Benefits Of Solar Film

5 Hidden Benefits Of Solar Film

People who don’t live in South Africa simply don’t understand how sunny it can be. In fact, studies have found that South Africa gets an average of 2500 hours of sunlight every year! That basically translates to having sunshine all day, every day. For this reason we will look into the 5 HiddenBenefits Of Solar Film

Of course, that comes with a long list of advantages and disadvantages. In particular, many people are interested in the benefits of solar film because it can help them keep their homes cool.

Of course, not everybody is familiar with solar film and the types of solar film available to them.

So what exactly is solar film, and what is so great about it? Read on to learn all about the most important benefits that you might be able to enjoy by getting solar film for your home windows!

What Is Solar Film?

Many people ask, what is solar film used for? The answer is that solar film is a powerful way to improve your home insulation. On top of that, it can reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays in your home.

But what exactly is solar film? Solar film is basically a window film that can be adhered to your windows. It is slightly darker in appearance, like sunglasses. Many people have seen tinted windows on cars.

Solar film is similar to the tinting applied to vehicles. But it can provide even more advantages when it is used for homes.

There are many types of solar film
There are many types of solar film

1. Lower Energy Costs

Of course, there is a solar film cost to cover installation and materials. But solar film doesn’t just improve your quality of life at home. It actually pays for itself by saving you money.

Solar film provides excellent insulation. It blocks out many of the hot rays of the sun. The result is that it is easier to keep your home cool.

Many people do not realize how hard their air conditioning system works. In fact, air conditioners can sometimes consume half of a household’s energy.

Keeping your home better-insulated means lowering the workload for your air conditioner. And when your air conditioner consumes less electricity, your energy bills will go down!

On top of that, that will allow your air conditioner to get breaks more frequently. Giving your air conditioner occasional breaks makes it less likely to wear out. That means that you will also be saving yourself on air-conditioning repairs and replacement costs in the long run.

That is all beneficial for you personally. But reducing your energy consumption is also good for society and the planet.

We only have so many nonrenewable sources of energy. Reducing your energy consumption means that those nonrenewable energy sources will last as long as possible.

On top of that, consuming less energy means producing fewer greenhouse gases. This way, you can reduce your contribution to the greenhouse effect.

2. Protect Your Furniture

Ultraviolet light has a corrosive effect on many things, including your furniture. It will slowly bleach your furniture when it comes in through your windows uninhibited.

That means that solar film can save you money in one more way. It can help extend the lifespan of your furniture. That means that you will need to replace it less often.

On top of that, you can enjoy furniture that looks better in the meanwhile.

5 hidden benefits of solar film
5 hidden benefits of solar film

3. Protect Your Health

Of course, ultraviolet rays are also harmful to our skin.

A little bit of exposure to extra ultraviolet light every day can increase cancer risk.

On top of that, many of the causes of ageing skin originate from the sun. Extra exposure to the sun as you go about your day will add wrinkles and discolouration to your skin.

That makes solar film a great way to protect your health and appearance simultaneously.

4. Reduce Glare

Nothing can ruin an otherwise comfortable room like excessive glare from the sun.

There are a couple of different ways that glare can affect your experience in your home. First of all, it can get in your eyes. If this happens too often, it can even slowly damage your eyes.

At the same time, glare from the sun can make it very difficult to enjoy your screens. Sunlight tends to illuminate all the dust on your computer, TV, or phone screens. On top of that, it destroys the contrast between colors on your screens.

5. Improve the Appearance of Your Home

You’ve probably seen tinted windows on the cars of the coolest characters in Hollywood movies. However, they don’t just make cars look cooler. They can also make your home look better.

Many people find that tinted windows improve the elegance of their homes. That makes your home more enjoyable to live in. It also increases the curb appeal of your home.

Understanding the Importance and Benefits of Solar Film

We hope that some of the ideas in this brief article about the most significant benefits that come with solar film have been helpful for you.

Many people are unfamiliar with the different types of solar film and the many benefits that they can provide. Unfortunately, that means that people who would get solar film if they knew about the advantages, well, don’t get it.

The more you understand solar film, the more you will realize its usefulness for your home design. Adding solar film to homes fitted with ceiling insulation improves overall indoor temperature and home comfort.

To learn more about the benefits of solar film or chat with installation professionals that can help you add solar film to your windows, get in touch with Roof Insulation today. We service homeowners in Cape Town, Mossel Bay/George, and surrounds.