Raden Shield Double Sided Price


Raden Shield Double Sided Price


Reflective foils play a part in reducing heat flow into the roof space. As a result, when installed correctly, the Raden Shield Double-sided will reduce heat flow into the roof space. Heat enters the roof space through conduction, convection and radiation. Therefore, we correctly installed a Raden Shield foil layer with a cavity space between the roofing and the foil. Ideally, a distance of 38mm must be available between the roof and foil. Fortunately, Raden Shield Double-Sided Price is affordable as the rolls have a 45m2 coverage.

RadenShield Double-Sided Specifications

  • Raden Shield Double Sided is based on 30 Mtrs x 1500mm @ 45M2 per roll.
  • R-value of the Double-Sided RadianShield: 1.1 Down R-value only.

RadenShield Double-Sidedenefits

  • Radenshield Foil Reduces heat flow into the roof space by reflecting heat. When installing Raden Shield Foils, remember the foil can only help in the summer months to reduce the temperature in the roof space. However, with Roof Insulation installed directly on the ceiling space, this will in no way improve the winter benefit as the foil has a down R-value covering Roof Space. As a result, the temperature will be slightly improved on hot summer days.
  • Improves temperature in the roof space
  • Improves the Summer benefit of Roofing Insulation.
  • Unfortunately, Raden Shield Single-sided will not help in winter as an up R-value is needed. Fortunately, this will be covered by the Roofing Insulation Installed. Read more on roof insulation and the benefits of the correct insulation.
  • For the best Radian Shield Double-sided price, give us a call.