as a source of fire and dry foods – meat, grains, fruits and fish, among others. As they advanced in this technology, they adopted non-renewable resources like gas, coal, and oil. Helped to fuel the Industrial Revolution. Solar Energy Advantages today is one of the fastest-growing industries. Therefore, there are many Solar Energy Advantages.

After some time, alarm bells sounded about Fossil Fuels’ use and their impact on the environment. As a result, scientists and engineers came up with a new technology to harness the Solar Energy advantages. We must convert it into alternating current for use at home.

An interesting article on how Exon Oil Scientists in the early 1970s reported to the board at Exon oils that global warming was becoming a real threat. So much so that instructions to increase the height of all new Oil Rigs are being built to accommodate this rise of an estimated one meter in sea levels. However, none of this was related to any relevant governmental authorities.

Suppose one takes the Advantages and disadvantages of Solar into account. In that case, Solar far out ways, the cons as these products will still recover their installation cost in a short period and therefore give many years of energy saving. Solar energy is one of the best ways to save energy and uses clean energy in the process.

Solar Energy Advantages That Save Money

There are many Solar Energy Advantages today. They are creating hot water systems for the home or business to save energy. Additionally, Solar Energy is used to generate electricity in the house. In some Countries, Entire towns make use of Solar Energy at a fraction of traditional energy costs.

To create electricity in the home, we would have to have an inverter and Deep Cycle batteries. When the setup is completed depending on the inverter’s size and the number of batteries being utilised, one can run homes, office blocks, etc.

As we know, in South Africa, we have a severe energy problem that has given many homeowners the ability to benefit from the Solar Energy Advantages of the new age. Many homeowners are now living off the grid with the advancements of Solar Power.

Life-long Energy Saving With Solar

Installing solar PV panels on your roof means saving thousands of dollars every year. How? Solar PV panels generate power from the Sun. The panels harness solar radiation and convert it into direct current.

With the help of an inverter, the immediate current converts into the alternating current; this power your home and all electronics. You don’t have to depend on electricity from the power company as Solar reduces utility bills and allows you to save up to 30% on energy costs.

In the next 30 years, you can save more than $60,000.

Lower Maintenance Cost With Solar

Another benefit that homeowners stand to gain is lower maintenance costs. Solar energy systems need little maintenance.

Why? They have no moving parts. As such, you don’t have to lubricate anything. All you need is to keep the system clean a few times a year.

If you hire specialized companies to undertake the cleaning task, they will charge you $30 to $50.

You need to know that the inverter is the only part of the solar power system that you may have to change after 5 to 10 years. Apart from the inverter, the cables need maintenance.

When you factor in the cost of cleaning the inverter and wires, it is minimal.

Solar Energy Is a Truly Renewable Energy Source

Yes, solar energy is truly a renewable energy source. Unlike fossil fuels mined from underground oil wells or coal mines, solar power is from Sun radiation. Here is how it works. Solar panels have many solar cells.

The solar cells convert solar radiation into direct current. This power gets stored in batteries for later use. To power your home electronics, you need an inverter.

It converts direct current to electric current. The good thing about solar power is that harnessing is possible from anywhere in the world. Also, it will be accessible for billions of years.

The Best Solar Energy Advantage Is Living Of The Grid
The Best Solar Energy Advantage Is Living Off The Grid

Eco-friendly Power

Solar energy is one of the best alternatives to fossil fuels. Unlike solar power, fossil fuel emits greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. These harmful gases are air pollutants, and so they affect our health as well as the environment. When it comes to solar energy, no greenhouse gases are emitted. Why? No burning is required to produce electricity.

Power generation is possible thanks to solar cells that convert solar radiation into direct current. Solar power does not require any fuel to produce electricity. Also, it does not require the use of radioactive materials to heat water to produce electricity.

Solar Energy Has Many Diverse Applications

We all know that solar panels generate power from solar radiation—electricity produced by solar panels powers homes and businesses without access to the power grid. Most people don’t know that solar energy has other applications apart from providing electricity to your home.

In remote locations, solar power can power water pumps. The water is pumped to homes around the area. Another solar energy application is heating water for a bath and is possible with solar water heating systems.

Clean air = healthy lives = Solar Energy Advantage.

A lot of people do not know this, but solar power contributes to clean air. As said earlier, the burning of fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases. These are air pollutants and have adverse effects on our health.

When we all adopt solar energy, we get to live in a healthy environment.

With solar energy, no burning of fuel to produce electricity also means no greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gases and smoke contribute to harmful ozone. Bad ozone has numerous adverse effects.

It is not only harmful to people but plants, trees, and animals. By adopting solar power, we help eliminate toxic emissions. As such, we get to lead better lives and protect Earth.

The Solar Energy Market Creates Jobs and Wealth

Solar energy creates jobs directly and indirectly. Employment of the community means everyone gets to benefit. How? Families get to go shopping, buy homes, pay mortgages, pay for insurance and save for retirement.

