In the old days, we referred to the roof space as the Attic. In many countries, the Loft Space or Attic space has the same meaning. Installing Attic Insulation is very important in South Africa as all new buildings must be insulated as per the SANS legislation. Roof Insulation Western Cape is experienced installers of all roof insulation types.

What Is Attic Insulation?Attic Insulation simply green insulation

In fact, Attic Insulation is what we call roof insulation or ceiling insulation. The attic space in the home is the hottest part of any home. And by the same token, it is the coldest place of any home in winter. Why you should insulate your attic space is obvious. All homeowners want to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Attic Insulation will reduce the heat flow into the home in summer. And by the same token reduce the heat flow out of the home in winter.

Remember all roof insulation must be fitted directly against the ceiling in the home for the best results. When the roof insulation is installed it must give a full coverage of the roof space no gaps. And be sure to use the services of professionals as if roof insulation is not installed properly it is a waste of good money.

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What Is The Best Attic Insulation

  • Isotherm Insulation is one of the more popular brands as it is one of the more eco-friendly attic insulation types. The Isotherm 145mm thick is Sans compliant as per the legislation. Always read up on all insulation specifications before making a decision on what to install.
  • Simply Green Insulation is another firm favourite as it is regarded as the most eco-friendly insulation on the market. Simply Green Insulation is safe to touch. Dust free and allergy free insulation that will outlast most homes. Simply green insulation is a polyester type attic insulation. The Simply Green Insulation 145mm is SANS compliant achieving the r value 3.70.
  • Think Pink Aerolite is a fibreglass insulation that has been on the market for more than 90 years. The Aerolite 135mm Attic insulation is SANS compliant achieving the R-value 3.70 when installed. Aerolite comes in a number of different sizes be sure to read the insulation specification of Aerolite to make the right choice. For more info on the importance of R-value read this article.
  • Simply Green Insulation is also an eco-friendly Attic Insulation Product. The Simply Green Insulation is dust free and allergy free. In fact, Simply Green Insulation is ideal for people with allergies etc. This Attic Insulation is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Simply Green Insulation is also SANS compliant.

In fact, homes with double glazed window will have far more benefit in terms of energy saving Double glazed window benefits are great. As they reduce heat coming in the home as well as heat being lost out of the home in winter. An added benefit is the reduction of noise pollution with double glazed windows and attic insulation.

What is The Point Of Installing Attic Insulation

The main reason worldwide for installing Attic Insulation is to save energy on heating and cooling. Not only does Attic Insulation reduce the need for heating and cooling the insulation also leaves your home far more comfortable without the need for heating and cooling. Attic Insulation will reduce the temperature on a hot summers day by 4 to 10 degrees. And the same applies in winter the home will be much warmer.

When running air conditioners or heaters the energy will be saved in the home more comfortable. The estimate is that most homeowners should recover the cost of the Attic Insulation in as little as three years. In fact, this will then give the homeowner many more years of energy saving.

In fact, by reducing the need for energy we are also making a big impact on the environment. The reduction of energy consumption will help substantially with our environment. So Attic Insulation is not only about saving money and keeping more comfortable in your home.