Energy Saving Insulation
save on energy with insulation

By Energy Saving in this article, we are talking about ( Saving Electricity on Heating and Cooling ). Energy Savingenergy efficient home Insulation is one of the most important factors in this exercise.

In fact, Energy Saving and Comfort in your home are two very important factors in creating a happy home.

In fact, Roofing Insulation is so important. That many first world countries have had Insulation programmes to subsides homeowners insulating homes.

To fall in line with the targets that countries have been given to reduce the impact of Global Warming.

You may wonder how insulation affects Global warming. This is simply the use of energy and the burning of fossils fuels has had a major impact on Climate change.

Having a look at the factors on how Insulation saves Energy In The Home at the same time giving comfort.

More than half the energy we use to heat or cool our homes can simply leak out without insulation.

Energy Saving InsulationEnergy Saving Insulation

  • Saving money on your energy bills
  • Very importantly reducing your energy use Lowers Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Reducing the impact of global warming.
  • Reduce the need for heating and cooling systems.
  • Improving the temperature and comfort in your comfort home.
  • Some types of insulation can make your home more soundproof.
  • Reducing condensation.

Energy Saving Insulation in Summer

Firstly if your home is very hot in summer and you have to resort to running an Airconditioner in the home. This is for you. If you wish you had an Airconditioner but have to make do with a fan then you are in the same boat.

  • A correctly Insulated Home will reduce the heat flow into the home via the ceiling space.
  • In fact, it has been estimated that as much as 90% heat flow from the roof space can be blocked by insulating the roof space.
  • Therefore
  • Heat build-up in the roof space in summer can increase the heat on the underside of the ceiling substantially.
  • Some ceilings can reach temperatures of up to 59 – 65 degrees on a hot summer day.
  • This is like underfloor heating but above your head.
  • The heat in the roof space radiates down into the home for hours after dark,
  • Therefore, reducing this heat flow into the home will improve temperatures substantially and reduce the need for cooling.
  • In fact, if cooling is being used to cool down an office block the insulation will reduce the running time as the thermostat will kick in far less, and cool down far larger area.
  • Thermal Insulation will reduce heat loss or gain in any home.

saving energy with insulated homes

Energy Saving Insulation in Winter

And in winter the reverse effect will take place. Our homes are freezing cold and we need the use of fires in the home. Or heating from electrical heaters or gas.

  • In fact, Energy Saving Insulation in the home will reduce the warm air created in the home from being lost to the roof space.
  • The correct Roof Insulation will reduce the heat loss upwards by up to 90%.
  • Remeber warm air or hot air will rise. As the ceiling space is cold this air will be lost to the roof space.
  • Closing curtains and making sure that there are no air leaks in the home. This will save on huge amounts of energy.
  • Temperature improvements of 4-8 degrees can be felt in most homes.
  • In fact, if heating is being used it will warm up large areas of the home at a fraction of the cost.
  • Therefore in homes with adequate insulation, this energy saving will equate to huge energy saving benefits.

Roofing Insulation Requirements

In South Africa, all new homes must be insulated with SANScompliant Roof Insulation at the building stage. All areas have been specified a specific insulation R-value to reduce the impact of energy loss in these areas.

All areas have a specific R-value to achieve to reduce the impact Energy Loss without insulation.

In fact, installing a good quality Roofing Insulation like 135mm Aerolite or 145mm Isotherm will reduce the temperature in summer and improve temperature in winter. Install SABS insulation for your benefit and safety.