Aerial view of differently colored rooftops

How to Pick the Right Roof Colour for Your Home

Looks matter. Although this isn’t the primary function of shingles, it certainly adds to your home’s overall “feel”. So, whether you’re building a new house or re-roofing an old one, you might as well get the most out of it – both in terms of functionality and looks. But, to pick the right roof colour for your home, your aesthetic skills alone won’t suffice. This is a choice you’ll have to live with for a long time. Therefore, you’ll have to consider a few more factors to make the right decision. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here to help you with today.

Why is it essential to pick the right roof colour for your home?

Let’s start with the most prominent part – the look. Every aspect of your home contributes to it, to a larger or lesser extent. Facade, accents, even minor details can give your house the edge necessary to put it over the line and into a “dream home” category. And, since the roof makes up for about 40% of your home’s exterior, it stands to reason that it will play a crucial role toward that goal.


A cutout of a house with coins stacked next to it.
Roof color does impact the resale value of your home

However, when you pick the right roof colour, you’re inadvertently doing something much more important. You’re boosting the curb appeal and, thus, the resale value of your home. Therefore, if you ever decide to sell your home and move, you’ll have an easier time attracting potential buyers. And that means selling faster and for more money. Certainly a big plus!

What’s the best way to choose the colour?

The best way, by far, is to work with an exterior designer. An experienced professional will give you a variety of options that will contribute to the goal of a dream house. They will cut a part of time and effort from the process, albeit for a fee. Still, this remains the prime choice if you don’t mind spending a bit more. Otherwise, you can DIY it and do your research:

  • Check out the images online. The internet is a treasure trove of helpful info. So, use it to your advantage. Find houses similar to yours and see how different colours fit into overall looks;
  • Go for an excellent old look-see. If you know of neighbourhoods with similar houses, you should go for a quick drive and check them out in person. It’s a fantastic way to make an informed decision;
  • Tech it out. This option is gaining momentum rapidly due to its convenience. Check if your re-roofing contractor can make a 3D render of your house. It will allow you to see the finished product and change colours as you see fit – all with a few clicks.

Regardless of the method you use, it’s imperative not to rush if you want to pick the right roof colour for your home. As we said, this is the choice you’ll stick with for years. Therefore, you’ll have to put some thought, time, and effort into it.

Things to consider when choosing a roof colour

Now that you know “how” you’ll choose the colour, it’s time to move on to “why”. There are several factors you’ll have to consider if you want to get the most out of your new roof.

The size and design style of your home

Roof colours are a funny thing. On their own, they might look amazing. But apply them disregarding the overall style, and you’ll get precisely the opposite effect. Therefore, it’s essential to match your roof colour with the size and style of your home.

The Right Roof Colour For Your Home
Not every color fits all sizes and styles of your home


First, the size. In general, smaller homes do better with lighter colours. It creates the feeling of spaciousness and openness, thus making your home look and feel much more prominent at a glance. The same can be said for larger homes; only, in this case, light colour can make the house look bloated and too imposing for its good.

And, second, the style. While modern homes, in general, do well with darker colours, the same cannot be said for classic home styles. It can work, mind you. But, it will take an exceeding amount of effort and thinking to “nail it.”

Colour compatibility

It isn’t essential to pick the roof colour that fits into the overall aesthetics of your home. It should also fit into the surroundings, landscaping, and the neighbourhood you live in. You want your house to stick out, but not like a sore thumb. So, it’s crucial to view your house both as an individual object and a part of a greater whole.


It is a minor factor but certainly deserves mention. The climate can contribute to your choice of colour.

Do you live in a high humidity area? If so, you should go with darker colours. High humidity can cause algae to grow on your roof. Although harmless, black spots and streaks do look unappealing.

Do you live in an area where summer heat makes the ground burn? Then it’s wise to go with lighter colours, as they can help take some heat off. The improvement is minor when compared to quality roof insulation and ventilation. Still, every little bit helps.

What to do when re-shingling is in the works?

Replacing the roof is a significant rework. As such, the whole job can take up to a few weeks to finish, depending on the size of your home. Furthermore, it’s a process that creates a lot of dust and debris. So, it’s a good idea to find temporary accommodations during this time, especially if you’re sensitive to dust.

Caption: Roofing is a significant rework, and your workers will do good with more space.

Alt: Workers engaged in roofing a house before the owner can pick the right roof colour.

It’s equally essential to preserve your belongings during this time. If you’re using the attic as storage (as most of us do), it’s wise to clear your stuff out. Contact movers in your area and see what type of storage they offer. It won’t take you long to choose the best option with their help. As an added benefit, ample space will allow your workers to finish the job faster.

You’re ready to pick the right roof colour for your home

Choosing the right roof colour is a serious decision and can even seem daunting at moments. But, if you follow our guide, you’ll have enough tools to pick up the best-looking shingles in your area. And, when you do, you’ll end up with a house that will both look good and be more energy-efficient.