Sound Proofing Between Walls

Soundproofing Between Walls

There are many reasons why we want Soundproofing Between Walls. Let's have a look at a few of these: Privacy, Noise pollution, etc. Importantly one must first establish what type of sound we need to address. As a result, both Airbourne, as well as impact noise, must be considered to solve the problem effectively. Many modern day apartments are built with cost savings in mind.…
SoundProofing Between Floors

Soundproofing Between Floors

soundproofing between floors-2 One of the problems faced by many Capetonians is Noise Between Floors. In fact, many of the older Cape homes have been built, many years ago. And therefore some of these homes have no form of insulation between floors. However, when Soundproofing Between Floors this is not the only factor to take into account. To Sound Proof Between Floors, one must understand the…

Sound Proofing Your Home On A Budget

We have many calls a week from frantic homeowners on how to soundproof their home from noisy neighbours. Or even the pub down the road even traffic noise. Some of us are more tolerant of noise others not. There are two ways of soundproofing your home. One way is the professional way, which is costing the other is the budget version that we will cover…