500mm Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators Price
500mm Wind Turbine Roof Ventilator
500mm (555mm)
500mm Wind turbine Roof Ventilators Price
R 1750.00 Door to Door Delivery
  • Throat Dimensions:: 500mm
  • Extractor Dimensions:: 550mm
  • Air Flow:: 4400m3h to 550m3h
  • Composition:: UV Stabilized PVC
  • Bearings:: 2 Sealed Bearings
  • Delivery:: Door To Door (T&C apply)
  • Only available Western Cape while stocks lasts

Our PVC Plastic UV Stabilized 500mm Wind turbine Roof Ventilators (Whirlybird) designed for factories and industrial premises. As a result, these 500mm Whirlybird Roof Ventilators have two sealed bearing per unit. As a matter of fact, these Roof Extractors are tested with wind speeds more than 80kmh – 120kmh for more than 4 hours. Therefore these whirlybirds are ideal for factory and shopping mall ventilation.

500mm Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators Price (Whirlybirds)

  • Air Capacity Removal | 4400m3h @ wind-speed 15km/h wind speed
  •  Air Capacity Removal | 5800m3h @ wind-speed 25km/h wind speed
  • Remove stale, unhealthy air
  • Cooler in summer
  • Reduce condensation

Manufactured to the highest standards these Wind Turbine Roof Ventilator units have two sealed bearings. Therefore our 500mm Whirlybird has a 5-year manufacturer guarantee. As a result, these Whirlybird ventilators will last for many years. Ensuring factories are cooler with natural fresh air.