Things to consider when building a new home

Things To Consider When Building a New House

Building your new dream home is exciting. Our homes are mostly our single most significant investment for most people. For this reason, we have formulated a list of essential things to consider when building a new house. We have all these fantastic ideas about how good the home must look. And that’s great, but there are a few practical things that we do not think will cost a lot more after the build has taken place. Very seldom will homeowners look back after a year of living in the new home say we did everything we wanted?

ways to improve home energy efficiency

Ways To Improve Home Energy Efficiency

We look at several ways to improve home energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. With global warming and climate change affecting our planet, we are all trying to do our bit to reduce our impact on the earth. Having said that, there are many factors to take into account. For …

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Soundproofing between walls

Soundproofing Between Walls

There are many reasons why we want Soundproofing Between Walls. Let’s have a look at a few of these: Privacy, Noise pollution, etc. Importantly one must first establish what type of sound we need to address. As a result, both Airbourne and impact noise must be considered to solve the problem effectively. Many modern-day apartments …

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An architect with drafting a plan to turn an attic into an extra bedroom

What Are The Different Types Of Insulation?

There are many types of roof insulation on the market today. Having said that not all insulation products are equal. We have a look at a number of thermal insulation products for roofs and how they will help you. Installing good quality insulation will not only improve indoor temperature. Importantly one can also expect a lifetime of home comfort and energy saving.

energy saving solutions

10 Energy Saving Solutions For Your Home That Will Really Save You Money

Want to know how to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without having a crazy electric bill? Energy-saving solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Some can save you just a little. Others will save you a lot. Let’s explore some energy-saving solutions that can really save you a lot of …

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best roof insulation

How the Best Roof Insulation Makes Your Home More Energy Efficient

There are many ways to make your home energy-efficient. You can start with simple steps such as replacing old appliances or switching to LED bulbs. Or you can implement an energy-efficient home design if you’re still in the initial stages of building your home. Make sure to install the Best Roof Insulation for years of energy …

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Ceiling mould


A question regularly asked, especially as winter approaches is “how to prevent condensation and mould in the home”. There are many reasons why some homes get Mould. Condensation and Mould can make a home very uncomfortable. Mould can harm a person’s health, and condensation can make the house uncomfortable. Let us look at a few …


aerolite roofing insulation


A question that is asked by many homeowners and business owners all over the world and increasingly more here in South Africa. Is roofing insulation effective? The concise answer to the question is “yes.” To get the answer to the question, one merely has to start looking at some numbers. An estimated 44% of the energy …


Double Glazing Window Benefits


Let’s look at the many double glazing benefits. Because of the cold climate, most European countries, including the Soviet Union, all have double glazed windows. We have insulated homes for some people from these countries, and they have all mentioned that they could walk around in the house with minimal clothing. A lady in Durbanville …


how roof insulation works


So How Roof Insulation Works is simple. Roof Insulation products all have an R-value rating. Insulation’s R-value rating is the Roof Insulation’s ability to restrict the heat flow in the home. The higher the R-value, the more efficient the Roof Insulation. So how does your roof accomplish being this energy-efficient barrier? When we Insulate your …


energy efficient appliances


In the modern world, there is an electrical appliance for every need that we have. As our hunger for easy living increases, we buy more machines to give us the comfort we want. Energy-efficient appliances are now freely available on the market. However, when shopping for energy-efficient appliances, be sure to select them wisely. Energy …


Home Energy saving Tips

Home Energy Saving Tips

Reduce your carbon footprint, pay less on utilities and save money by making your home a little greener. Buying a new Green home or splashing out on expensive equipment and alterations are not necessary. Follow these simple tips to save energy at home and join the green revolution. The home energy saving tips will hopefully …

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Cost of Roof and ceiling Insulation

Cost of Roof and Ceiling Insulation

We will recover the Cost of Roof and Ceiling insulation in a few years on energy saving alone. After that, we have years of home comfort and energy savings. Your roof insulation needs to be effective to reduce your energy bills. You need to know that it will keep the temperature consistent, lower energy bills …

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Benefits of Aerolite Ins south africas energy crissis

Benefits of Aerolite Insulation in the S.A Energy Crisis

As the cold winter creeps upon us, we suddenly realise that our homes are becoming very cold. We start looking at energy-saving measures and ways to make our home warmer in winter without using large amounts of energy. As a result of energy shortages in South Africa, all homes must now be insulated with the …

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Think Pink Aerolite

Roof Insulation Cape Insulation Experts you relax we Install. Think Pink Aerolite has been a favourite Roof Insulation for many years now. Think Pink is a name given to Aerolite years ago because of the pink colour of the Ceiling Insulation. Marketing years ago would suggest THINK PINK AEROLITE as the Insulation you need to …

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Industrial Insulation

Thermal Insulation

These three main factors, Heat Convection, Heat Conduction and Thermal Radiation, all play a role in describing Thermal Insulation. The most important thing to know about it is that insulating material prevents energy transfer between objects through different forms, such as physical contact or gas transmission lines filled with air. Without this protection, we could …

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Aerolite Price List for best price home insulation

Home Insulation

Home Insulation for Roofs has been made compulsory as of January 2013 in South Africa. It has been brought about as a result of the energy crisis in South Africa. As Eskom battles to supply energy. As electricity costs climb, it has become more popular. The energy consumption has risen, and unfortunately, Escom has not been able to keep up with the supply of energy needed. Therefore Homeowners are using heaters to warm up their homes in winter and cool down their homes in summer. It is essential to install the best insulation for your home to have a lifetime of home comfort and energy saving.