5 Reasons to Install Double Glazed Windows

5 Aluminium Double Glazed Window Benefits

There are many Double Glazed Window Benefits; however, we will look at 5 Aluminium Double Glazed Window Benefits. The Aluminium Double Glazed Windows are the most popular. They are maintenance-free, thereby saving time and money and aesthetically easy on the eye. Importantly cleaning the Aluminium windows and doors is easy. Many homeowners upgrading their windows will opt for Aluminium as it offers a modern look.

5 Aluminium Double Glazed Windows Save Energy
5 Aluminium Double Glazed Windows Save Energy


There are 4 Different Types Of Aluminium Windows

  1. Top hung
  2. Side hung
  3. Sliding
  4. Side hung

The windows are available in different sizes and styles. The framework is available in two dimensions, 30.5mm or 36mm, and window options are available in either 2.3 or 4-panel options and vertical or horizontal sliding. The most popular choice is the horizontal sliding windows available in three options.


5 Aluminium Double Glazed Window Benefits

  1. Improves indoor temperature in summer and winter
  2. Blocks outside noise
  3. Long lifespan
  4. Save energy on heating and cooling
  5. Increases home property value


1 Double Glazed Windows Improve Indoor Temperature

Did you know as much as 35% of all heat entering the home is via the windows? We lose a further 40% via the ceiling into the roof space. With Thermal Insulation for roofs, we can reduce the loss via the ceiling by as much as 90%.

Fitting Double Glazing improves indoor temperature by 4-6 degrees in summer and winter. We will reduce the heat entering the home via the windows by 75%.

On hot summer days, the radiant heat from the sun is not readily entering the home as the double glazing reduces heat gain by 75%. Also, in winter, the warm air created in the house is not lost when it is cold.

Although the cost of double glazed windows is high, the long term financial benefits are great. We must look at this option as a long term investment that will offer years of monthly energy saving.

2 Block Outside Traffic Noise

One of the best Benefits of Double Glazed Windows is noise pollution. If you live near a busy road or a restaurant you will know all about noise at night when you want to sleep. Also, note that noise pollution works both ways. If your family is loud, you don’t have to stress affecting the neighbours. You will notice the difference by just closing the window.

3 Long Lifespan

It’s no secret Aluminium has a longer lifespan than wooden window frames. For this reason, the long term savings are great. Also, there is no maintenance on the Aluminium windows.

4 Energy Saving

What’s great about energy-saving is that it will be lifelong energy savings. It is estimated a savings of 20% is achieved with Double Glazed Windows. In thermally insulated homes with compliant Insulation and double glazed window, we can expect to recover the Insulation cost in under three years.

5 Increase Your Property Value

One of the best Double Glazed Window Benefits is property value. A recent survey showed 74% of potential property buyers want double glazed windows.


Fitting Double Glazed Window to your new home at the building stage is more affordable. Additionally, the windows are aesthetically pleasing and will offer a lifetime of home comfort and energy saving.

If you have any questions about energy-saving and home comfort, contact us.