When the solar power workforce shop from any store, they are empowering the store owner.

Based on research, more than 100,000 people were hired as a solar power workforce in 2010.

The size of the workforce will rise to 1,000,000 and continue to grow.

As more people get employed, the economy continues to grow.

Solar Energy Is Energy Independence.

Many countries around the world are dependent on oil-producing countries.

With solar power, countries can become energy independent. Think about it. Monopolizing solar power is not possible because Solar power is free.

We need to harness the suns radiation and convert the rays into direct current by solar cells within the solar panels.

As such, countries no longer have to be dependent on other countries for fuel. They become energy independent.

If all homes and commercial buildings have solar power, states stand to save billions of dollars in reduced oil and gas imports.

Save Money With Solar Energy
Save Money With Solar Energy

Increase Your Home Value

Solar energy increases a home’s attractiveness. How? By ensuring your home has a useful Energy Rating. You need to know that any home buyer would love to live in such a house because they stand to benefit from a lifetime of energy saving.

Based on real estate experts’ data, homeowners with solar power installed can increase their home value by$20,000. That means when they sell; they stand to make a return on their investment. Also, they become energy independent, cut back on electricity use, and lower their carbon footprint.

Guaranteed Performance

Solar panel makers build their products with safety and long term service in mind. That is why every solar panel comes with a 20 to 25-year warranty as a performance guarantee. However, not every product is perfect, and as the product ages, it affects performance.

Based on research, solar power panels degrade by 0.5% annually. If you consider the type of solar panel, thin film degrades faster than mono and poly-crystalline panels. The good news is that a new solar panel is far more durable and robust and will last longer than 20 years.

To extend the life of your solar panel, here is what you ought to do:

Protect the solar panels from physical damage as this can short circuit, and it affects their performance.

Cleaning and maintaining panels, inverters, and cables are essential, shelter the solar panels from the wind.

Install LED lights
Install LED lights

An Important Solar Energy Advantage Is Health Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it does not put pollutants in the air. A study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that areas that use solar energy have reduced nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, and other particles in the air. People who lived in the regions that use solar power saw a reduction in chronic bronchitis, cardiovascular and respiratory issues, and fewer overall illnesses. People that have asthma can also have an easier time breathing. Pollution can bring on asthma attacks. If there is less pollution in the air, it will make it easier to breathe.

Environmental Benefits Of Solar Energy

Solar energy is clean and renewable. The current type of energy, fossil fuel, puts greenhouse gases into the air, leading to increased temperatures worldwide and pollution.

Solar power does not cause pollution. Extracting coal and natural gas from the Earth does damage. Solar energy is clean to use, and the Earth is not harmed in collecting this energy.

All that is needed is the Sun. One hour of sunlight can create enough clean energy to power the world for a year.

The gases put into the air from using fossil fuels have damaged the environment for many years. The processing of fossil fuels releases 75% of carbon dioxide released into the air around the globe.

Carbon dioxide is responsible for increasing temperatures and climate changes. Changing the plants to solar power could decrease carbon dioxide emissions in the air by 100 million tons every year. This is a huge reduction in pollution and will help to protect the climates all over the globe.

Producing solar energy will use fewer natural resources. It will use less land and less water. There is no need to cut down trees or to mine to get this energy. Installing Solar panels in open fields and buildings is common today.

We can fit panels on the roof of a building, or we can now fit solar windows. This method of collecting energy is 95 per cent less toxic. It can also decrease acid rain by as much as 97 per cent. Acid rain is dangerous for the environment, animals and can contaminate the water supply for humans.

Final Thoughts on the Advantages of Solar Energy and Solar Power

The amount of energy radiated by the Sun daily is much more than we need in a whole year. As such, Solar Energy plays a key role when it comes to the development of Clean Energy. Also, it has displayed the potential of reducing Carbon Footprint by eliminating the need for relying on Non-renewable Energy Sources like oil, gas, and coal.

As a result, homeowners and industry have many options available with new Solar Energy Advantages.

They work similarly to conventional solar panels, but they are much better because they efficiently increase surface contact while using the available space. As new solar technologies are included in the market, it is assumed that the cost of solar panels per watt will also continue to reduce, making it affordable for everyone to finally install solar panels, solar water heating solutions or solar tiles.

In fact, in the last twenty years, Industry and homeowners have started looking at ways to reduce the cost of energy consumption. Industries requiring large volumes of energy have been insulating boilers and furnaces to reduce their energy consumption. You are, therefore, making them more profitable at the same time, lowering the impact of Global Warming and Climate Change.

Homeowners have been installing home insulation in their homes. In most cases, Roof Insulation’s installation in these homes has been for energy saving the house; the advantage of these insulated homes now requiring less energy for heating and cooling.

Therefore insulated houses will have many years of Solar Energy Advantages that have a fantastic effect on global warming and climate change. As a result, homeowners and businesses will get to enjoy clean and safe electricity.