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5 Ceiling Board Options

5 Ceiling Options For Your Home

All homes must have ceilings installed. In fact, the new SANS  legislation covers all these aspects, including the Installation of Ceilings. Therefore all materials for homes, including the Ceilings, must have a fire rating. In this article, we will have a look at 5 Ceiling Options for your home. Top 5 Ceiling Options Over the years we have heard all sorts of views as to what…
Garage Roof insulation

Insulation For Garage Roof

Insulation for garage roofs is very popular as most garages do not have insulation. In fact, even the new building legislation does not include. (Insulation for Garage Roof) Many homeowners opt for this application to reduce the temperature in the garage area. Benefits of Insulation For Garage Roof In fact, Insulated Garage Roofs make a huge benefit in the home. Reduce the temperature in Garages…

save on energy with insulation

Energy Saving Insulation

By Energy Saving in this article, we are talking about ( Saving Electricity on Heating and Cooling ). Energy Saving Insulation is one of the most important factors in this exercise. In fact, Energy Saving and Comfort in your home are two significant factors in creating a happy home. In fact, Roofing Insulation is so important. That many first world countries have had Insulation programmes to…