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isotherm insulation
Importance Of Understanding R-value

Importance Of Understanding R-value

In reality, the importance of understanding R-value is the cornerstone of having a comfortable energy-efficient home. For this reason, we will break down the benefits of installing roof insulation with the correct R-value. Importance Of Understanding R-value Essentially understanding the importance of R-value will give homeowners the ability to select the correct roof insulation to suit the required benefit required. What is roof insulation R-value?…
Affordable Ways To Cool Your Home In Summer

Affordable Ways to Cool Your Home In Summer

Living in South Africa, we all know about the heat in summer. In some areas of South Africa, we have scorching areas were temperatures between 35 and 45 Deg are common during the day. However, after dark, the temperature drops, and it is fresh out but hot indoors. Let us look at a few affordable ways to cool your home in summer. When we go…

10 Things to consider when building a new house

Things To Consider When Building a New House

Building your new dream home is exciting. Our homes are mostly our single most significant investment for most people. For this reason, we have formulated a list of essential things to consider when building a new house. We have all these fantastic ideas about how good the home must look. And that’s great, but there are a few practical things that we do not think…


Hydroelectric Power

Throughout history, people have been using rivers and streams to help them in their work. For example, ancient civilizations used the energy of river currents to crush grain and make low-fat bran muffins. Others used the power of moving water to drive mills for grinding grains into flour. Hydroelectric Power Advantages will be covered in this post as well as the disadvantages. Today, modern people…

10 Easy Ways To Save Electricity

10 Easy Ways To Save Electricity

Electricity has become expensive worldwide. With Global Warming and Climate Change affecting our planet, it has become even more critical to reduce the amount of power that we consume in our homes and business. We look at ten easy ways to save electricity in the house. Above all, there are many ways to save electricity. However, in this post, we look at the most effective…