Garage Roof insulation

Insulation For Garage Roof

Insulation for garage roofs is very popular as most garages do not have insulation. In fact, even the new building legislation does not include. (Insulation for Garage Roof) Many homeowners opt for this application to reduce the temperature in the garage area.

Benefits of Insulation For Garage Roof

In fact, Insulated Garage Roofs make a huge benefit in the home.

  • Reduce the temperature in Garages without Ceilings by as much as 15 Degrees.
  • Reduce the temperature in Garages with ceiling by as much as 4-8 degrees.
  • Improving the temperature in the garage area will mean a longer lifespan for paints and many other items stored in the garage.
  • No more alarms being activated because of the heat in the garage.
  • Remember the garage is where paint thinners petrol etc. are stored.
  • The extreme heat experienced in some garages puts these products at risk.

Application Of Insulation for Garage Flat Roof

insulation for garage roof
Insulation for Garage Roof Wired 200mm
  • Installing wires at about 200mm apart from one end to the other.
  • Once the wires are installed, the insulation will be pulled through under the wires.
  • Thereafter the radiant shield foil will be pulled through to give a clean application.
  • In fact, this application is the most gratifying as the temperature difference is very significant.

Application of Insulation For Garage Roof Pitched Ceiling

  • In these applications, the installation is straightforward.
  • Install insulation between beams directly onto the ceiling space.
  • Ensure insulation is installed end to end, leaving no gaps.

Insulating the Garage Door

  • Insulating the garage door is the final step.
  • Cut high-density polystyrene to fit between the garage panels.
  • These can be held in place with water-based contact glue.
  • Note do not use flammable glue on garage doors as this can be a fire hazard.
  • The alternative to glue is to install a bungy cord to hold insulation boards in place.
  • In fact, most garage doors are cromadeck or aluminium, and this allows for a lot of heat flow into the home.

Insulation Products for Garages

Isotherm Insulation a polyester type Roof Insulation. Installed in garages improves temperature substantially.

Aerolite Think Pink a glass wool insulation product with a class A/1 fire rating. In fact, this is ideal for garages as the garage is a fire risk area.

Ecose Earth wool insulation. Regarded as one of the best Roof Insulation products in Europe. In fact, the Ecose insulation is not only Itch-free it is also manufactured to the highest international standards. Ecose also has the A/1 fire rating meaning this insulation will not burn.