Aerolite Insulation

Understanding R-value

Importance Of Understanding R-value

In reality, the importance of understanding R-value is the cornerstone of having a comfortable, energy-efficient home. For this reason, we will break down the benefits of installing roof insulation with the correct R-value. Importance Of Understanding R-value Understanding the importance of R-value will allow homeowners to select the correct roof insulation to suit the required …

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Affordable Ways To Cool Your Home In Summer

Affordable Ways to Cool Your Home In Summer

Living in South Africa, we all know about the heat in summer. In South Africa, we have scorching areas where temperatures between 35 and 45 Deg are expected during the day. However, after dark, the temperature drops, and it is fresh out but hot indoors. Let us look at a few affordable ways to cool …

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Hydroelectric Power

Throughout history, people have been using rivers and streams to help them in their work. For example, ancient civilizations used the energy of river currents to crush grain and make low-fat bran muffins. Others used the power of moving water to drive mills for grinding grains into flour. Hydroelectric Power Advantages will be covered in …

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10 Easy Ways To Save Electricity

10 Easy Ways To Save Electricity

Electricity has become expensive worldwide. With Global Warming and Climate Change affecting our planet, reducing the amount of power we consume in our homes and businesses has become even more critical. Importantly energy saving results in an improved back balance. We look at ten easy ways to save electricity in the house. Above all, electricity …

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How roof insulationmakes summer homes cooler


Insulated homes have an improved temperature of 4-8 degrees in summer. One must have the correct Roof Insulation installed. In this respect, Thermal Insulation products that achieve the recommended R-values of 3.70 or above must be installed. Insulating homes with inconsistent or insufficient ceiling insulation will not give satisfactory results. We will have a look …


best roofing insulation

Select the Best Roofing Insulation For Your Home

Selecting the best Roofing Insulation for your home is essential. Most South Africans are aware of the new SANS building legislation. In fact, for most homeowners, their home is their most significant investment. As a result of this legislation, all new homes must comply with the new legislation. However, many homeowners and some officials are …

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Soundproofing between Floors

Soundproofing Between Floors

Noise pollution is one of the most common complaints from city people, and it’s only getting worse. It’s well known that noise pollution can harm our health and well-being in the short and long term. Soundproofing Between floors is one of the best ways to reduce noise pollution in your home or office. Our products …

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Isoboard Ceiling

5 Ceiling Options For Your Home

All homes must have ceilings installed. Therefore all materials for homes, including the Ceilings, must have a fire rating. The new SANS legislation covers all these aspects, including the Installation of Ceilings. This article will look at 5 Ceiling Options for your home. We will briefly examine Isoboard, XPS Ceilings, and a few other options …

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save on energy with insulation

Energy Saving Insulation

By Energy Saving in this article, we are talking about ( Saving Electricity on Heating and Cooling ). Energy Saving Insulation is one of the essential factors in this exercise. Energy Saving and Comfort in your home are two significant factors in creating a happy home. Roofing Insulation is so important. That many first world …

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Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming and Climate Change

Did you know that heating and cooling account for 50% to 70% of the Energy used in an average home? In 1992, the United Nations Framework Convention on Global Warming and Climate Change was enacted. The policy was designed to bring together world nations in a global initiative that fought to reduce greenhouse gases based …

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Sound Proofing Your Home On A Budget

We have many calls a week from frantic homeowners on how to soundproof their home from noisy neighbours. Or even the pub down the road even traffic noise. Some of us are more tolerant of noise others not. There are two ways of soundproofing your home. One way is the professional way, which is costing …

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save our planet and save money


Climate change is real, it is here, and it is affecting us all. South Africa has not escaped global warming, and drought is just one result. Parts of Gauteng have seen heavier than normal rainfall this rainy season. Because of climate change, there are now two things every South African wants to do: Save our …


building energy efficient home


Green, eco-friendly homes must be considered the right way to build a home today. With more people having a better green understanding, building an energy-efficient home is something they want to do. Whether building a new green home or making your current home more energy-efficient, doing so is remarkably easy. It is also affordable to …


Reduce heat flow through windows


Windows have been using glass to fill holes in the walls of buildings since Roman times. Other materials such as flattened animal horns and greased paper have been used, but glass has stuck. Windows with glass may be strong and maybe lovely to look at, but they contribute little to energy saving in the vast …


Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

Power consumption has become expensive in SA over the last few years. In fact, our utility bills are climbing a few times a year as ESKOM struggles to supply the needs of the country. Here are a few economical tips that will save energy at an affordable price. We have listed a few energy saving …

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Benefits of Aerolite Ins south africas energy crissis

Benefits of Aerolite Insulation in the S.A Energy Crisis

As the cold winter creeps upon us, we suddenly realise that our homes are becoming very cold. We start looking at energy-saving measures and ways to make our home warmer in winter without using large amounts of energy. As a result of energy shortages in South Africa, all homes must now be insulated with the …

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