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What Is the Best Time of the Year to Insulate Your House?

Adding insulation to your home will help you live more comfortably for many seasons to come – it will retain heat in the winter and cool your home during the summer. Insulation will help you in lowering your heating and cooling bills, and your home will be more energy-efficient. Therefore, you may wonder what is it going to cost? How much insulation do you need? What kind of insulation to install? All of these questions are important to consider, but the crucial one is: what is the best time of the year to insulate your house? Even though the answer to this question can vary depending on where you live, the general answer is – right now! In the following text, we’ll cover the basics and explain which factors you should consider, so you can make the best decision about when to start with this project.

Consider the climate and different seasons.

Although professional teams can insulate houses at any point in the year in most parts of the world, you may want to consider the following ideal times.


Fall is often considered the ideal season for adding home insulation. It’s a mild time of year, so it’s perfect for home improvements. The benefit of insulating in fall is that you’ll be prepared for freezing winter and keep your heating bills low.


Some people in cold climates may choose to wait until winter and hope that prices will become lower if companies have fewer jobs to do. That may be the case sometimes, but it’s definitely not the rule.


In warm climates where winters are usually mild, spring may be the best time of the year to insulate. Roof spaces without insulation can become extremely hot, and much of that heat passes through into the living areas below.

If you know that it costs you more to cool your home in summer than to heat it in winter, you should definitely consider increasing your home insulation in the spring before the hotter months. The first heatwave may be an obvious reminder to homeowners to think seriously about getting insulation in their ceilings as soon as possible.


If you live in a cold climate, the best time to insulate your house is before the crisp weather hits, so summer is another good option. Your home will be comfortable by the time temperatures drop significantly. Furthermore, you can schedule the installation at your convenience before other homeowners start booking appointments closer to winter.

Home remodeling project
The best time of the year to insulate depends on the climate where you live

Consider ease

The easiest time to insulate is when you move into a new home or any time when there is another work being done on your home. If you’re adding an extension, renovating a room, updating the kitchen or bathroom, changing wiring or plumbing, or doing any other major remodelling, that’s the perfect time to decide if your home needs more insulation.

You should call professionals to quickly inspect the amount of insulation already installed and determine where you need to add more, especially if you lose heat and cool due to air leaks. They can perform an energy audit – check your heating or air conditioning system, windows, doors, etc., and determine where you can save energy. Insulating professionals will calculate what level of insulation and what thickness you need based on where exactly do you live and other important factors such as:

  • The structure of your home,
  • The design of the ceilings
  • Whether your home has an attic, a basement, etc.

Keep in mind that installing insulation is not an easy task. It often involves climbing into attics and other small, inconvenient areas. Installing insulation requires in-house storage space that allows you to get organized, so there’s enough room for all the workers, equipment, and tools. If you decide to insulate when the weather is pleasant, you’ll have a much easier time getting the job done. Just don’t forget about cleaning any mess beforehand, decluttering, and providing enough functional space.

Man working in the dark attic of a house with a headlamp for the light source.
Installing insulation is not an easy task especially because it means working in small inconvenient areas

Consider costs

If you have no upcoming work to do on your property, you may want to wait for the cheapest season in the year for installing home insulation. You can call a few companies and compare their prices at different times of the year, but have in mind that the cost of insulation usually remains relatively constant throughout the year. However, some companies may adjust the cost of the installation based on demand.

You should choose an installation time that will increase energy cost savings. That’s especially important for older and badly insulated homes from any era. Upgrading your insulation will make a massive difference in terms of drafts and heat throughout the entire house.

Consider energy savings and other benefits.s

Insulation can be installed during any season. Whenever you choose to do it, you will ensure losing less energy and protecting your environment. Homeowners waste incredible amounts of money each year heating homes that leak air from the roof, windows, doors, or walls. Proper insulation requires an initial investment. Still, you know that it will inevitably save energy consumption in the winter and decrease electrical costs for air conditioning in the summer. So, it will be worth it in the long run.

There are also other benefits of insulation. For example, adding or replacing insulation installed in your roof can:

  • Reduce the incursion of airborne noise, such as aircraft noise, etc.
  • Help in improving the air quality inside of your home
  • Help in reducing the risk of health problems due to mould and mildew.
Beautiful living room, dining room, and a patio.
Adding or replacing insulation will add to the overall comfort of your home

Is now the best time of the year to insulate your house?

There’s no better way to invest in some savings and prepare for upcoming weather than by insulating your home. When deciding on the best time of the year to insulate, consider all these factors. In whichever season you start this project, you’ll soon notice all advantages that come with proper insulation. Furthermore, you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t install it earlier.