roof insulation installers

Roof Insulation Western Cape Pty Ltd has been in the Roof Insulation Industry for 30 years. As a registered company, we only install the best Roof Insulation Products on the market. All our Roof Insulation installers are well trained and fully supervised from start to finish. In fact, we are Distributors and Installers of both the Isotherm Insulation and the Aerolite Insulation.

Services offered by Roof Insulation Western Caperoof insulation installers workmanship Guaranteed

All our workmanship is covered by our 5-year guarantee. All our Roof Insulation Products are SANS compliant as per the new legislation.

Payment options available for all purchases are Card Machine Visa/Master Card as well as EFT or cash payments.

Installers and Distributors of all types of Roof Insulation and sound proofing products. We hold large volumes of stock for domestic roof insulation as well as sound proofing and industrial insulation products.

Isotherm Roof Insulation Installers and Distributors

As Isotherm Roof Insulation Installers we carry the entire Isotherm Insulation range. Our product of choice is the 145mm Isotherm Roof Insulation. In fact, this ceiling insulation product is dust free and allergy free. The Isotherm will exceed the recommended R-value 3.70. In fact, for the best Isotherm prices give us a call for supply only or supply and install.

Aerolite Roof Insulation Installers and Distributors

As Aerolite Roof Insulation Installers we have many years of experience. Think Pink Aerolite Insulation is one of the oldest Roof Insulation products on the market. In fact, Aerolite Insulation has been on the market for more than 100 years. The 135mm Aerolite Roof Insulation is also SANS compliant exceeding the R-value 3.70. The Aerolite Insulation has the highest fire rating of all Roof Insulation products.

Roof Vacuum of Dust and Cellulose Fiber

Our roof vacuum machine is mostly used for removing Cellulose insulation. This is blown in paper insulation. In most cases, we remove this insulation after the homeowner has had a ceiling collapse as the paper absorbs water. Our vacuum machine that stands outside the home with a 75mm hose will suck out almost any dust including stones and dead birds as well as rats.