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10 Things to Know Before Getting New Attic Insulation

As the season’s change, half the world is heading into summer, while the other half is heading into winter. Is your attic insulation product is in good order? Either way, people will be focusing on their energy bills soon. Fortunately, there are some ways to save energy by keeping in warmth in the winter and keeping cool air inside during the summer. It all comes…

Attic insulation


In the old days, we referred to the roof space as the Attic. In many countries, the Loft Space or Attic space has the same meaning. Installing Attic Insulation is particularly important in South Africa. As of January 2012, we must insulate all new buildings as per the SANS legislation. Roof Insulation Western Cape experienced installers of all roof insulation types. What Is Attic Insulation? Attic…