Sound Proofing Your Home On A Budget

We have many calls a week from frantic homeowners on how to soundproof their home from noisy neighbours. Or even the pub down the road even traffic noise. Some of us are more tolerant of noise others not. There are two ways of soundproofing your home.

One way is the professional way, which is costing the other is the budget version that we will cover in this post. If you fall into the category that has a problem with noise pollution in your home, here are a few tips. Soundproofing your home can be very difficult at times, but here are a few sure-fire ways to make a difference without a bank loan.

How To Sound Proof Your Home on a Budget

sound proofing your home
soundproofing on a budget

There are several ways to soundproof your home; the most efficient way is to call in the pros. This will be an expensive option as windows doors, as well as floors and roof, need to be looked into.

Then there are walls were noise travels through from the neighbours. In these applications, we install a Drywall with a cavity space against the existing brick wall. The cavity space is then fitted with CavityBatt to reduce sound penetration.  However, in this post, we will look at a 90% DIY option that will save you money and in most cases be very efficient.

There are two common types of sound. One is noise pollution, and the other is acoustic noise. Acoustic noise is a tiny echo type noise in a concrete room. This can be easily solved with the right carpeting and sound-absorbing methods to reduce sound vibration.

If you ever walked into an empty home and are talking you will realize that it is quite noisy. Now fill the room with furniture and carpets as well as curtaining, and it’s a different room.

Remember sound signals bounce like those little rubber balls that accelerate and bounce fiercely when your little one throw them on the floor. Now if they throw that same ball on densely padded carpeting, the ball will hardly bounce. That is how acoustics will work. However that not your problem with the noisy neighbours or club down the road is your problem

Sound travels through windows, doors walls and the roof space as well as floors. The biggest challenge in most homes is usually through windows and doors as well as roof space. We will look at a few economical ways at how you can soundproof your home on a budget.

Windows: Sound Proofing Your Home

sound proofing on a budget
soundproofing on a budget

The window in your home is one of the big culprits for allowing noise into your home. Unless you have double glazed windows in your home, you will need to do something about the windows.

Remember single glass panes in the most window is no match for any home. However, this one can be easily fixed as a DIY option that is not overly expensive.

  • Replace your average curtaining with a few layers oh heavy fabric. This will give you two benefits the heavy curtaining will reduce noise pollution. And at the same time reduce heat flow in and out of the home. The curtain rails must also be extended by at least another 250mm either side of the window. Also, be sure that you have enough curtaining to have the curtains fan-folded when they are closed. This will give the curtaining an excellent acoustic effect.
  • Seal all windows make sure your windows are almost airtight when closed.
  • Even look at replacing the thin glass panels with thick glass. This will not be as good as double glazed but will cost far less and still be effective.

Carpets: Soundproofing Your Home

Installing the right carpeting can make a substantial difference in the home. However, this must be dense carpeting with a proper acoustic heavy underfelt. This will give you excellent acoustics in the house, especially with the heavy curtaining that you have now installed.

When you play music or talk in your home, there will be far less noise reverberation and more good quality sound. In most cases, you will have to increase the volume of your TV as the acoustics reduces NOISE levels.

Good quality carpeting will go a long way to soundproofing your home.

Doors: Sound Proofing Your Home

Doors can be a problem for soundproofing your home, as many doors are hollow. Even solid wood doors can be a problem if they do not seal well.

Try and use sealing rubber bought from most hardware stores to seal the doors as best you can. Also, try and use solid wooden doors.

Sound Proofing Your Home With Roof Insulation

Most sound travels through the roof. Most roof spaces are very noisy most of the time. Especially in South Africa, where we use roof tiles and metal sheeting.

Roof tiles allow vast amounts of sound to travel through into the home. Remember all that separates you from your roof and your home is a 6mm rhino board ceiling panel. This allows sound to go through very quickly.

How can this be solved? Very simple, install insulation that will give a good NRC. Products like the 135mm Think Pink Aerolite has an NRC 1.1 this is great. In extreme cases, two layers can be installed; however, one should be more than adequate in most homes.

Other recommended products are the Energy line acoustic products; however, they are far more expensive but do the job as well as the Aerolite insulation. For more info on the specifications of Aerolite, read this page.

There is also the Isotherm Insulation. However, this has got a rather low NRC, so this would be a little more expensive as one would have to install at least two layers of the 145mm Isotherm Insulation. For more specifications on Isotherm Insulation, read this page.

Soundproof Foam Panels are also a cost-effective way to reduce noise in the home.

Remember installing the Aerolite it would be advisable to use the services of Aerolite installers like ourselves. This will ensure that you get the best possible noise saving benefits.

Should you need any more info about soundproofing tips or acoustic tips, please fill in our contact form describing your problem and we will respond to giving you some more tips. Alternatively, give us a call.