loft room insulation
isotherm loft room insulation


The ideal insulation for loft rooms is the 145mm Isotherm loft room insulation. Isotherm loft room insulation is a perfect fit for loft room applications. In fact, the Isotherm has a high tensile strength and will not collapse with time. Isotherm Loft Room Insulation is not only dust free and allergy free but also itch free. Isotherm insulation is also the most eco-friendly insulation product…

energy saving tips

Energy Saving Tips

Power consumption has become expensive in SA over the last few years. In fact, our utility bills are climbing a few times a year as ESKOM struggles to supply the needs of the country. Here are a few economical tips that will save energy at an affordable price. We have listed a few energy saving tips. Energy Saving Tips There are a number of energy…