Drywall Partitioning

Drywall Partitioning has been predominantly installed in office blocks and shopping malls. However, of late, many homeowners have realized the benefits of Drywall partitioning in their homes.

Making alterations to a room or adding room in the house can be done in most cases in a day or two. Most importantly, the application is cleaner, and the result is a wall that looks identical to brick and mortar without the mess and fuss.

What Is Drywall Partitioning?

Drywalling is a means of fitting high quality 12.5mm Gyproc Rhino Boards between rooms. These boards are sandwiched between studs to create a wall that looks identical to standard brick and mortar.

As a result, the cavity space between the walls can vary depending on the client requirements. Standard wall widths are 76mm with the most popular wall width at 76mm. However, in some cases, a 127mm Drywalling can be installed.

Convert Your Garage Into A Granny Flat In Two Days With Drywalling

Need A New Office Or Board Room At Work

Soundproofing Between Drywalling

In office areas such as the board room or doctors rooms where conversations may be confidential, or one needs to remove noise pollution in the home. We install soundproofing insulation fitted correctly between the panels.

As a result, these rooms can be even more effective than standard brick and mortar with regards to noise pollution. We install a Drywall between apartments with noisy neighbors to reduce the impact of noise pollution between the two adjoining units.

Fitting insulation products with high noise reduction Coefficient (NRC) makes Drywalling one of the best options for homes, offices, and schools.

Benefits Of Drywall Partitioning In The Home

First of all, Drywall partitioning in the home is far more cost-effective. Secondly, should you decide to remodel or change room size for whatever reason the application is quick and cost-effective? Furthermore, Drywall partitioning is more energy efficient and when insulated correctly has better sound reduction properties than traditional brick walls. An average wall can be fitted in a day with minimal disruption in the home.

For the most part, adding walls or changing the design in the home is expensive and messy. On the other hand, should you decide to add a diver between two rooms with Drywall Partitioning this can be achieved in a day or two? In fact, the benefits are not only the cost or the time taken to do the work. For example, you would like to convert your garage space into an office. With brick and mortar plans must be passed and approved.

By the same token with Drywall Partitioning, the process is simple in most cases, and plans are not required.

Cost Of Drywall Partitioning

In this case, the cost of Drywall Partitioning is a fraction of brickwork when it comes to internal home or office alterations. Furthermore, the cost of Drywall is reduced substantially as a result of the time taken to complete the installation. Also, there is no need to submit plans or have workers in the home for days or even weeks. Give us a call for the best Drywalling Price.

As a rule, adding a quick wall in the home with brick and mortar is a messy, dirty business. A simple wall will take a few days to construct. Added to this is the plastering of the wall and in most cases weeks of mess in the home.

Is Drywall Partitioning Safe In The Home

Drywalling is safe in all homes. In fact, most American households are constructed with timber and Drywall Partitioning. These home are also more energy efficient and noise between rooms is as good as a brick if not better when insulated correctly with the right insulation.

Best Insulation Products For Drywalling

As a rule, we stock a wide range of soundproofing and acoustic insulation products. Cavitybatt has been designed explicitly for Drywalling. As a result, Cavitybatt has a higher density than traditional Roof Insulation products. A a rule Cavitybatt is the best insulation to fit between the Drywalling to reduce sound and heat gain or loss.

However, products like the Aerolite Insulation are also suitable for these applications as the Aerolite has a good NRC. 


 CavityBattDenistyR-valueTotal R-valueNRC Est.
Fixing drywall partitioning studs
Fitting Drywall Partitioning Panels to studs
Drywalling fitted and skimmed
Suspended Ceiling Grid Fitted and Accoustic pannels fitted with Aerolite as added Soundproofing